Hockemeyer descendants list and brief history

HOCKMEYER Descendants

by: Charles Young

The earliest known ancestors of this line were Hokemeyer, then Hockemeyer, and later Hockmeyer. George Hockmeyer learned that the family had come from Bissendorf, a tiny village some 5 miles southeast of Osnabrueck, Germany. My Hockemeyer ancestors came to the USA via New Orleans, Lousiana and settled in Franklin County, Missouri. Another Hockmeyer family that settled in New England is not believed to be related.

My paternal grandmother is Ida Hockmeyer Young. She and her siblings were the first generation born in the United States. She was born in Missouri and was the only family member who moved to Arkansas. She kept in touch with her relatives by exchanging letters and pictures and sometimes a visit. She died when I was 7 years old, and with her passing, contact with the Hockmeyer's became less frequent. Dad kept all the pictures and letters that his mother had received from his Hockmeyer relatives. However, he has few recent Hockmeyer pictures.

In the mid 1980's, Dad's cousin, George Hockmeyer, self published a small book of Hockmeyer descendants and family history. In 1990 he self published a more complete book which supplied much of the Hockmeyer information that appears on these web pages. Milford Frederick Hockemeyer is credited as a major contributor to George Hockmeyer's book. It was George Hockmeyer's research and book that partly influenced me to research my genealogy as well. However, instead of publishing a book, I am publishing on the internet. Consider this a work in progress.

When I first published these web pages in the fall of 1997, the only Hockmeyer information I had was from George Hockmeyer's book. Since then other relatives have supplied some stories about themselves and their families including some photos. Additional contributors include; Ed Twelker, Don Hoeman, Paul Twelker, and Phyllis Wythe Karsten.

This is a descendants list and an index of links to families, their histories, and a few photographs - surname Hockmeyer, surname Hockemeyer, and others. To find a specific name, use your browser's find function (look in the edit menu). If you do not find your individual, search my database which is also useful if you prefer to follow links one family at a time and want other viewing options.

Descendants of Christoph Henrich Hokemeyer and Johan Henrich Hockemeyer

In 1913, John Henry Hockmeyer wrote that God's divine healing was the reason that many of his descendants exist. His wife's healing occured in the mid 1860's. John Henry felt it was important to tell the following children (along with their descendants) the reason that their mother survived and gave birth to them;

Lottie (born 1868), Anna (born 1870), Ida (born 1872), Edward (born 1875), and Ted (born 1877).

John Henry's descendants who would not have been born without God's diving healing are listed in this box. This story was important to John Henry, and it is important to me because I am one of his descendats who would not have existed if his wife had not been healed from her near-fatal illness. (Charles Young)

John Henry Hockmeyer's story of devine healing
    5-Emilie "Lottie" Charlotte HOCKEMEYER (1868-1899) Family
      m.(1891) Peter Julius SCHLUETER (1861-1939)
    6-Franz "Frank" SCHLUETER (1892-1941)
      m.(1919) Wilma SCHULTE (1895-1976)
    7-Dorothea SCHLUETER (1920- )
      m.( ) Al ROMBACH (1915- )
    8-Deborah ROMBACH (1952- )
      m.( ) Leroy BRUNE (1948- )
    9-Ryan BRUNE (1982- )
    6-Esther Mina SCHLUETER (1893-1995)
      m.(1921) Frank OTTO (1883-1966)
    7-Kenneth OTTO (1922- )
      m.(1948) Effie Louise STRAND (1921- 2003)
    8-Clifford Kenneth OTTO (1950- ) More
      m.(1972) Katherine Louise KAY (1949-
    9-Trista Kay OTTO (1977- )
    9-Bradley Clifford OTTO (1979- )
    9-Jamie Chrisine OTTO (1983- )
    8-James Russell OTTO (1953- )
    5-Anna Eliese HOCKEMEYER (1870-1967) More
      m.(1904) George M. MILLER (1871-1933)
    6-Eldon MILLER (1906-1984)
    6-Logan MILLER (1906-1988)
      m.(1928) Marguerete L. SAUCIER (1909- )
    7-Robert L. MILLER (1930- ) More
    7-Donald A. MILLER (1934- )
      m.(1954) Jeanne BAILEY ( - )
    8-Mari Ann MILLER (1955- )
      m.( ) Michael MICKUNAS ( - )
    8-Mark MILLER (1957- )
    8-Lori MILLER (1957- )
    8-Elizabeth MILLER (1960- )
      m.( ) FANNIN ( - )

    7-Marilyn L. MILLER (1938-1976)
    6-Milton S. MILLER (1910-1988)
      m.(1955) Rowena SCHNEIDER ( - )

    5-Ida Wilhelmina HOCKEMEYER (1872-1958) Life story My grandparents
    6-Dayton Vennard YOUNG (1913-2002) Family
      m.(1950) Mina Christine ARNOLD (1913-2010)
    7-Charles Dayton YOUNG (1951- ) Me | Life story
      m.(1973) Charles Young wife ( - )
    8-Tonya Michelle YOUNG (1976- ) More
    8- Stephanie Marie YOUNG ( - ) More
      m.( ) Jesse Patrick Hill (1976- )
    9- HILL ( - )
    7-Joyce Elaine YOUNG (1955- ) Family
      m.(1977) Eric Eugene VON FANGE (1955- )
    8-Daniel Eugene VON FANGE (1981- )
    8-John Eric VON FANGE (1982- )
    8-Andrew Dayton VON FANGE (1986- )
    8-Elizabeth Joy VON FANGE (1988- )
    7-David Arnold YOUNG (1957- ) More
    7-Willard "Dale" YOUNG (1959- ) More
      m.(1985) Helen FREEMAN (1965- )
    8-Alexandra Jessica YOUNG (1986- )
    5-Edward Hermann HOCKMEYER (1875-1958) Family
      m.( ) Martha GERBER (1872-1951)
    6-Milton HOCKMEYER (1904-1906)
    6-Paul HOCKMEYER (1908-1999) Family
      m.(1940) Ona Irene DENNER (1909-1995)
    7-Suzanne Ellen HOCKMEYER (1942- )
      m.( ) Vedon LAW (1936- )
    8-Steven LAW (1962- )
    8-Mary Martha LAW (1968- )
    7-Mary Martha HOCKMEYER (1944-1953)
    7-Paul "Richard" HOCKMEYER (1953- )
      m.( ) Linda Susan ZELNICEK (1953-
    8-Wyatt Richard HOCKMEYER (1981- )
    8-Kyle Morgan HOCKMEYER (1984- )
    5-Christian Theodore "Ted" HOCKMEYER (1877-1954) Family History
      m.(1905) Pearl ROTHGEB (1878-1910)
    6-Pearl Frances HOCKMEYER (1906-1983)
      m.(1934) Lloyd Coleman YOUNG (1903-1987)
    7-Ann YOUNG (1937- )
      m.( ) WILLIAMSON ( - )
    8-Janne Christian WILLIAMSON (1960- )
    7-Ann YOUNG (1937- )
      m.( ) John BAIRD ( - )
    8-Brooke Elizabeth BAIRD (1971- )
    8-Leigh Ann BAIRD (1973- )
    6-Christian Theodore HOCKMEYER Jr (1909-1987)
      m.(1938) Elizabeth " unknown (1907-1975)
    7-Christian Theodore HOCKMEYER III (1943- )
      m.(1964) Sharon ANDERSON (194
    8-Sheri HOCKMEYER (1966- )
    8-Christian Randolp HOCKMEYER (1973- )
    7-Mary Frances HOCKMEYER (1947- )
      m.(1969) Lee RICE (1945- )
    8-Kelly Elizabeth RICE (1979- )
    8-Katie Nicole RICE (1982- )
    5-Christian Theodore "Ted" HOCKMEYER (1877-1954)
      m.(1918) Georgie DUNLOP (1887-1968)
    6-Ariel ANDREWS (1914- )
    Ariel is Georgie's daughter by a previous marriage -- George's half sister.
    6-George Randolph HOCKMEYER (1919- ) More
    Thanks to George Hockmeyer for supplying most of the information on this page.

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