First Reunion Planning Meeting

First Reunion Planning Meeting

This tidbit supplied by Margaret Raiford Butler

 Minutes from the First THS '56 Reunion Committee meeting, held on May 6, 1976.

You will notice that 5 people mentioned are now on the Memorial Page.

 "The first class reunion meeting of Tuscaloosa High School, Class of 1956, was held at the Ramada Inn Downtown (ed note, old Stafford Hotel) on May 6, 1976 at the call of class member Billy West. Plans for a Class Reunion were discussed among much gossip and screaming and hollering. No chairman or committees were appointed, but various class members were discussed. A free donation was taken to help pay expenses and $60 was collected and given to Margaret Raiford Butler, who was to promptly open a checking account at 1st National Bank and promise bank officials that large amounts of money would continue to pass through said account. Class members agreed to meet again on May 13 at Sissy's house and she promised beer.

 Twenty-four members were present, names as follows:

  Joe Tanner
  Eugene Brittain
  Jean Harris Brittain
  Buck Burns
  Ronnie Henry
  Gay Lake
  Horace Hall
  Lewis Cook
  Bobby Shaffer
  Myra Culwell Koster
  Carolyn Jackson
  Maxine Faulkner
  Anne Barrett Moore
  Sophie Bell Stephens
  June Phares Shirley
  Margaret Raiford Butler
  Sissy Winslett Richardson
  Pay Mayers Lewis
  Sue Strickland Barnes
  Dixie Howell Mitchell
  Tuts Manderson Woollen
  Peggy Hartley SMalley
  Londa Bennett Bearden
After agreeing to hunt down other class members and bring them to the next meeting, members voted to leave ALL AT ONCE, so no one would be talked about if they left first. The complete plans for reunion were discussed in the downstairs bar.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Margaret R. Butler (Maggie Peabody)

 Self-appointed Secretary/Treasurer; Historian, general flunkie"

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