Phillips Ancestors

Phillips Ancestors

Hiram (d March 1862) and Mary Henderson Phillips (1789 - 9/29/1875) were the parents of twin sons, born a half hour apart, Rufus and Reuben May 28, 1820 in Coosa County, Alabama.

Rufus married Mary Ann Carlton and they had two children born in 1846 and 1847. After Rufus died, Reuben married his widow and they had eight children as shown on the chart below. Mary Ann Carlton Phillips had, in all, ten children and lived 74 years but her second husband survived her and lived to be 84 years old. Ada Cranford remembered Mary Ann and said that in her last years her hair was very thin and their houses were not well heated so someone made her caps to wear to keep her head warm. One of those caps was kept by her family. Ada said also that she liked to smoke a pipe and they kept a small dainty looking clay pipe that she had used. In her last years she would sit in the fireplace corner, wearing her cap and smoke her pipe. Ada said she thought it fitting that my mother, Elva Martin Stuart, have the little pipe and cap since she died the day my mother was born. Mary Ann was buried in the Macedonia Cemetery.

Mary Ann Carlton Phillips

Name Married to Birth Death
1. Hiram Phillips Mary Henderson ? Mar. 1862
1. Mary Henderson Hiram Phillips 1789 9/29/1875
2. Rufus Phillips Mary Ann Carlton 5/28/1820 ?
3. William (died as young child)   4/7/1846 ?
3. Mary Eliza   11/2/1847 11/27/1865
2. Reuben Phillips Mary Ann Carlton Phillips 5/28/1820 4/3/1904
2. Mary Ann Carlton Phillips Reuben Phillips 1826 3/2/1900
3. Marshall Lafayette Mary Jane? 9/9/1852 3/8/1940
3. Josephine L. T. Cranford 11/17/1853 10/24/46
3. Laura Nelson Martin (Nelson Martin was brother to Hubert Martin’s father) 1/3/1885 1/2/1912
3. Rufus Perry Ellen? 4/2/1857 3/5/1919
3. Nancy Jeanette (Net) Lafayette Ward 10/8/1859 11/18/1955
3. Jerome Phillips   12/26/1861 3/8/1864
3. Mariah Francis (Fanny ) Wilkes Mannon 3/25/1864 10/28/1940
3.Thomas Jefferson   3/27/1866 11/11/1937

Children of Reuben Phillips, left to right, Marshall, Josephine Cranford, Jenette Ward, Fannie Mannon, Tom. Perry is not present.


Sharpe and Phillips children, about 1905.

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