The Martin Chronicles

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The Martin Chronicles tell the story of my ancestor's migration from the southeastern United States, through Arkansas, to the Pacific Northwest. It serves as a point of reference for those searching for family histories of the following surnames:


Also see Martin/Haile Genealogy

The Washington Martin's

Back Row L to R: Tommy, Janet, Justin, Douglas, and John Plair
Middle L to R: Melissa, April, Allsion
Front L to R: Jessica, Danielle, Mitchell, Sabrina

For more Information visit The Martin Family Website.

Family History

Much of what is written here is nothing more that an oral history put onto paper. I am grateful to my cousin Cleta Stuart-Porterfield for having the foresight and determination to pull together most of this information and published it as the Martin Family Stories. I have noted any additions or deletions to her original work so as not to detract from its quality. Each story has links to the people referenced and to other genealogy related web sites.

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Current Projects

Southern Roots Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4

I have just completed Southern Roots Volume 1, The Ancestors and Descendants of Hubert Munsey and Maud Ulan Cranford Martin.  It is the family history if my Martin, Cranford, Norton, Correll, McKnight, and Phillips ancestors.  It contained 630 pages of information and took me over a year to complete.  Sample sections are available for viewing on the Martin Genealogy page.

Southern Roots, Volume 2, The Ancestors and Descendants of Tommy Hoyle and Janet Marie Haile Martin. 

It will include my Jackson, Parish, and Thompson ancestors and my wife's Haile, Logan, Houston, and Turner ancestors.   I am currently gathering material for this volume now.  I hope to have it completed by next year.  I still need assistance in the following areas.

  • Information on George Washington HAILE (d:1901) and Mary Anne TURNER from Tennessee, we have census information from Humphrey's County, Hickman County, and Dickson County. George's father was Jonathan T. Haile, also discovered name was often spelled Hale..
  • Janet's mother's line of Logan's migrated to Arkansas after the Civil War from Coosa County, AL. James E. M. LOGAN (????-1839) need more information.
  • Need additonal information on my Parish and Jackson line.   Parish, my great grandfatehr was Isaac Milton

Southern Roots, Volume 3, Our Ancestors Military Heritage

  • We have numerous relatives from 4 different states that participated in the Civil War. I am researching the unit histories for all units identified and attempting to verify additional units. These relatives participated in all major battles of the war, including Shiloh, Antietam, Chancorsville, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Petersburg, and Appomattox Courthouse. Click here to see a complete list by name and unit, also links to unit histories.
  • I am researching historical information on the following units: 10th Arkansas Infantry, 10th Arkansas Cavalry, 12th Alabama Infantry, 11th Tennessee Infantry, 6th NC Cavalry, 37th NC Infantry, 38th NC Infantry, 59th Alabama Infantry Regiment.
  • Also looking form information about relatives serving in other conflicts, including the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. See my Military Heritage Page for further information.

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