Vol II File 27: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

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Vol II File 27: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

42. Zouche Line

Ref: Burke, pp. 598-599.

That the Zouches branched from the Earls of Brittany is admitted by all genealogists, but they do not coincide in the exact line of descent. William la Zusche to the monks of Swavesey, in Cambridgeshire, the grants made by his ancestors to the abbey St. Segius and Bacchus, in Anjou (to which the priory of Swavesey was a cell), calls Roger la Zusche, his father, and Alan la Zusche, his grandfather. This William died in the first year of the reign of King John, and was succeeded by his brother, Roger.

Appendix I.

List of the Applicable Barons, Earls, and Dukes of England

(Reference: Burke, "A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire" (1866))

This is a collection of some of the names of Barons, Earls, etc. from Burke's Reference of ancestors of Homer Beers James, with the page numbers attached. There is also an incomplete list of French nobility. Finally, there is a list of the sixteen barons who are the designated Sureties for the Magna Charta, who are directly related to Homer Beers James and his descendants.

According to Burke, the following is the Order of Precedence in the Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage:

Dukes of England

Dukes of Scotland

Dukes of Great Britain

Marquesses of Great Britain

Earls of Great Britain

Viscounts of Great Britain

Barons of Great Britain

Knights of the Garter

Other Knights



1. Barons of England

Name and Location Burke, Pg. No.

Audley, of Heleigh 15

Audley, or De Alditheley 17

Badlesmere 18

Basset, of Welden 26

Basset, of Drayton 26

Beauchamp, of Powyke 34

Berkeley 43

Braose, of Gower 72

Burgh 88

Chaworth 111

Cherlton, of Powys 113

Clare 118

Despencer 165

Ferrers, of Groby, co. Leicester 198

Ferrers, of Chartley 199

Fitz Alan 200

Furnival 225

Gaveston 228

Genevill 228

Harcourt, of Stanton Harcourt, co. Oxford 261

Montfort 377

Monthermer 378

Mortimer, of Wigmore 382

Mortimer, of Richard's Castle 385

Mortimer, of Chirke 385

Mowbray 386

Segrave 484

Stafford 498

Strange 515

Toni 534

Vere 549

Zouche, of Ashby, co. Leicester 598


Earldoms of England

Location Name Burke, Pg No.

Arundel Albini 2

Arundel Fitz Alan 200

Buckingham Giffard 230

Chester Abrincis 1

Chester Meschines (Keveliok) 365

Chester Plantaganet 431

Chester Scot 478

Cornwall Gaveston 228

Cornwall Plantaganet 430

Derby Plantaganet 431

Essex Bohun 57

Gloucester Audley 17

Gloucester Clare 118

Gloucester Despencer 166

Gloucester Muellent ???

Gloucester Monthermer 378

Gloucester Thomas of Woodstock ???

Harcourt Harcourt 261

Hereford Fitz Osbern ???

Hereford Milo of Gloucester ???

Hereford Henry Bolingbroke (Henry IV) ???

Hereford Bohun 57

Hertford Clare 118

Hertford Monthermer 378

Hertford Seymour ???

Huntingdon Waltheof 467

Huntingdon Maud Waltheof 468

Huntingdon Henry of Scotland 468

Huntingdon St. Liz 467

Kent Odo ???

Kent Burgh 88

Kent Plantaganet, of Woodstock 433

Leicester Bellomont (Beaumont) 42

Leicester Montfort 375

Leicester Plantaganet 431

Lincoln Lacy 309

Lincoln Plantaganet 431

March Mortimer 382

Norfolk Bigod 53

Norfolk Mowbray ???

Norfolk Plantaganet, of Brotherton 433

Northampton Waltheof 467

Northampton Maud 467

Northampton Simon of St. Liz 467

Northampton Bohun 57

Northumberland Waltheof 467

Nottingham Berkeley 43

Nottingham Mowbray 386

Oxford Vere 549

Pembroke Clare (Fitz Gilbert) 120

Pembroke Hastings 266

Pembroke Marshal 358

Salisbury Evereux (D'Evereux) 167

Salisbury Montacute 371

Shrewsbury Stafford 498

Suffolk Ufford ???

Suffolk De la Pole 440

Surrey Mowbray 386

Surrey Fitz Alan ???

Surrey Warren 568

Sussex Warren 560

Ulster Lacy 310

Warren Mowbray 385

Warren Warren 568

Warwick Beauchamp 29

Warwick Mauduit 399

Warwick Beaumont ???

Warwick Newburgh 399

Warwick Plessetis 400

Winchester Despencer 165

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