Vol II File 28: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

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Vol II File 28: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James

3. High Constables of England

Bohun 57

4. Dukedoms of England

Norfolk Mowbray 386

Ireland Vere 549

Lancaster Plantaganet 431

5. French Nobility

Angouleme Count

Anjou Ingeler Count

Anjou Fulk (Foulques) Count

Anjou Geoffrey Count

Anjou Henry II, K. of England Duke

Anjou Richard, K. of England Duke

Anjou John, K. of England Duke

Brittany Conan Duke

Brittany Geoffrey Duke

Brittany Alain Duke

Much more to follow of French nobility. Consult references

6. Sureties of the Magna Charta - Ancestors of Homer Beers James

The following fifteen names, in alphabetic order, are those barons related to Homer Beers James and his descendants, among the total of twenty-five designated to monitor the observance of the Magna Charta in the kingdom of England, under the reign of King John. The Magna Charta was signed by King John in 1215. These barons were selected by the entire baronage of England at that time to perform this important function.

Roger Bigod

Hugh Bigod, brother of Roger Bigod

Henry de Bohun

Richard de Clare

Gilbert de Clare, son of Richard de Clare

William Huntingfield

John de Lacie

William Lanvallei

William Malet

Geoffrey de Mandeville, brother of Beatrix Saye

William Marshal, brother of Maud Marshal

William de Mowbray

Saire de Quincy

Geoffrey de Saye, grandson of Beatrix Mandeville, 1st cousin of Beatrix Saye

Robert de Vere

7. Companions of William the Conqueror in the Norman Invasion of England (The Falaise Rolls) - Ancestors of Homer Beers James

The following names are cited in Crispin & Macary, "Falaise Roll," with the page number(s) for each person who was in the Normandy invasion with William the Conqueror, who is related ancestrally to the Negus Family Line:

Name Page

Alain Fitz Flaad 2

Berenger Giffard (Comte de Longueville) 21-22

Durant Malet (Guillaume Malet de Graville)

Errand de Harcourt 14

Fouque d'Aunou 19-20

Gautier Giffard, Comte de Longueville 21-22

Gautier de Lacy (?) 22

Geoffroi de Mandeville 24-25

Gilbert Crispin, 2nd Seigneur de Tillieres (?) 27-29, 37-39

Gilbert Malet (Guillaume Malet) 42-43

Guillaume de Briouse 35-36

Guillaume Bigot (?) 40

Guillaume de Ferrieres (Henri de Ferrieres) 56

Guillaume Malet de Graville 42-42

Guillaume Saye (?) 50

Guillaume de Toeni 78-79

Guillaume de Warren 52-53

Henri de Ferrieres 56

Honfroi de Bohun 57

Hugue de Beauchamp 58

Hugh de Gourney 59-60

Hugh de Gourney, "Le Jeune" 59-60

Hugue de Montfort, Le Constable (?) 60-61

Hugh de Mortemer (Raoul de Mortemer) 75-76

Ibert de Lacy 62

Michael de Bures 66

Osberne Giffard (?) 71-72

Osmond Basset (?) 70

Raoul Basset 70

Raoul de Mortemer 75-76

Raoul de Toeni, Seig. d'Acquigny 78-79

Richard de Bienfaite 80-82

Robert de Beaufou (?) 86-87

Robert de Beaumont 87

Robert Le Despensier 91

Robert Comte d'Eu 91-92

Robert de Harcourt 93-94

Robert Malet (Guillaume Malet) 42-43

Robert de Toeni 97

Roger Arundel (?) 98

Roger Bigot, Seig. de Maltot (?) 98

Roger de Montbray 99-100

Roger de Mussegros 101-102

Simon de Senlis (?) 103-104

Taillefer 105

Toustain Basset (?)

Turold (?)

================ Others (?) ===================

Guillaume d'Aubigny, 1st (?)

Neel de Toeni (?)

Robert Bigot (?)


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