Brenton Family Genealogy

Brenton Family

                          Generation One

1.  Gov. William Brenton; b. by c 1610 at Hammersmith, England; m.
Dorothy by 1634; m. Martha Burton, daughter of Thomas Burton, by circa
1644; d. between 25 Sep 1674 and 13 Nov 1674 at Taunton, MA.
     He immigrated in 1633 to Boston, MA; ship 'Griffin.' He was
Governor of Rhode Island.
     Known children of Gov. William Brenton and Dorothy were:
                 i. Barnabas Brenton; baptized 24 Jan 1634/35 at
                    Boston, MA.

     Martha Burton presumably died between 30 Sep 1672 and 4 Apr 1673.
     Known children of Gov. William Brenton and Martha Burton were as
                 i. Martha Brenton; b. circa 1644; m. John Garde, son
                    of Roger Garde, d. by 1667.
                ii. Mary Brenton; b. circa 1646; m. Peleg Sanford, son
                    of John Sanford, by circa 1665.
               iii. Elizabeth Brenton; b. circa 1648; m. John Poole 28
                    Mar 1672 at Taunton, MA; d. 17 Oct 1694 at Boston,
                iv. Sarah Brenton; b. circa 1650; m. Joseph Eliot, son
                    of Rev. John Eliot and Ann Mountford, by 1676.
                 v. Mehitable Brenton; b. 28 Nov 1652 at Boston, MA;
                    m. Joseph Brown between 9 Feb 1674 and 3 Oct 1675;
                    d. 14 Sep 1676 at Charlestown, MA, at age 23.
                vi. Jahleel/Jaleham Brenton; b. 15 Nov 1655 at Boston,
               vii. William Brenton; b. circa 1657.
     2.       viii. Abigail Brenton, b. circa 1659; m. Stephen Burton.
                ix. Ebenezer Brenton; b. circa 1662; m. Priscilla
                    Byfield Nov 1687.

                          Generation Two

2.  Abigail Brenton (William1); b. circa 1659; m. Stephen Burton by
1677; 1st wife; d. 1684 at Bristol, RI.

     Stephen Burton resided at London, England. He resided in 1670 at
Boston, MA. He resided circa 1681 at Bristol, RI. He married Elizabeth
Winslow, daughter of Gov. Josiah Winslow and Penelope Pelham, on 4 Sep
1684; 2nd wife. He died on 22 Jul 1693.

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