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Minutes of the Reedy River Baptist Church, North Greenville Baptist Association, SC, 1799-1914 (FHL film 984,336 item 2)
      MAD: Pages through page 55 were numbered, later pages were not. The meetings were usually on the first Saturday of the month, and the minutes were frequently only one paragraph long. Many years did not have minutes during the summer months. "Genealogical Abstracts from Greenville Co. SC, the Earliest Minute Books of the Baptist Churches, 1794-1850" by Storey & McCuen, FHL book 975.727 K2s, pg.175-225, was used as an index to find the following items. This book includes the membership lists and other items.
      MAD: this church was first named the Head of Enoree Church, organized about 1789; from "SC Baptists 1670-1805" by Leah Townsend, 1935 (FHL book 975.7 K2t and from Louis Boone 5/1984 from FHL film 954,248). This book includes mention on pgs.212-222 that Rev. Thomas Music, the pastor in 1791 and 1792, excommunicated for immorality in 1793, ... removed to MO (MAD see History of MO, from Louis Boone; also a Samuel, William and Amos Duncan in MO) ... Upon the petition of Rev. Abraham Hargess, Isaiah Stephens, and Joseph Willis, ministers, and William Thurston, Harden Camp, Benjamin Bridges, Thomas Cantrell, and John Tubb, officers, the congregation was incorporated as 'The Head of Enoree Baptist Society" in 1799. (MAD: see York Co. SC). The footnote on pg.216, Head of Enoree Church Chronicles, 1800-01; Bethel Assoc. Min., 1799-1801; the church has been known as Reedy River since 1841; members mentioned 1799-1804 were: (alphabetic order) ... Lucy Batson, Enoch Benson, Jemimah Benson, Margaret Benson, Nancy Benson, Robert Benson, ... Benjamin & Mary Bridges, ... William Calithan (also McCallihan), Harden Camp, Sarah Camp, ... Hannah Duncan, James Duncan, John Duncan, Robert Duncan, ... John Harrison, Mary Harrison, Mary Harrison (sic), Catherine Hawkins, Elan Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, Susannah Hooper, Jennett Hooper, ... Mally (Molly?) Lynch, William Lynch, ... Patsy Macvay (McVeigh?), Margaret Neely, Rachel Peyton, ...
      Pg.17: Church meeting 1st Saturday July 1801, br. Robert Duncan made a reantation (MAD: sic) for his drinking two much, which was received by the church.
      Pg.24: Church meeting 1st Saturday in August 1803, ... on Sunday received br. John Duncan by experiance &c.
      Pg.30: Church meeting 1st Saturday in February 1805, the church concluded to beare with br. Robert Duncan.
      Pg.37: March 1, 1806, meeting in church ... a complaint laid against Br. Robt. Duncan for drinking too much. hands? present appoint Bro. Bridges to cite to our next meeting. Br. Duncan restored at April meeting. (MAD: no separate minutes for April 1806 meeting)
      Pg.38: May 30, 1806, met in church meeting ... took into consideration the necessity of more Deacons in the Church and conclude to set apart two, viz, Br. Robt. Burson and Br. John Duncan and conclude to travel on thire work till our next meeting.
      Pg.38: July 5, 1806, Br. Duncan chosen as deacon. Ordered the clerk to petition to the Cross Road & Brigh(t) Creek Churches for help to ordain Br. Duncan if found in order at our Sept. meeting.
      Pg.39: September 6, 1806, Bro. Duncan our choice as a deacon failing also to attend this blessing, was laid over for further consideration.
      Pg.40: January 31, 1807, John Duncan ordained as deacon. Present from sister churches were Bro. Dueast and James Chastain (Bro. Neighbours' name is crossed out).
      Pg.40: April 4, 1807, Br. John Duncan to cite Br. Robert Duncan to next meeting.
      Pg.40: May 2, 1807, Bro. Robert Duncan present.
      Pg.41: September 5, 1807, ... Clerk to cite Bro. R. Duncan to next meeting and to invite Bro. Moses? Steed to next meeting.
      Pg.43: October 3, 1807, Robert Duncan is excluded. "A letter is read from Woods Creek Church St. Clair Co. Indianna Territory with respect to Mr. Musicks being Excluded here ..." (MAD: see St.Clair Co. IL for Musick family)
      Pg.45: October 1, 1808, Bro. J. Duncan to invite Bro. P. Steed to next meeting. (MAD: Phillip Steed per another entry)
      Pg.47: September 30, 1809, ... Bros. Crawford, Land, Benson, Duncan and Bridges, with Sister Puggy, made contributions for printed copy of minutes.
      Pg.51: March 6, 1813, William and Sarah Duncan received by letter.
      Pg.52: September 4, 1813, I?. Lammon and John Duncan appointed delegates to Baptist association. Robert Benson and John Duncan to cite Susanah Hooper and black Sister Jennet to next meeting.
      Pg.52: October 2, 1813, Isaac Lemmons and John Duncan appointed delegates to Baptist association.
      Pg.55: May 6, 1815, William Duncan and wife received by letter.
      Pg.57?: November 2, 1816, John Duncan to cite Willy Burns to next meeting.
      Pg.58?: February 28, 1818, Brother William Duncan came forward and acknowledged that he had "drank to much spirits."
      Pg.58?: September 5, 1818, Brother John Duncan requests a letter of Dismission which is granted.
      Pg.62?: September 4, 1819, Brother William D. Duncan and Sarah Duncan made application for letters of dismission which was granted.
      Pg.69?: October 4, 1823, ... Elizabeth Duncan received by experience.
      Pg.69?: April 3, 1824, appoint Brothers Hansel, Bridges & Benson as committee to enquire into the propriety of bringing charges against Sister E. Duncan do report that the church have nothing more to do with it.
      Pg.70?: June 5, 1824, Sister Bridges and sister Duncombs business laid over until the difference between them and A. Bridges are determined by law.
      Pg.73?: March 5, 1826, granted letter of dismission to Mrs. Elizabeth Duncom.
      Unnumbered: May 4, 1833, Miss Elizabeth Roberts joined by letter from the Wooloney (Pickens D, SC) dated 16 Feby 1833. (MAD: Elizabeth Roberts now Duncan on 1839 list)
      Unnumbered: June 1, 1833, ... Sam belonging to Robert Duncan joined by experience.
      Unnumbered: November 2, 1833, received by experience, an unnamed woman belonging to Perry Duncan, who "removed to Alabama before Baptised." GLD (granted letter of dismissal) to Reese Bradley and wife Jemima and Judy Lemmons. Bro. L.C. Young to be invited to next meet by James Farr, Leroy Green and T. Roe.
      Unnumbered: August 28, 1841, "Brother David Brock funeral preached by brother Spaulding." (MAD: one David Brock d. Feb. 1840, will B-178, his decd. dau. Mary had married John Duncan, son of Robert & Hannah)
      Unnumbered: Nov. 1(11?), 1843, Received by experience, Mr. P.E. Duncan's black man Jacob.
      Dec. 10, 1843, received by experience, Mr. Perry E. Duncan's Fanny.
      Feb. 10, 1844, "Mrs. Maria Berry (formerly McCoy)" and Louisa, colored woman of Mr. Perrey E. Duncan, received by experience.
      July 13, 1844, received by experience, P.E. Duncan's Sarah.
      Unnumbered: Aug. 9, 1845, Following made contributions for printed copy of minutes: Mary Young, L. Green, Sally Pool, E. Duncan and B. Wallis.
      Unnumbered: Sept. 12, 1846, Following made contributions for printed copy of minutes: O?.P. Philips, B. Wallis, James Young, L. Green, Thos?. Hawkins, Westley Philips, Thomas Roe, Elizabeth Ducan (MAD: sic), Ber. Hawkins and Perry Hawkins.
      Aug. 27, 1850, Miss Sarah Duncan received by experience.
      Dec. 21, 1850, received by experience, Miss Lucy Duncan.
      (MAD: looked through 1851, no other interesting Duncan item found, quit.
      Membership Lists: (has columns with "X" for remarks) Names were numbered in sequence (MAD: may have missed a Duncan on the earliest lists).
      A: Undated, ca May 1804?, beginning of book:
            March 1, 1807:
            Robt. Duncan #12, examined
            John Duncan #13
      B: Undated, ca 1805?:
            1805: Hannah Duncan #3
      C: Undated, ca 1808?:
            John Duncan #7
            Hannah Duncan #18
      D: Undated, ca 1810?:
            John Duncan #6
            Hannah Duncan #12
      Dated Oct. 2, 1813 (males & females on separate lists):
            John Duncan #5
            William Duncan #7 dismissed by letter
            Wilm. Duncan #11 recd. by letter
            Sarah Duncan #7 dismissed by letter
            Hannah Duncan #15
            Sarah Duncan #24 recd. by letter
      Dated 1818 (males & females on separate lists):
            John Duncan #5, 5 Sept. dism. by letter
            William Duncan #7
            Sarah Duncan #18
            Hannah Duncan #23
      Dated 1819:
            William Duncan #7 dismissed by letter
            Sarah Duncan #19 dismissed by letter
            Hannah Duncan #24
      Dated 1820:
            Hannah Duncan #19 died
      Dated 1821 & 22: no Duncan
      Dated 1823: no Duncan
      Dated 1824:
            Elizabeth Duncan #41 baptized
      Dated 1825: no Duncan
      Dated 1826:
            Elizabeth Duncan #34 dismissed 3/5/1826
      Dated Sept. 1, 1827: no Duncan
      Dated Sept. 1, 1828: no Duncan
      Dated Sept. 1, 1829: no Duncan
      Dated Sept. 1830: no Duncan
      Dated Sept. 1, 1831: no Duncan
      Dated Sept. 1832:
            Elizth Bridges the second wife of Benjm. dismissed Decr.
            Lieuisian Bridges dismissed Dec. 1832
      Dated Sept. 1833: no Duncan
      Dated Sept. 1834: no Duncan
      Dated Sept. 1835: no Duncan
      Titled "An Abstract for 1836, 1837 & 1838": no Duncan
      X: Dated Sept. 1, 1839:
            Elizth Roberts now Duncan
      In second book: Each page has three columns, titled: When received, names of the members, when dismissed (sometimes blank).
      Y: Dated 1st Sabb., Sept. 1839, pages 1 to 8 and 15 to 17:
            Pg.5: 6 May 1826 by experience, Elizth Bridges (Senr), died 1849
                  5 April 1828, Elizth Duncan (first), died 31st March 1850
                  4 Oct. 1832 by experience, Elizth Benson (second), 9th July 1842 by letter
            Pg.6: 4 May 1833 by letter from Woolonoy SC Feb. 16, 1833, Elizth Duncan (second) (Roberts)
            Pg.8: 21 Dec. 1850 by experience, Miss Lucy Duncan, 28 Aug. 1851 died.
                  27 Aug. 1850 by experience, Miss Sarah Duncan, by letter 28 May 1854. (MAD: no reference found in the minutes 1852-1857)
      Z: Undated pages 9 to 14, appears in middle of list Y:
            Pg.9: 1853 by experience Sept. 25, Thos. Duncan Jr.
            Pg.10: (blank) Elizabeth Duncan Neal, dismissed 11 June 1871
            Unnumbered: (ca 1852), Sarah Duncan
                  Sept. 25, 1853 by experience, Mrs. Sarah Duncan, by letter 23 Apl. 1854
            Unnumbered: 3 Sept. 1865, Elisar Duncan (MAD: Elison? Duncan in the minutes)
            Unnumbered: 31 Aug. 1873 by experience, Lucretia Duncan or Datson
            Pg.14: (Male White Members) Oct. '66 by experience, Thomas Duncan Sr., died '68. (MAD: no mention in minutes under either date)
                  31 Aug. 1873 by experience, Joseph Duncan
            Pg.15: (Black Members, 1839)
                  1 June 1832 by experience, Sam belong to Perry Duncan, dismissed by letter Dec. 1855
                  11 Nov. 1843 by experience, Jacob belong to Perry E. Duncan, died Aug. 1852
                  Aug. 1856 by experience, Betty belong to P.E. Duncan, by letter 25 Sept. 1857
                  April 1856 by experience, Rachel belong to P.E. Duncan
            Pg.7: Black members
                  14 Dec. 1843 by experience, Fanny belong to P.E. Duncan
                  10 Feb. 1844 by experience, Louisa belong to P.E. Duncan
                  27 April 1856 by experience, Rachel belong to P.E. Duncan, by letter 1860.
      Minutes, Book 2:
            Sept. 1853, received by experience, Mrs. Sarah Duncan and Thos. Duncan Jr.
            April 1854, letter of dismission to Sister Sarah Neal formally Sarah Duncan.


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