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Duncans in Stokes Co. NC


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised March 28, 2002

Formed 1789 from Surry
Forsyth formed 1849 from Stokes


1790 Stokes Co. NC Census (from Ann Kunkel 7/1989)
Pg.179  Carr, John            122xx
        Calahan, Josias       112xx
        Calahan, William      213xx
        Duncan, Thomas        228xx
        Kerns, William        1x1xx
        Duncan, James         136xx

1800 Stokes Co. NC Census (and from Alice Duncan)
Pg.570  John Stone, Jr.       32010 - 20010
   571  John Stone            20010 - 00010
        William Stone         00010 - 20010
   578  Benjamin Young        10201 - 00201
   587  James Dunken          11210 - 31010
   589  Benjamin Young        31010 - 01010
   592  Joel Fletchem         32010 - 10021
   595  Thos. Dunkham         00201 - 02201
   604  John Fletchem         10010 - 40010
          (no Lile/Lysle families)

1810 Stokes Co. NC Census
Pg. 93  Robert Flinchum       1 person engaged in manufacture
   104  Thos. Duncan          1 person engaged in manufacture;
                              1 yardg. 200; value 100
   105  Joseph Newman         1 person engaged in manufacture
   106  John Flinchum         1 person engaged in manufacture
   106  Thomas Flinchum       1 person engaged in manufacture
Richmond District
   120  John Stone            21310 - 11110
Beaver Island District
   139  William Fletcher      00010 - 01100
        Thos. Duncan          00011 - 00201
        Thomas Flecher        00100 - 00100
        Thomas Lilly          21001 - 02010
Saury Town District
   140  Alamander Duncan      10011 - 00011
          (MAD: mar. Susannah Vaughn, 1/11/1809)
        Benjamin Young        10100 - 10100
Peters Creek District
   140  Joseph Newman         20010 - 30110
          (MAD: Joseph Newman mar. Polly Duncan
           4/22/1800, Stokes Co. NC)
Medams Dist?
   141  John Flenchum         40010 - 00010
        Thomas Flencham       11100 - 20100
          (MAD: Mary and Dicy Duncan married
           ?Fletcher or ???Flincham men?)

1820 Stokes Co. NC Census (alphabetic) (and from Alice Duncan)
Pg.340  Alamander Duncan      210002 - 00011
          (MAD: 1850 Hamilton Co. IN census)
        Charles Duncan        400010 - 10010
        Thomas Duncan         000002 - 00001
   343  Thomas Flincham       200110 - 22010
        Wm. Flinchum          410010 - 01010
        John Flinchum         321110 - 00010
        Jacob Flincham        300010 - 00010
   344  Mary Flinchum         000100 - 00201
          (MAD: also Samuel Flincham in
            White Co. TN 1820 p.360 000100 - 00100)
   352  John Kerney           110010 - 10010
   353  Joseph Kerner         010101 - 00210
   355  Thomas Lilly          020001 - 01101
   368  Salathiel Stone       320210 - 31601
   370  John Stone            011301 - 11201
        James Stone           200010 - 10010
        Wm. Stone             300010 - 10010
   376  James Welch           300010 - 30010
   377  Benjamin Young        300100 - 00100
        No Fletcher, but other Flinchum families

1830 Stokes Co. NC Census
(no Kerns, Lyle or Young pg.239)
Pg.215  James Welsh           0121,001      - 1111,001
   227  William Flinchum      0010,1        - 0000,1
   227  Robert Flincham       0000,01       - 0100,01
   239  Ella Duncan           0012,01       - 0000,001
          (MAD: definitely "Ella Duncan"; book has "Etta")
        Mary Lyers?           ---           - 0010,1
   240  Charles Duncan        1122,01       - 0010,01
        Benjamin Young        1211,01       - 01
        Thomas Duncan         0000,0010,001 - 0
   244  John Flinchum         0002,0001     - 0000,0001
   249  Lewis Duncan          1000,01       - 1000,1
          (MAD: definitely "Lewis Duncan", 0 females 10-15;
           mar. Sarah Smith 8/30/1820 in Surry Co. NC)
   253  William Fletcher      0000,1        - 1100,01
   259  William Stone         2112,001      - 1020,001
   265  Thomas Flincham       0120,0010,1   - 2100,1100,1
   267  Elisha Flincham       0000,1        - 1001
   267  Jacob Flincham        0220,001      - 0000,001
   267  Thomas Flincham Jr.   0000,1        - 1000,1
          (MAD: also Samuel Flinchum in White Co. TN 1830 census)

1840 Stokes Co. NC Census
(no James Welch or Wilch etc., no John or James Stone;
no Flincham etc.)
Salem District
Pg.132  William Fletcher      1100,001      - 1111,01
Bethany District
   142  William Stone         0012,1001     - 1111,1001
Rethabara? District
   163  Peter Duncan          0000,1        - 0100,0100,1

1850 Stokes Co. NC Census (and from Myrtle Heywood)
Peters Creek Dist.
Pg.78, #150, Jonathan FLINCHAM 33 NC farmer $300
                  Mary J. 25 NC
                  Robt. W. 8, Latitia A. 7 NC
                  James H. 6, Eliz. J. 5,
                  Sephus M. (m) 4, Alexander 2 NC
Shore's Reed District
Pg.90, #319, Jackson FLINCHAM 27 NC farmer
                  Mary A. 24 NC
                  John Z. 4, Elizabeth M. 2 NC
Buck Island District
Pg.96, #396, Reuben SOUTHERN 62 NC farmer
                  Dotia (Dolia?) (f) 50 NC
                  Lousiania (f) 25
                  Malary (m) 24 farmer NC
                  Samuel FLINCHAM 16 NC farmer
Pg.97, #412, Matthew FLINCHAM 30 NC farmer $400
                  Rachel 30 NC
                  Mary E. 14, James F. 13 NC
                  Mathew 12, Chloe C. 5 NC
Pg.98, #423, Don F. DALTON 30 NC merchant $3000
                  Amanda J. 30 NC
                  Susan P. 7, Mary L. 3, Malissa G. 1 NC
                  Mary A. FLINCHAM 18 NC
Pg.98, #429, Martin FLINCHAM 41 NC farmer $500
                  Martha 35 NC
                  William M. 18, James E. 15, Mary J. 14 NC
                  Jonathan 12, Gideon 10 NC
                  Elizabeth 70 VA
Pg.98, #434, James FLINCHAM 45 NC farmer $500
                  Sally 38 NC
                  Polly J. 16, Elizabeth A. 12 NC
                  Jno. W. 10, Nancy A. 8 NC
                  Jacob 5, James 3 NC
Pg.99, #441, Thomas FLINCHAM 64 VA farmer
                  Elizabeth 67 VA
                  David GLASS 18 VA farmer
Pg.99, #446, Samuel FLINCHAM 30 NC farmer
                  Nelly 25 NC
                  William C. 8, Martha E. 4, Samuel 2 NC
Pg.99, #449, Thomas FLINCHAM Jr. 46 NC farmer
                  Mary M. 45 NC
                  Katherine M. 22, Mary A. 20, Betsey J. 16 NC
                  Samuel M. 14, Nelly 13, William R. 12 NC
                  Letty M. 10, Netty M. 10 NC
                  Thomas T. 4, Olphana M. (f) 2 NC
Richmond District
Pg.112, #605, John STONE 32 NC
                  Julia 24 NC
                  Mary 5, William 2 NC
Pg.112, #608, William STONE 54 NC farmer $800
                  Edna 59 NC
                  Rebecca 28, Lindsey (m) 24, Mary 23 NC
                  Joel 22, Sally 18, Elizabeth 14 NC
                  (MAD: see also Lewis Co. KY)
Pg.112, #609, Anderson STONE 35 NC
                  William 9, Mary 7, Parmelia 5, Julius J. 3 NC
                  Martha STONE 34 NC
Snow Creek Dist., taken 10/10/1850
Pg.123, #761-774, John P. SMITH 32 NC farmer $7000
                  & family & other farmers including
                  John DUNCAN 16 NC farmer $0
Pg.124, #784-799, James WELCH 65 NC farmer $0
                  Rebecca 60 NC
                  Thomas 30 NC farmer $300
                  Rebecca 23/22? NC
                  James 22 NC
                  Betsey FLINCHAM 29
                  Lettetia 7 NC
                  (MAD: James Welsh mar. Rebecca Duncom 8/29/1810)
Pg.126, #814-827, Mary YOUNG 40 NC (blank) $90
                  Mary 26 NC
                  John 13, Alexander 6, Letty (Lilly?) 2 NC
                  Benjamin YOUNG 60 NC
Pg.128, #838-857, Nancy DUNCAN 39 VA (blank) $0
                  Ruth 15, Jack 13, Lucinda 11 VA
                  Tazewell 6, Malissa 4 VA
                  Louisa 1 NC
                  (MAD: ?? Nancy Bowman mar. John Duncan 12/5/1828 Patrick Co. VA)
Beaver Island District
Pg.154, #1179-1214, Charles DUNCAN Jr. 26 NC farmer $400
                  Martha J. 24 NC
                  (MAD: Martha and children in 1870 Bates Co. MO census)
Pg.157, #1223-1260, Franklin DUNCAN 37 NC farmer $250
                  Elizabeth 32 NC
                  Sarah 4, William 2 NC
                  Charles 1/12 NC
                  (MAD: Benjamin F. Duncan)
Pg.157, #1224-1261, Charles DUNCAN 60 VA M.B. Minister $1500
                  Anny 60 NC
                  John R. 20, Theressa 16 NC
                  Ebeneazer 14 NC
Pg.157, #1225-1262, Landen DUNCAN 31 NC farmer $250
                  Mary 27 NC
                  Nancy 5, Charles 3 NC
                  James T. 1 NC
                  Eliza T. BOX 17 NC

1860 Stokes Co. NC Census
(page number in parentheses is stamped page number)
Pg.(104), #264-264, Landon DUNCAN 41 NC farmer $1,060-$650
                  Mary 30 NC
                  Nancy 16, Charles 14, James 12 NC
                  Jesse 10, Landon 8 NC
                  Linna (f) 3, Theressa 3/12 NC
P.O. Danbury
Pg.334 (167), #1190-1190, Charles DUNCAN 68 VA farmer Baptist Min. $3500-$9170
                  Anna 67 NC
                  Susan 24 NC
                  Hamilton 4, Bettie 2 NC
                  (MAD: John P. Duncan age 29, married, on 1860 mortality schedule; perhaps the husband of Susan)

1870 Stokes Co. NC Census
Beaver Island Twp., P.O. Martin's Lime Kiln
Pg.108, #66, DUNCAN, Landen 52 NC farmer $700-$370
                  Mary D. 46 NC
                  James T. 21 NC farm laborer
                  Jessee 18, Landon J. 16, Sally 12 NC
                  Theresa (f) 10, Cara E. (f) 8 NC
Pg.109, #69, DUNCAN, Ann H. 78 NC farmer $700-$100
                  Sarah A. 23 NC
Pg.109, #70, DUNCAN, Lewis 40 NC BLACK farm laborer
                  Sarah 37 NC BLACK
                  MARTIN, Abram 26 NC BLACK
                  Catharine 20 NC BLACK
                  Sarah J. 1 NC BLACK
                  Crecy J. (f) 1/2 NC b. May 1870 BLACK
Pg.114, #140-140, DUNCAN, Elizabeth R. 53 NC farmer $240-$105
                  William E. 21, Charles D. 20 NC farm laborers
                  Susan Walker 18 NC at home
                  John F. 16 NC farm laborer
                  Nancy E. 9, Landon A. 7 NC at home
Snow Creek Twp., P.O. Martin's Lime Kiln
Pg.221, #293, GIBSON, Henry M. 32 NC farm hand $40-$103
                  Eliza 30 NC
                  Elizabeth 8, Milly F. 5 NC
                  Adam D. 10/12 NC b. Sept. 1869
                  DUNCAN, William 21 NC farm hand

1880 NC Soundex
      No Peter Duncan in Stokes Co. NC


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Stokes Co. NC Will Book 3, pages 311-313 (FHL film 546,241)
      3-311: Will of Thomas Duncan of Stokes Co. NC, being fair advanced in years ...
      First I give my daughter Anna Kernes son William five shillings ...
      Second I give my daughter Rachel Lysle a negro girl named Margaret already received ...
      Third I give my daughter Rhody Duncan what Charity will bring when sold ...
      Fourth I give James Duncan one negro boy named Balaam and his part of the land and a colt, received & fully satisfied ...
      Fifth I give Eady Stone a negro girl named Patsey to be sold & the money arising from this sale given her if she is not willing to go with Eady.
      Sixth Mary Fletcher I give a negro girl named Lucy already received ...
      Seventh Dice Fletcher I lend a negro girl named Aloy during her natural life time and at Diceys death to be sold & equally divided among all the heirs.
      Eighth I give Judy Young decd? the one hundred & fifty acres of land I now live on & her heirs forever.
      Ninth Rebecca Welsh I give one hundred & fifty acres of land being my old plantation & a negro girl named Emily ...
      Tenth Russell Duncan I give a negro boy named John & the half of the hundred acre tract of land below & adjoining my old plantation to be sold & the other half to James Duncan.
      Further it is my will that after my death all my stock of every description & all my household & kitchen furniture of every description (except two beds & furniture I give to Elizabeth Welsh one and the other to Rachel Welsh my two grand daughters) together with all bonds & debts due me to with one on James Welsh a bond for $300 & $300 in cash in Welshs case(?) all the above to wit ... to be sold & the money arising from the sale thereof & the money in James Welsh's care & the bond upon said Welsh collected and all these moneys equally divided among my heirs. Further I appoint James Welsh guardian for Russel my son to conduct his business fairly & justly.
      And lastly I hereby make & ordain my trusty friend James Davis Sen. & William A(?) Mitchell my executors. Dated 21 November 1831. /s/ Thomas (X his mark) Duncan (seal). Witness H.. Martin Senr, Jas? J. Martin.
      1832. January 6th memorandum. This day Thomas Duncan made the following amendment & alteration to his will, that the negro girl named Alic? mentioned in my will to be lent to Dice Fletcher it is now my will that the said negro girl Alec? shall be given to my granddaughter Marthy Young ... Also the tract of land mentioned in my said will to be given to James Duncan & Russell Duncan I now give the whole tract to Russell Duncan & at Russel's death his part to be given to my grandson James York Welsh. And further it is my will for good reasons to me appearing that James Duncan shall receive no more of my estate, having already received his full part to wit, Twelve dollars given him in the fall of the year 1831. Signed Thomas (X his mark) Duncan. Wit. Thomas Neal(?), Asa Wood, Matthew Wood.
      May 16, 1834 alteration. I Thomas Duncan have sold to James Ryerson the above named negro girl Emily which I gave to Rebecca Welsh for $300 given her the said Rebecca Welsh instead of the negro girl Emily the above $300. Wit. Wm. Davis Jun.
      September term, 1836. Recorded with the codicils annexed on oaths of John J. Martin and the first codicil by Asa Wood & Matthew Wood and the last codicil by Wm. Davis Jun.

Stokes Co. NC Estate Record of Thomas Duncan (NC Archives; from Charles O. Duncan 8/1985)
      4 Jan. 1840, settlement by W.A. Mitchell, executor of Thomas Duncan decd; total amount of sale as per inventory, $38.47; total from guardians return March 1837, $367.33-3/4, note on Hugh Martin $24 and interest total $27.24; note on Joshua Freeman $7.20; of Wm. C. Moore rect. $6.25; total amount of estate $446.50-1/4, plus interest $33.36; $479.86-1/4, less $382.78-1/2, $97.07-3/4. In all $479.86-1/4 for which the executor states the following has been paid: clerk's receipt No. 1, $252.65; attorneys, J.B. Vaughn, J.L. Wilson, H. Martin, J.L. Cole, etc.; total $327.13-1/2; commission on estate $55.25, total $382.78-1/2. Statement by William Ward JP and Fleming Priday JP who examined the settlement.
      6 Jan. 1837, sale of property of Thos. Duncan decd. by W.A. Mitchell: sales to Robert Flyncham, William Cook, Joshuany Freeman, Mathew Wood, James Rierson, Washington Burton, William Baker, Samuel B. Allen, John Welsh, Alexander Hampton, Richard Williams, Thomas James, Reuben Southern, Samuel Welsh Sen, Samuel Welsh, Matthew Wood hired the negro woman Charity, give up by James Ryerson one judgment on Davd. Kincham in the hands of Joseph Terry for collection; Feb. 4, 1837, the above named Matthew Wood failed to comply with the terms required hired this day to Alamander Duncan at the same rate per year and on the same terms; Jan. 28, 1837, rented the Russell Jr. a $0.50 (sic); March term 1837, rec'd of James Rierson guard. for Thos. Duncan decd. as per settlement returned to said term in bonds and money $367.35-3/4, as follows, one bond on Jos. Eason & others $175; one bond on John Reddick & others $103; one do on James Dearing & others $37; one bond on James Welsh for $57.22 desparate, do. $150 desparate; one bond on Saml. Welsh for $50 desparate, do $50 desparate; one bond on Hugh Martin for $24 desparate;; a credit of $10 on Martin's note; one note on Jas. Freeman & others $7.20 doubtful.
      No date; We acknowledge ourselves indebted to William Mitchell Administrator of Thomas Dunken in the sum of £100 to be void on condition that James Dunkin prosecutes with effect a certain suit which he has instituted against the said Wm. Mitchell admr. in the county court of Stokes for the sum of $100, ... /s/ James (X) Dunken, E. Gentry. Wit. Jno. M. Cloud.
      13 Jan. 1837, Summons to William Mitchel, admr. of Thomas Dunkom, to appear in Court of P&Q 23nd Monday in March to answer James Dunkom in a plea that he render unto him the sum of $100 which he owes & detains to his damage $100. (also original document) Summons served by sheriff; defendant by his attorney appeared in court and entered plea that "Genl. per payment & set off fraudulent consideration - Bond obtained by fraud"; same was continued until Dec. 1837 when a jury could be sworn, to wit, Winston Carter, George Shafer, Joel Luvis? (Limes?), James Frazier, Wm. Voss, Evan Boner, John Miller, Nathaniel Woody, Elisha Hunter, John D. Salmons, Harmon H. Butner? & Malcomb Vands?; the jury found in favor of the Defendant, judgment issued accordingly; the plaintiff appealed to the next Superior Court. Statement 7 April 1838 by Reuben D. Golding, clerk of court of P&Q, that above is a record of court proceedings. Bill of cost included witnesses George Phillips $15.15, Rachael Flinchum to Wm. A. Mitchel $3.20, Samuel Welsh to Wm. A. Mitchel $2.96.
      13 Dec. 1837, bond of Nathaniel Boyden and Jno. M. Cloud for £100; that at Dec. sessions 1837 of Stokes Co. Court of P&Q, Wm. Mitchell admr. of Thos. Dunken recovered judgement against James Dunkin for the sum of (blank); that James Dunken was dissatisfied and appealed; the bond is to insure that James Dunken prosecutes the appeal and complies with the Superior Court judgement if the court decides against him.
      Bradley Co. TN. 12 Sept. 1838; William Forester and Isaac Day, two acting Justices of the Peace, in pursuance of an order issued from the Superior Court of Stokes Co. NC on 20 July 1838 issued by Isaac Goldin, clerk of that court, to take deposition of David Earnest; in compliance with said order, have caused said Earnest to attend on 12 September 1838 at the store house of Isaac Day, and took deposition:
            Interrogatory first by justices: State Mr. Earest (Ernest?) what you no in a matter of controversy now in dispute and in law in the county of Stokes NC wherein James Duncan is plaintiff and Mr. A. Mitchell is defandant in said suit. Answer: I was at oald Mr. Duncans the Father of this said James Duncan on the 27th day of October 1837 and saw Thomas Duncan execute two notes to James Duncan for fifty dollars each by making his mark on said notes and did sign my name to each note as the witness to both and understand they are now in law for them.
            Interrogatory 2 (by Agent for plaintiff): state if you please if you (sic) what was the consideration of these two notes. Answer: One or the first note was given in consideration of some deficiancy in negro boy and the other fifty dollar note was given in place of some land that the oald Mr. Duncan said he did intend for his son and after his son tated (sic) he would not have the land, the oald jentleman then gave him the ---- ---- (two short words blotted) other due bill which was the cause of the two givin at one date and for one amount.
            Interrogatory by Agent: state if you no wheather or not the daughter of James Welch was at the house of Thomas Duncan at the time these note was executed or not. Answer: the daughter of James Welchs was not there at the time these notes was executed, but came there shortly afterward as I understood, but neaver saw her before.
            Interrogatory by said Agent: state if you know wheather the oald jentleman Thomas Duncan was orcent? at the time these two notes was executed or not. Answer: at the time the notes was executed the oald jentleman appeared to me to be in his proper mind and conversd. freely with much intelligence & I thought a very smart man of his age. And further the deponent sayeth not. /s/ I?. Earnest.
      Oct. term 1838, Superior Court #33. James Duncum vs. William Mitchell, admr. Deft. swears that Rachel Flenchem is a material and necessary witness for him, that he expects to prove by her that Thomas Duncan decd at the time it is alleged by the plaintiff that he executed the bonds, decedent was incapable of making any contract or executing said bonds, that he is advised he cannot come safely to trial without her testimony, that she is subpoenaed and is absent without his consent or procurement but as he is informed and believes, she is unable to attend court at this term from her delicate situation, that he expects her testimony at the next term of court, and that this affidavit is not made for the purpose of delay. /s/ W.A. Mitchell.
      Superior Court, spring, 1839. James Duncan vs. Wm. Mitchell admr. Deft. swears that Samuel Welch Ser. is a material and necessary witness for him on the trial of this cause & that he is advised he cannot come safely to trial without the benefit of his testimony -- that he expects to prove by witness that David Earnest the subscribing witness to the bonds said? (swore?) or said shortly after he had attested the same that he knew the notes would not due for that the old man Thomas Duncan was so drunk that he did not know what he was about & plaintiff had to take his hand & put it to the paper to make his mark -that this witness is subpoenaed -- is absent without official consent or percunment? but is confined at home by sickness as he is informed and believes -- that he expects the benefit of his testimony at the next term and that this affidavit is not made merely for the purposes of delay. /s/ W.A. Mitchell.

Stokes Co. NC Probate Records; Wills Books (FHL film 546,242 and from Roy Hall)
      5-44: Will of Benjamin F. Duncan of Stokes Co. NC, 14 April 1866; to my wife Elizabeth Duncan for her use and better supporting herself and children, the land on which I now live of 120 acres, my household and kitchen furniture, and all other property, consisting of horses, hogs, cattle, fowls, poultry &c, all bonds, notes and accounts that may be due, and all legacies that I may be heir to, for her life or widowhood. At the death or marriage of my wife, my exec. shall sell all the above and divide the proceeds and money equally between all my children. Appoint my friend Samuel M. Ward exec. /s/ B.F. Duncan; wit. Haml. Scales, W.H. Reid; produced in court Sept. 1867 on oaths of Haml. Scales and Wm. H. Reid and ordered recorded.

Stokes Co. NC Probate Records; Inventories 1790-1809 (FHL film 19,944 item 1)
      No Duncan indexed

Stokes Co. NC Probate Records; Orig. Wills, Bould-Heisa, NC Archives (FHL film 1,579,656)
      Benjamin F. Duncan - not copied; we have from will book
      Terressie Duncan of Rockingham Co. NC, 20 Oct. 1908, dau. of Landon Duncan, prob. 1911 (not copied)

Stokes Co. NC Probate Records; Record of Settlements, Vol.1-2, 1846-1869, 1869-1898/1912 (FHL film 546,231)
      1-93 to 1-97: Estate of Charles Duncan, accounts 1863 & later, filed 29 Jan. 1873, as final settlement of administration by Samuel Martin and W.H. Foy. Mention of some bonds due before the currency was depreciated; some heirs bought property and no bond was given nor paid since the items were to be included in their distributive shares. (book 1-93 instead of book 2-93; bottom of pages were very dark)

Stokes Co. NC Probate Records; Record of Settlements, Vol.2, 1869/1896-1912 (FHL film 546,231)
      2-20, 21: S.M. Ward, exec. of B.F. Duncan, decd, filed final settlement with clerk of Superior Court; he qualified as exec. at Sept. 1867 Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions; on 1 July 1871 filed with clerk of Superior Court a report rendering a full account of his proceedings up to that date, recorded in Record of Settlements Book 1, pages 47-48-49; that since then, on 23 Feb. 1875, Elizabeth Duncan, widow of B.F. Duncan and the following children of B.F. Duncan, to wit, William E. Duncan, Charles D. Duncan, John F. Duncan, Sarah A. Duncan and Susan Duncan, executed to Samuel Martin who was one of the admins. of Charles Duncan decd, who was the father of B.F. Duncan (testator), a bond for $370.90, the amount being the sum then due from testator's estate to the estate of Charles Duncan decd; that to secure the payment of the bond, those who signed the bond executed a mortgage deed to Samuel Martin conveying their interest in the landed estate of B.F. Duncan, recorded Book 22 page 400?; that default was made in payment of the bond and Samuel Martin sold the land or the interest, and Mat. F. Martin became purchaser, recorded (a few words at bottom of page too dark to read) page 291; that Mat. F. Martin is entitled as assignee to receive whatever sum John F. Duncan, William Duncan, C.D. Duncan, Sarah A. Duncan and Susan Duncan would have been entitled to from the recent sale of B.F. Duncan's decd. land; that the widow of B.F. Duncan having died some time in the fall of 1895 or latter part of the summer of that year; Ward sold the lands of testator at the court house door in the town of Danbury on 21 Dec. 1896, when Mat. F. Martin became highest bidder at price of $200, which sale was reported to the clerk and has been confirmed; balance after payment of expenses, $157.26 to be divided into 7 shares of $22.463, but M.F. Martin is entitled to the entire fund, he having taken an assignement of the interest of the devisees Nancy E. and L.R. Duncan parties who did not sign the mortgage; receipt filed by M.F. Martin. Recorded Jan. 10?, 1897?.
      2-47: I, Samuel M. Ward, respectfully show to the Court of Probate that at Sept. term 1867 of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Stokes Co., I qualified as the executor of the will of Benjamin F. Duncan decd, that I have faithfully and to the best of my ability discharged the office of executor and now ask leave to submit this my report of my acts and proceedings in the settlement of the estate of said deceased. The will cannot be executed in full until the marriage or death of the widow of my testator, nor can there be a final report of the settlement of the estate exclusive of the ?? alloted in the will, as my testator was a son of Charles Duncan late of said county deceased and as such a legatee and heir at law of the estate of said Charles Duncan, which estate is yet unsettled, and whatever may be due from the estate to my testator's estate or from the latter estate to the former, remain unadjusted and unsettled. ... Account of income and expenses. (settlement goes to page 49)
      2-313 to 315: In the matter of the Admin. of estate of A.P. Duncan, Final Settlement, J.H. Carter, admin., to clerk of the Superior Court. Final settlement of estate; Carter qualified as admin. of the estate on 19 Oct. 1903; that on 20 Oct. 1903 he filed an inventory, recorded Record of Accounts Book No.22 p.301?; (two lines at bottom of page too dark to read); Sales made Nov. 19, 1903, recorded p.345-6, sales Dec. 31, 1903 rec. p.399-400, collections reported May 30, 1904, p.506-7, sales Nov. 16, 1904 reported Dec. 27, 1904, p.563 (all Record of Accounts Book 22), $770.67; payments to M.T. Chilton C.S.A. on year's allowance, other accounts paid, $620.40, balance $150.27, divided into four shares, paid Elliott Duncan, Oscar E. Duncan, Peter Duncan, Henry J. Duncan, $37.56-3/4 ea, submitted 22 Dec. 1904. (MAD: Aurelius Peter Duncan; indexed O.P. Duncan)
      2-449: Landon Duncan estate. W.T. Mitchell in account with Landon Duncan's estate. Received on sale personal property, income $37.81; rent of land 1891, $69.61, account against J.H. Ellington, $37.40, total income $144.82; paid out on accounts etc., $174.82, overpaid $30.02. The admin. would here state that he filed a petition in the Superior Court of Stokes Co. for the sale of the lands of Landon Duncan decd. for assets to pay debts, and that while the proceeding was pending, that R.W. Simpson paid off debts against the estate of his intestate to the amount of $61 and agrees to take the heirs at law for same, and also agreed to pay the Admin. his coms. on the same, and also the admins. com. on the amt. of receipts, disbursements, and the balance due, ... there are no other debts; this is his final account. 18 June 1892.


Stokes Co. NC Cemetery: Flynt Cemetery, Dodgetown, NC, Highway 772 (MAD's trip 10/1985)
      MAD: thought a Flint might have married a Duncan; very small cemetery; copied two oldest stones
      William H. Flynt (Mason symbol), born May 24, 1824, died May 12, 1876, aged 51 years 11 mos 8 d's. (stone repaired)
      Our Mother, Minerva, wife of W.H. Flynt, born Aug. 12, 1819, died Oct. 16, 1893. (stone repaired, verse at bottom faded and not copied)
      Son born 1857, dau. born 1848, other children, none copied
      MAD: More complete cemetery records have been published by various authors.

Stokes Co. NC Cemetery: Ward Cemetery, on Highway 772 between Prestonville and Sandy Ridge; highway went through center of cemetery. Some fieldstones. Many stones for Ward, some for Shelton, Terrell, Dodson, and others. (MAD's trip 10/1985)
      Ellen S. Joyce, wife of L.R. Duncan, Sept. 11, 1862 - Feb. 8, 1938
      L.R. Duncan, July 30, 1863 - June 27, 1928
      Duncan - Chas. D., May 31, 1850 - Oct. 19, 1936; his wife, Sofa Ward, Feb. 18, 1853 - Dec. 9, 1917
      DUNCAN (large stone): Sallie Dodson Duncan, Feb. 21, 1878 - Feb. 24, 1936 (smaller stone); Frank E. Duncan, Mar. 4, 1876 - June 2, 1952 (smaller stone)
      Mary Mitchell, wife of John F. Duncan, Jan. 19, 1871 - Sept. 2, 1940
      Duncan - John F. Duncan, born May 2, 1854, died Feb. 24, 1924, age 69 yrs 10 mos 22 days

Stokes Co. NC cemetery (location not given) (information from Vickie Boatwright 7/1995; photos from Wade Duncan 7/1995)
      Chas. Duncan, Born Apr. 6, 1791, Died May 18, 1863, Aged 72 yrs 1 mo. & 12 da. He died as he lived In Christ.
            MAD: a Death Notice for Charles Duncan was published in the "Biblical Recorder" of August 26, 1863, pg.3 column 2, and is in the Baptist Historical Collection at Wake Forest University. (information from Daryl Limpus 2/1991). Charles Duncan was listed from 1850 to 1862 in the Minute Books of the Beulah Baptist Association, NC (from files of NC Baptists at Wake Forest Univ., Winston-Salem, NC; from Vickie Boatwright 9/1992)
      Ebenezer H., son of C. & A.H. Duncan, Died Dec. 29, 1853, Aged 17y 26 d.


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Walter J.; A 4 US V. Inf.; 1889 Sept. 25, Invalid Appl. #730624, Cert. #568473, Texas. (MAD: b. Forsyth Co. NC 1842; Confederate 1863 Wake Co. NC, captured, joined U.S.Army 1864; 1870 to Grayson Co. TX; see Vol.IV, pg.169, "TX Under Many Flags" by Clarence Ray Wharton, 1930, on FHL film 1,000,594 item 4; son of John Duncan b.VA d.NC and his widow Kate Jones who went to TX where she lived in Runnels Co.; Walter's grandfather b. Scotland, when young to VA with his father Peter F. Duncan)

HISTORIES before 1923

1906 "A history of Middle New River settlements and contiguous territory" by David E. Johnston, pub. by Standard Ptg. & Pub. Co. (from Evelyn Sigler 10/1983 and from Kit Smith)
      Chap. IV, 1775-1794: After the Revolution, many came to New River Valley, including Charles Duncan, John Kirk. Charles Duncan came from Stokes Co. NC; John and Thomas Kirk & Tollison Shuemate from Fauquier Co. VA. (pg. 84) (MAD: see Giles Co. VA)
      Landon Duncan, b. Fauquier Co. VA, to Stokes Co. NC, to what is now Giles Co. about the close of the 18th Century. Was a Baptist preacher in the Order of New Lights; 1818 became member of faith founded by Alexander Campbell. (pg.123)

1883 "History of Cass and Bates Cos. MO" by National Historical Co. (FHL book 977.84 H2h, Vol.2)
      Pg.1214, Bates County, East Boone Township: WILLIAM H. DUNCAN was born March 12, 1854, in Stokes Co. NC, and is the second son of Charles and Martha J. (Flint) Duncan, who were originally from Stokes County. His father was born April 24, 1824, and his mother March 6, 1826. They were married August 23, 1849, and until 1854 lived in that locality, then coming to Missouri and settling on the line between Cass and Bates Counties. Mr. Duncan, senior, ... was killed November 18, 1862, within a half mile of his own door ... He left five children, all of whom are living. ....

1876 "Pioneer Families of MO" by Wm. S. Bryan and Robert Rose (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.8 B915)
      Pg.379-80, Callaway Co.: TAYLOR -- William Taylor, of Stokes Co. NC, married Sarah Scruggs, and they had a son, Isaac, who married Catharine Vaughan, a sister of Martin Vaughan, of Audrain Co. Mo. Their children were -- Carter, Fountain, and Mary. The mother died while they were young, and their father having married again ... they were adopted by their uncle Martin, who came to Missouri in 1830. Carter, the eldest, married Minerva Callock, and settled in Howard county, where they lived and died. Mary married James Duncan, who settled in Monroe county. Fountain settled in Callaway county. ...

1884 "Counties of Morgan, Monroe, and Brown, Indiana : historical and biographical" by Charles Blanchard (FHL book 977.2 H2b)
      Pg.761, Brown Co.: Washington Township and Nashville. ALEXANDER DUNCAN, farmer, is a native of Stokes Co. NC, born January 29, 1815, the son of Alamanda (sic) and Susanna (Vaughn) Duncan, natives respectively of VA and NC. The father of our subject learned the occupation of shoe-making, and followed the same forty years, but after marriage he engaged in farming and so continued until his decease. Our subject worked for his father on the farm until he was united in wedlock, which event took place November 17, 1837, the bride being Sarah F. Reddick, a native of the "Old North State." To this union were granted 14 children, of whom two sons and eight daughters are living. In 1839, he moved to this State, and remained some time in Fayette County; then moved to Marion County, where he resided 20 years, and thence to this county, March 23, 1860, where he purchased a farm and made a home. ... He is now in his 70th year, ...


Family Bibles "copied by Charley Duncan when visiting family in Indiana in 1910" sent by Mary G. Pritchard, decd. great-niece of Neal Gilman Duncan, to Donald L. West (from Donald L. West 5/11/2001 with permission to share; MAD & DLW: Alamander Duncan mar. Susannah Vaughn in Stokes Co. NC, moved to Hancock Co. IN; see Hamilton and Brown Co. IN; per Donald L. West, Charley Duncan is Charles Ross Duncan, son of Neal Gilman Duncan b.1853 and grandson of Hiram Wright Duncan b.1809 and wife Martha Jane Reddick)
      Registry of John Reddick family by his wife Sarah.
      #1 Nancy Reddick born Nov. 23, 1804
      #2 Thornton Reddick born April 17, 1806
      #3 Merideth Reddick born Sept 12, 1807
      #4 Obedience Reddick born Feb 23, 1809
      #5 Hardin Reddick born June 3, 1810
      #6 Catherine Reddick born Feb 23, 1812
      #7 Mary Eliza Reddick born Nov 11, 1813
      #8 Elizabeth Reddick born Jan 18, 1815
      #9 Sarah Reddick born Jan 18, 1818      Died Jan 13, 1895 Married Alexander Duncan
      #10 Martha Jane Reddick born Jan 23, 1820      Died May 8, 1874 Married Hiram Wright Duncan
      #11 John Reddick born July 4, 1822      Died Sept 1880
      #12 Adeline Reddick born Nov 30, 1824
      #13 William Reddick born June 4, 1828
      #14 James Madison Reddick born Aug 24, 1830
      #15 Eveline Reddick by his second wife was born Jan 4, 1839
      John Reddick father of above family by his wife Sarah was born Mar 27, 1778
These 2 pages are what Charley Duncan copied from family Bibles when in Indiana in 1910.
            --page 2--
      Alamander Duncan, son of Jno Duncan and Dinah his wife was born Dec. 23, 1766 died Oct. 7, 1856 at 11 PM. 89 years, 9 mo. 14 days.
      Susannah Vaughn (wife of Alamander Duncan) Daughter of Jos. Vaughn and Elizabeth his wife was born June 14, 1787 died April 25, 1865
      The above couple were married Jan, 14, 1809
            Children of the above.
      #1 Hiram Wright Duncan was born Nov. 19, 1809 died April 7, 1889
            Hiram Duncan & Martha Jane Reddick were married Dec 12, 1839
      #2 Elizabeth Moore Duncan was born May 22, 1811 died Aug 20, 1818
      #3 Alexander Duncan, son of Alamander & Susannah was married to Sarah Reddick daughter of John Reddick and his wife Sarah Nov 17, 1836
      #4 Thomas Moore Duncan was born Dec 6, 1818 died___
      #5 Polly R.E.A. Duncan was born______1823. Died Oct 27, 1827
      Elizabeth Jane Duncan daughter of #3 Alexander Duncan and his wife Sarah was born Oct 1, 1837 died May 28, 1840.


There are six letters in the Landon Duncan papers, see Giles Co. VA, written between 1812 and 1837 and undated, some of which refer to Charles Duncan of Stokes Co. NC, which can be viewed at a website maintained by the Special Collections Department, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 4/9/1999:

"Early Families of the NC Counties of Rockingham & Stokes with Rev. Service" Vols.I&II, by James Hunter Chapter, DAR (from Evelyn Sigler 5/1982 and FHL book 975.66 D2d)
      These books contain information on the Ward, Webster, Young, and Burroughs families who married into the Duncan families.

1981 "Heritage of Stokes Co. NC" by Historical Society, Vol.I, 1981, and Vol.II, 1990 (FHL books 975.664 H2h and from Evelyn Sigler and Vickie Boatwright)
      These volumes contain information on descendants of Charles Duncan and first wife Sallie Covington, second wife Annie H. Ward.

1982 "Giles Co. VA History - Families" by Historical Society (from Vickie Boatwright, Sue Duncan, and FHL book 975.5782 H2g)
      This book contains information on Charles Duncan of Stokes Co. NC as well as Landon Duncan of Giles Co. VA, who is probably his brother.


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