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Formed 1770 from Rowan
Wilkes formed 1777 from Burke, Surry
Stokes formed 1789 from Surry
Yadkin formed 1850 from Surry
See also Patrick Co. VA


1790-1810 Surry Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1800 Surry Co. NC Census (stamped page number)
Pg.705  Stephen Dinkins          22110  - 12100
        John Dankins             30102  - 20101

1820 Surry Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.688  Dinkins, John           210010 - 21010
   732  Dunken, Peter           210001 - 01002
          (MAD: see Sarah Duncan 1850 Carroll Co.
            VA census with young Peter)
   742  Fletcher, Wm.           300012 - 00000
   762  Dunkin, Benjn.          120001 - 10010
        Dunkin, Julius          100100 - 00100
          (MAD: Julius, not Lewis)

1830 Surry Co. NC Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Surry Co. NC Census
Pg. 58  Burgess Wood            0000,001 - 2120,01
          (MAD: Marvel Duncan 21 NC lived with him
            in 1850 Gilmer Co. GA census)
    81  Etheldred Dinkins       1210,01  - 2000,1
          6 names between
        Dudley Dinkins          0001,1   - 0000,0000,1
    85  Thomas Dinkins          0000,01  - 2000,1
    91  Samuel Dinkins          0200,01  - 1000,1
   108  John Dinkins            1100,01  - 1010,1

1850 Surry Co. NC Census
Pg.214, #778-781, Caroline DINKINS 35 NC (blank) $100
                  Seabord L. 15 NC farmer
                  James H. 13, Sally B. 9 NC
                  Amanda M. 7, John A. 6 NC
Pg.214, #780-783, Chapman DINKINS 24 NC farmer
                  Sally 22 NC
                  John 19, Elisabeth J. 13 NC
                  Amanda E. 3, Mary A. 1 NC
Pg.214, #781-784, William DINKINS 51 NC farmer
                  Cinthy 39 NC
                  Rachel 16, Rebecca 14 NC
                  Malinda 11 NC
                  Nancy 7, Eliza 4, Ruth 2 NC
Pg.214, #782-785, Samuel DINKINS 48 NC farmer
                  Rachel 38 NC
                  Miles N. 18, Mary A. 10 NC
                  Americus 8 NC
                  William 3, Sally 1 NC
                  Thomas 15 NC
Pg.214, #783-786, Francis DINKINS 23 NC laborer
                  Mahala 20 NC
                  John H. 3, Martha 1 NC
Pg.214, #788-791, Henry DINKINS 28 NC
                  Elisabeth 21 NC
                  Jesse F. 4, John K. 2 NC
                  Thomas M. 1/12 NC
                  Dorinda J. 21 NC
Pg.236, #1087-1092, Thomas DINKINS 47 NC wagon maker $40
                  Milly 32 NC
                  Faitama (f) 10, Elam B. (m) 6 NC
                  Jasper N. 2, Ailcy (f) 6/12 NC
Pg.248, #1264-1271, Lovel SPILMAN 50 NC farmer $250
                  Sally 52 NC
                  Lacy (m) 26, Polly 22 NC
                  Nancy 20, Thomas 18 NC
                  Milly 16, Silvania (f) 12 NC
                  Mary DINKINS 20 NC
                  (MAD: IGI shows mar. 12/19/1820 in Surry Co. NC of Lovill M. Spilmon to Sarah Dinkins)

1860 Surry Co. NC Census
Cooks Mills Dist.
Pg.584 (392), #903-825, J.H. DUNKIN (m) 32 NC tenant $0-$200
                  Kate 32 NC
                  Jno. 5, Eliz. 3 NC
                  (MAD: see Hawkins Co. TN land records 1872-1877 & Civil War Pension Claim for Catherine Duncan, widow of John H., had son John J. and dau. Elizabeth)

1870 Surry Co. NC Census
Mt.Airy Twp, SW Subdivision
Pg.312, #36-36, DUNBAN, William 65 VA farmer $112-250
                  Elizabeth 63 VA keeping house
                  William S. 16 VA farm laborer
                  (neighbors Benjamin Creed, Linza Ticker)
Mt.Airy Twp.
Pg.323, #112-112, DUNSON, Thomas 50 NC BLACK blacksmith
                  Martha 35 NC BLACK
                  Mary 11, William A. 5 NC MULATTOS at home
                  Henry 3, Susan 4/12 b. Feb. NC MULATTOS at home
Pg.329, #178-178, PATTERSON, J.R. (m) 53 NC farmer $4000-$3000
                  Elizabeth 43 TN keeping house
                  J.A. (m) 72 NC at home
                  DUNCAN, Susan 36 NC keeping house
                  J.H. (m) 14, E.A. (m) 12 NC at school
                  TAYLOR, Martin L. 18 NC laborer
                  Amy 55 NC BLACK servant, Emily 9 NC BLACK servant
                  (MAD: Susan Roberts, widow of John R. Duncan of Stokes Co. NC)
Westfield Twp.
Pg.388, #124-124, DUNMAN, Jacob 59 VA farmer $0-$200
                  Mary 60 VA keeping house
                  Alcey (f) 25 VA keeping house
                  Bolden (m) 21 NC laborer
                  Emily 9, Panner (m) 7 NC at home
                  (neighbors: James Pruitt #128 & others)


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (SLC 5/30/2011 copied by CVD)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
            Duncan, Peter, File No.2962, Surry Co., 215 acres, Grant No.2915 issued 27 Dec. 1825, Entry No.663 entered 7 Aug. 1824, Book No.136, page no.352, Location: On N.side of Araratt River.
            Duncan, Thomas, File No.312, Surry Co., 300 acres, Grant No.311 issued 3 April 1780, Entry No.242 entered 8 October 1778, Book No.41, page no.44, Location: On both sides of Snow creek.
            Duncan, William, File No.896, Surry Co., 200 acres, Grant No.888 issued 9 August 1787, Entry No.1227 entered 18 December 17_9 (CVD: faint, probably 1779), Book No.65, page no.245, Location: On Dirrick Creek.

Surry Co. NC Processioner's Book 1801-1877 (FHL film ? 347,753, processioners book 10/1795 - 8/1897)
      Surveys? - Diagrams of land & legal descriptions
      No index, skimmed briefly, saw no familiar names to 1820

Surry Co. NC Land Entries, 1778-1784, Book 1 (FHL film 19,957)
      #242 Thomas Duncan enters 300 acres in Surry County on both sides of Snow Creek, July 7, 1778.
      #536 Abiel Cobb enters 100 acres in Surry Co. on Yadkin River adj. land of Peter Salley, Reuben Shores and David Martin, incl. the Island for compliment, Aug. 12, 1778.
      #753 Thomas Duncan enters 100 acres in Surry Co. on both sides of Snow Creek adj. my own line, Sept. 24, 1778.
      #1227 William Duncan enters 200 acres of land in Surry Co. lying on Dericks Creek a branch of Dan River including his improvement for complemt. Dec. 31, 1778.

Surry Co. NC Land Entries, 1783-1795, Book 2 (FHL film 19,957)
      No Duncan

Surry Co. NC Deed Index and X-Index 1771-1879 (FHL film 344,615)
      A-125, Thomas Duncan from State, 300a grant
      C-391, James Duncan from H. Tilley
      F-140, John Dinkins from Henry Speer
      No Hill - Duncan

Surry Co. NC Deeds
      B-125: 3 April 1780, NC grant to Thomas Duncan, 50 shillings every 100 acres, 300 acres in Surry Co. on both sides of Snow Creek. (FHL film 19,959)
      C-391: 19 January 1787, Henry Tilley Senr. to Jas. Duncan, both of Surry County, for 85, 184 acres on little Snow Creek, corner of said Henry Tilley's survey, mouth of Little Snow Creek. Wit. James Davis, Reuben Dodson. (FHL film 944,492)
      7-348: 7 April 1851, Levi W. Southard to George W. Duncan, $400, 450 acres on Camp Creek. (FHL film 19,968)
      8-281: 11 April 1852, George W. Duncan to William Fentress, $9.50, 9-1/2 acres on Camp Creek. Wit. John Robert, Robert Wilbourn. (FHL film 19,969)
      10-376: 25 Jan. 1860, Newel Hawks of Surry Co. NC to Peter Duncan (no locality), $75, his interest in 50 acres on Stewart's Creek adj. Virginia line; wit. G.A. Lowe, Z.W. Jackson. (FHL film 344,630) (MAD: Peter Duncan of 1850 Carroll Co. VA census, mar. Catherine Spainhour 1/4/1845 Stokes Co. NC)
      11-344: 16 Jan. 1864, Peter Duncan of Surry Co. NC to Joshua Felts (no locality), $100, his interest in 50 acres on VA line on Stuart's Creek; wit. William Goldin, Dalton (X) Hawks. (FHL film 344,631)
      15-56: 5 March 1857, George W. Duncan of Surry Co. NC to Thomas Wilcox of Wilkes Co. NC, $1,036, land including 443 acres on waters of Camp Creek adj. lands of Jno. Southart, Ab. Waller, Sol. Young, R.H. Maxwill & others; wit. Wm. M. Jackson, F.A. Harris. (FHL film 344,633) (MAD: George W. Duncan is not indexed in the 1860 census, and this could possibly be the brother of James W. Duncan from Rowan Co. NC. Where was he? Was this the George Dunkin in Wilkes Co. NC?)


Surry Co. NC Will Devisor & Devisee index A-Z 1771-1963 (FHL film 344,609)
      Devisee index - only Marshall Duncan, and 1963 Duncan not copied

Surry Co. NC Index to Inventories 1794-1963 (FHL film 347,726 item 1)
      Pg.75, Duncans 1933 & later, not copied

Surry Co. NC Wills (FHL film 19,957-1)
      Original copies of wills, alphabetic order, folded, outside of each marked "copy - will of ..."; no Duncan.

Surry Co. NC Wills (FHL film 19,971 and 19,972)
      1-73/74: IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I Marshal Duncan Senr. of Surry County in N. Carolina being weak and sick in Body but of sound mind and disposing memory - calling to mind my mortality that it is appointed for man to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following first I resign my soul into the hands of God my maker through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ my redeemer and my body to the dust to be buried in a decent manner at the discretion of my executors and as to things of this world which it hath pleased Almighty God to lend unto me I dispose of them in the manner following Imprimis ----
      I will that all my debts and funeral charges be paid and discharged by my executors hereinafter named ---
      Item - I give unto beloved wife Maryann Duncan the third part of all my estate to her own proper use and behoof and to be at her free disposal at her death to such of my children as she shall think proper ---
      Item - my will and desire is that the other two thirds of my estate be at my death equally divided among my eleven children Viz. John Duncan, Maryann Duncan, Wm. Duncan, Ann Duncan, Marshal Duncan, Thomas Duncan, Rice Duncan, Charles Duncan, Joseph Duncan, Robert Duncan, James Duncan or to the surviving among them ---
      Lastly I do constitute and appoint my son John Duncan and William Hill executors to this my last will & testament Signed with my hand and sealed with my seal this twenty six day of August one thousand seven hundred and seventy six.
      Signed sealed published and declared to be the last will & testament of Marshal Duncan in presence of John Duncan, Charles Duncan, William Hill.
      /s/ Marshal + Duncan (seal)
      NORTH CAROLINA Surry County May Court 1777 William Hill one of the subscribing witnesses to the within last will & testament of Marshal Duncan made oath that he saw the said Marshal Duncan publish & declare the same to be his last will & testament that he was of sound disposing mind & memory and that at the same time he saw John Duncan & Charles Duncan sign the same as witnesses and on motion it was ordered to be recorded. Recorded accordinly by J.P. Williams, Cle.
      2-73 Will of William Hill; sons Dan Hill, Jesse Hill - land; 3 youngest sons James, Joshua, Joel, money for schooling at discretion of son Dan Hill; remainder among 10 children: William Hill, Eliza Halbert, Thomas Smither? Hill, Robert Hill, Mel Hill, Dan Hill, Jesse Hill, James Hill, Joshua Hill, Joel Hill, or survivors. Exec. sons William, Robert and Dan; dated 1777 (no day or month). Wit. Abraham Marten Jurat, Johnson Martin, William Follis Jurat. Rec. Feb. 1787.


Surry Co. NC tax lists (FHL film 19,957)
1771: Dinkins, William, 3
       Duncan, Charles, 1
       Duncan, John, 1
       Duncan, Marshal, 3
       Duncan, William, 1
       Bowman, Peter, 1
       Bowman, Robert, 3
       Cobb, Abiel, 1
1772: Duncan, John, 1
       Duncan, Joseph, 1
       Duncan, Robert, 1
       Duncan, Marshall, 2
       Dinkins, William, 1
       Duncan, Charles, 1
       Cobb, Abel, 2
       Carr, James, 2
       Carr, Thomas, 1

Surry Co. NC Tax Lists (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, personal visit 10/5/1985)
      1775-1779 -- broken series -- no Duncan found, except:
            Reuben Dotson's list, 16 July 1779?: Includes James Duncan, 0 (acres), 5 (??), 4:3:2:15:1:, 470, 13, 130, 2, 8 (no heading on columns).
            Other names: Jonas? Lawson, John Wilkins, Thos?. Neal, Wm. Carnes.
      1780, 1781, 1782 -- no Duncan found

Surry Co. NC Taxable List 1782 (FHL film 19,957)
      Capt. Gains District
            William Duncan, no land, 3 horses, 4 cattle (pg.47)
      Capt. Hickman's District (pg.28-1/2 +)
            James Duncan, 50a Snow Creek, 1 entry, 4 horses, 9 cattle
            Thomas Duncan, 300a Snow Creek, 1 entry, 3 horses, 11 cattle


"The Colonial and State Records of NC" pub. 1886 by William L. Saunders, Secretary of State, index by Stephen B. Weeks (FHL books 975.6 N2n, fiche 6,078,231 and film 874,168, NC Archives, and other libraries, and from Evelyn Sigler)
      Volumes 1-10 are titled "The Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1662-1776" and volumes 11-26 are titled "The State Records of North Carolina, 1776-1790"
      10:251: 20 Sept. 1775, Safety Committee, Surry Co.; on committee was John Dunkin.


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