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Formed 1808 from Buncombe
Macon formed 1828 from Haywood
Jackson formed 1851 from Haywood, Macon


1810-1840 Haywood Co. NC Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Haywood Co. NC Census
Pg.145, #164, Michael HILL 38 NC farmer $450
                  Talitha 38 NC
                  Nancy 5, James 3 NC
                  Richmond 2/12 NC
                  Mosus DUNCIN 15 TN cripple, Mary 12 TN
                  (MAD: Isaac Duncan mar. Tebitha Smith 1/16/1829, Tebithy Dunkin mar. Mikiel Hill 5/11/1844; see Moses D. Duncan in 1860 Anderson Co. TN census with Joannah Duncan; see also Moses in 1860 Rabun Co. GA census; 1870 Jackson Co. NC census)
Pg.145, #166, Thomas SMITH 31 NC farmer $250
                  Lonesome (f) 30 TN
                  Henry 11, John 9, Elizabeth 8 NC
                  Sarah 6, William 3, Mary 1 NC
                  (MAD: Lonesome may be a Duncan per Martha Baird)
Pg.146, #171, William DUNCAN 21 TN farmer
                  S. (f) 27 NC
                  Isaac 3, A. (m) 2 NC
                  R. (m) 15 NC cripple
                  (MAD: William Dunkin mar. Susanah Harper 11/6/1845)
Pg.208, #1058, Wm. EASTIS 22 NC farmer
                  Samuel DUNCAN 18 NC farmer
                  Jane EASTIS 18 NC

1860 Haywood Co. NC Census
Division 37 pg.82, P.O. Crabtree; handwritten pg.642; stamped pg.321
Pg.642, #572-572, Wm. DUNCAN 30 TN "renter" $0-$240
                  Susan 32 NC
                  Wm. J. 11, John 9 NC
                  Mariah 6, Mary 5, Adam 2 NC
                  (MAD: ? Susan in 1870 Anderson Co. TN census; "Adam" plainly written)

1870 Haywood Co. NC Census
      No Duncan indexed


Haywood Co. NC Deeds and index 1808-1930, A-K
      Grantor Index, pg.53 (FHL film 463,111)
            E-415: 1843, Jobitha Dunkin to J.R. Love, mortgage, personal property
            Next is 1909
      Grantee Index, pg.48 (FHL film 463,115)
            E-323: 1842, Thomas Noland to Moses Duncan, mortgage, personal property
            Next is 1917

Haywood Co. NC Deeds
      E-323: 10 Dec. 1842, Thomas Noland to Moses Duncan, $55; mortgage of horses; Duncan is security for Noland. Wit. Wm. Johnston. (FHL film 19,138, from grantee index on FHL film 19,134)
      E-415: 18 Dec. 1843, Jobitha Dunkin of Haywood Co. NC to J.R. Love, for $100, 1 horse 9 years old of a bay color, one cow, and one year old steer, four ewes, ? lamb, 15 hogs, feather bed & furniture, 1 table, 2 sets plates, 1 set knives & forks, one ?iron, one loom, one wheel & five cards, 2 bedsteads, 1/2 dozen chairs, tub, coffee pot, five tea cups, corn, 3a wheat now growing; if money repaid within 12 months, this mortgage void. No wit. (FHL film 463,094)


Haywood Co. NC Probate Records
      Original Probate Records A-H (FHL film 1,571,817 item 2)
            No Duncan
      Wills, Inv. & Minute Books 1829-1878, incl. partial index (FHL film 19,140 item 2)
            Will Book 1, 1845-1878 - no Duncan
      Index to Wills 1829-1966 (FHL film 463,164)
            Pg.56 -- Dunkam

Haywood Co. NC Record of Wills & Inventories 1808-1878 (FHL film 463,162)
      Vol.A, 1808-1828
      Vol. 1/2, 1829-1846
      Pg.143: March term, 1846. John N. McGee guardian to the minor heirs of Isaac Dunkin decd, makes the following return of moneys which came into his hands belonging to Wm. B. Dunkin, Moses Dunkin, Isaak W.D. Dunkin, Maryan Dunkin, the sum of $84 received the 6th day of January 1846. /s/ J.N. McGee.
            John W. McGee charges the estate of Isaac Dunkin decd as guardian for services rendered and expenses as follows, viz, paid clerk of Haywood Co. Court for ..., paid clerk of Anderson Co. for ..., 2 trips to Anderson Co. TN 8 days ea ..., 2 days there tending to business of the estate ..., expenses of the two trips, council for B.M. Edney ... $50.80 total. The above claim allowed by court. (copy from Letha Summers 7/1989)
      Pg.149: June term, 1849, in obedience to order of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, commissioners examined the accounts of estate of Isaac Dunkin decd and find the amount retd by John N. McGee gdn. to be $85; said gdn. exhibited following vouchers: B.M. Edney, council fee, $15.00; for time and traveling expenses, $35.80; total $50.80; balance $34.20; /s/ Wm. W. Battle, S. Fitzgerald, Augn. Grahl, June 17, 1846.

Haywood Co. NC Estate Book (second Estate book; red book, in Waynesville courthouse; from Martha Smart Baird 8/1999)
      Pg.109: June Term 1846, In obediance to an order of the court of Pleas and Quarter sessions of Haywood, County- we the under assigned committee met and examined the accounts of the Estate of Isaac Dunkin decd as returned into the Clerk office and find the amount returned by John N. McGee, Guardian to be eighty five dollars. 85.00. The said guardian Exebeted the following vouchers: (to wit) Bill Edney council fee $15.00, for Time & Travting Expense 35.80, [total] 50.80; find the ballance due from Guardian 34.20, to be thirty four dollars and 20 cents. June 17, 1846, W.W. Battle, S.. Fitzgerald, Hugh Grahl. (MSB note: this may be "Time & Travling" but the "L" was crossed looking like a "T")


BENJAMIN DUNCAN, Widow Mary, Rev. Pension Application W-7052 (FHL film 970,863; extract from Alice Duncan ca 1978)
      Born ca 1755 VA, died Jan. 1803 Anderson Co. TN. He was a pvt in Co. commanded by Capt. Cowan in NC Militia for 6 mo's. Married Dec. 1776 in Wilkes Co. NC to Mary Davis, sister of Thomas Davis, age ca 82 on 12 June 1841 of Anderson Co. TN, who testified in Benjamin's behalf. Mary Davis, born 1756 (85 yrs of age on 12 June 1841 in Anderson Co. TN. She died after June 1842. Pension certificate issued to Widow, 18 June 1842, Robertsville, Anderson Co. TN. After Benj. Duncan was discharged Nov. 1781, the couple continued to reside in Wilkes Co. NC. Date not given when both removed to Anderson Co. TN. Mary said they had 12 children "the oldest will be 65 yrs of age next January", statement made 13 Sept. 1841 - children not named. Witness Elizabeth Brown, age 66 on 12 April 1842, who knew Benjamin and Mary in Wilkes Co. NC in 1778.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Moses, widow Nancy; SO 3040, SC 5684, WO 17562, WC 14971; BL 15834-80-50, 40996-80-55; Private in Capt. James Tunnell's Co. TN Mil. 9/19/ 1814 to 5/3/1815; sol. res. 1850, 1855, 1856 Anderson Co. TN, 1871 Anderson Co. (PO Clinton) TN; wid. res. 1878 Olivers, Anderson Co. TN; maiden name soldier's 1st wife Mary Frost, 2nd wife Elizabeth ---, widow Nancy Nolen m. Dec. 8, 1839, Haywood Co. TN; sol. d. Jan. 16, 1872, Frost Bottom, TN; wid. d. Oct. 30, 1904, Oliver Springs, "Roan" Co. TN.


Anderson Co. TN Deed (FHL film 979,344)
      O-156/157: 27 Feb. 1851, Wm. B. Duncan of Haywood Co. NC to William Smith of Anderson Co. TN, for $100 paid, sell parcel of land being my moiety or interest of a tract of land said to contain 100 acres whereon the said Wm. Smith now lives and whereon Isaac Duncan lived last in his lifetime adj. the lands of Moses Duncan and Andrew McKamey Jr., this moiety or undivided part being willed to me by the said Isaac Duncan, and all the interest ... and appurtenances belonging, warrant title. /s/ Wm. B. (X) Duncan. Wit. J.M. Key, James Wasd? (Wood?). Ack. by William B. Duncan in Anderson Co. TN, recorded 27 Feb. 1851. (FHL film 979,344; SLC 9/8/1984 and 5/3/2013)

Anderson Co. TN County Court Minutes; not indexed, following from page by page; Vol. 2/1845 - 3/1850 (FHL film 979,327)
      Pg.74: Jan. 5, 1846, accordance with court order from Haywood Co. "TN", 14 June 1845, John N. McGee was appointed guardian of minor heirs of Isaac Duncan: Wm. B. Duncan, Moses D. Duncan, Isaac R.W.P. Duncan and Marian Duncan and filed his bond, he was appointed guardian until said "Alphants" attain full age according to laws of state of North Carolina.
      Pg.75-6: Haywood Co. NC, 16 June 1845, Bond of John N. McGee, David Hill and John L. Smith, for John N. McGee guardian to Wm. B. Duncan, Moses D. Duncan, Isaac R.W.P. Duncan and Maryan Duncan, "orphants" of Isaac "Dunkin" decd, wit. Wm. W. Brown (clerk of Haywood Co. NC court).


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