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Duncans in Shelby Co. IL Other Records


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised August 23, 2005


IOOF Cemetery, Moweaqua, Shelby Co. IL (inscriptions copied and shared by Tracy DeVault, 7/2005)
      M. K. DUNCAN, 1846 - 1927
            (Tracy DeVault comments: This is Martin Kitzmiller Duncan, son of Joseph and Susan (DeVault) Duncan.)
      M. Aubrey, 1878 - 1943
            (Tracy DeVault comments: This is Martin Aubrey "Aubrey" Duncan, son of Martin Kitzmiller Duncan.)
      Gertrude, 1881 - 1958
            (Tracy DeVault comments: Wife of Martin Aubrey Duncan, maiden name unknown.)
      DUNCAN, Dorris, Dec. 7, 1913 - Apr. 26, 2000; Clair A., Nov. 17, 1907 - July 22, 1991.
            (Tracy DeVault comments: Clair A. Duncan, son of Aubrey and Gertrude.)

Westside Cemetery, Moweaqua, Shelby Co. IL (inscriptions copied and shared by Tracy DeVault, 7/2005)
      Joseph Duncan, born Feb. 18, 1818 - died Mar. 30, 1905.
            Susana C., wife of Joseph Duncan, born Feb. 13, 1824 - died Feb. 1, 1899. DUNCAN.
            (Tracy DeVault comments: This is a very large stone, probably the largest for a DeVault descendant that I have seen.)
      Jennie Duncan, born April 26, 1852, died Oct 14, 1892 "A precious one from us has gone / a voice we loved is stilled / a place is vacant in our home / which never can be filled"
            (Tracy DeVault comments: Daughter of Joseph and Susan Duncan.)
      Sarah A., beloved dau. of J. & S.C. Duncan, fell asleep in Jesus June 21 1878, age 28ys. 10ms. 8d. Her last words (illeg.)
            (Tracy DeVault comments: Daughter of Joseph and Susan Duncan. Under "Her last words" there is quite a bit of text, but it is no longer readable.)
      Jessie Duncan, 1889 - 1950
      Omri Duncan, 1880 - 1923
            (Tracy DeVault comments: These two stones are near the above Duncan stones. Omri is the husband, Jessie is his wife, her maiden name was Wagner. I do not think they are related.)

"The Alton Telegraph and Democratic Review" "United, we stand --- Divided, we fall" Alton, Illinois, Saturday, February 3, 1844; J. Balhache - Proprietor (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004) (MAD: see also Morgan Co. IL)
      The ways of the Almighty are fast finding out.
      Last week we were in mourning because of the death of Gov. Duncan. To-day it is our sad task to announce the death of his eldest brother, Capt. Matthew Duncan, and his wife, Mrs. Susan C. Duncan, who departed this life at their residence at Shelbyville, Ill.- the latter on the 11th inst.- the former on the morning of the 16th.
      These brothers, unconscious of the afflictions of each other, were at the same time, struggling in the arms of death: and it is a source of deep gratitude to their surviving friends to know that each were sustained in that dreadful conflict by the arm of Omnipotence.
      Gov. Duncan died at 9 o'clock, P.M. of the 15th, and Capt. M. Duncan at 6, A.M., of the 16th- only a few hours difference in the time of their exit; and both died in joyous hopes of a blissful immortality. -- Illinoian, Jan. 20th.

Newspaper obituaries, undated, name of newspaper not given but residence was in Shelby Co. IL (from Tracy DeVault 1/2005; to him from Debra (Adams) Arnold, a descendant of Joseph and Susan (DeVault) Duncan)
      OBITUARY - Joseph Duncan
      Father Duncan One of Our Oldest and Most Highly Esteemed Citizens Enters the Home at the End of the Way.
      Thursday, March 30th, at 12:30 a.m. our well known and aged citizen Joseph Duncan. Sr., passed from the scenes of time to those of eternity. While his death was not unexpected yet it was sad. To one who had held with such tenacious firmness to life's affairs, it was truly pathetic to see the hour of surrender come. Mr. Duncan was an honorable and honored man. To know him was to esteem him.
      The funeral was conducted at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nathan Francis, Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in the presence of a large number of sympathizing friends. The service was in charge of Rev. A.D. Cooper assisted by the other ministers of the town. Rev. Rob't. Irwin also made a brief talk. The music was furnished by a quartette consisting of Mrs. A.J. Combs, Sella Thomas, J.W. Gregory and Morton Gregory. The body was laid away in the West Side Cemetery.
      The following are the facts of Father Duncan's life as prepared by those who knew him best:
      Joseph Duncan, Sr., the subject of this sketch was born in Washington county, Tennessee, near Jonesborrough, on February 27, 1817. He grew to manhood on the farm receiving a common school education.
      In 1842 he was married to Miss Susan Devalt. This union lasted till Mrs. Duncan's death, about fifty-seven years. Father Duncan was one of the pioneers to Illinois, having settled near Jacksonville, 1851. Later he bought a farm and moved to Green county, near Fayette. He was converted at the age of twenty-two, uniting with the Baptist church. He has been identified with the same denomination while in this State.
      In 1866, Mr. Duncan bought a farm in Shelby county, near Moweaqua. He resided on this farm until a few years ago when he and family moved to Moweaqua. Since the death of Mrs. Duncan, he has lived with his daughter, Mrs. Mary C. Francis.
      Through all his life Mr. Duncan been a hard working man, sober, of sturdy and industrious habits. He was a faithful, useful church member. Giving liberally of his time and means to the cause he loved. He was the honored senior deacon of the Moweaqua Baptist church. He gave an endowment fund to this church. He was a man of strong principles and decided convictions. His health began failing over two years ago and since last November has been steadily declining until death came to his relief and went to rest, peacefully trusting in his Saviour. His children are Mrs. Mary C. Francis, Martin K., Sarah, Jennie, James T., Robert and Joseph F. Duncan. Three deceased -- Sarah, Jennie and Robert.
      Those in attendance from abroad were: J.D. Francis, Girard; Joseph Duncan, Palmyra; Martin Owen, Decatur; Miss Emma Duncan, White Hall; Mrs. R.P. Duncan, D. Sanders, Oscar Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Owen, all of Stonington; Mr. and Mrs Jas Duncan and Mr. H. Grooms, Decatur; Wheeler Brown, Blue Mound, M.K. Duncan; Mrs. Ada Corzine, Mr. Hight, Assumption; Mr. and Mrs Hilvety, Decatur; Mrs. Edgar, the nurse of Decatur.
      (Tracy DeVault note: J.D. Francis was Joseph D. Francis, grandson; Joseph Duncan was Joseph B. Duncan, nephew; Miss Emma Duncan is Emma S. Duncan, niece and M.K. Duncan was Martin Kitzmiller Duncan, son.)
      (Tracy DeVault comment: In the last paragraph there is listed Mrs. Jas Duncan and Mrs R.P. Duncan. If you know who these people are, please let me know. Also, in an old genealogy that I have, there is a reference to one of the Duncan girls marrying an Owen. The reference was pretty messed up but, from the last paragraph in the obiturary, it is clear that there is some connection to the Owens. If you know what this connection is, I would like to hear about it.)
      (MAD note: 1910 "History of Shelby Co. IL" by Bateman & Selby, pg.869, biographical sketch of Nathan Francis, gives death date of Joseph Duncan as March 30, 1905.)
      OBITUARY - Susan (DeVault) Duncan
      Death of Susan DeValt Duncan, a Beloved Wife and Mother at Rest In Heaven
      Susan DeValt beloved wife of Jos. Duncan, Sr., quitely passed away in death at the family home in this city Feb. 1st, 1899, at 1 o'clock p.m., after a lingering illness of, consumption in which she bore her sufferings patient and uncomplainingly. When asked by her friends how she felt, most always answered she felt better, a proof that she was cheerful and her mind lingered on the bright side of life in which no clearer manifestation of a true christian character could have been exemplified. When told of the death of others that had taken place during her last days, she would say it looked almost too bad for so many younger, more useful persons to be taken while she lingered on, thereby manifesting that she felt her allotted time was drawing to a close. She was a kind affectionate wife and mother who loved her husband, and children and she likewise being loved by them in return.
      She was a good neighbor and true friend in the years we have personally known her. We could mention many beautiful incidents in connection with her life, but one of the most impressive recalled to our memory was several years ago when her three sons professed religion. And at an afternoon meeting in the old Baptist Church, Robert, James and Joseph all were baptized and united with the Church, she was so happy her heart was overflowing and being unable to control her feelings. She shouted God's Praises in real earnest until there was not a person in the audience who did not shed tears of joy with her. Her family, including her sister were at her bedside when the end came. The funeral took place Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Baptist Church was conducted by Rev. Jo. B. Rogers assisted by Rev's Paisley, Jos. Thomas, and J.J. Midkiff. The Pall Bears were, Robt. B. Wilson, H.A. Pratt, Robt. W. Hight, H. Grooms, Wallace Gregory and Samuel Cushing. The remains were laid to rest beside those of her two daughters in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery west of town.
      Those who attended the funeral from abroad were: Wm. Hight, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Hight, of Macon, H. Grooms of Decatur, Rev. J.J. Midkiff, of Stonington, J.W. Brown of Blue Mound and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cushing of Assumption.
      Susan C. DeValt Duncan, daughter of Jacob and Rachel DeValt was born near Hanover, Pa., Feb. 13th, 1824 and died at Moweaqua, Ill., Feb. 1st, 1899, age 74 years, 11 months and 12 days. She removed with the family to Tennessee when she was a child of about four years. She was married Oct 18th, 1812 to Joseph Duncan and moved to Jacksonville, Illinois in 1851. Living there about one year, they moved to Fayette, Green county, residing there until Feb. 10th, 1867 when they moved to the neighborhood of Moweaqua and later to the home in this city. Bro. and Sister Duncan lived as man and wife together for more than 56 years. To them were born eight children, Sarah A, Jennie, Robert, and a child dying in infancy have passed to the otherside, Mary, Martin, James and Joseph living. Besides the aged husband and four children, Sister Duncan leaves one brother and a sister, Mrs. Hunt, of Tulsa, Indian Territory, who was present during the last months of her illness. She and Bro. Duncan both joined the Baptist Church before they were married, and united with the Church here in 1867, and have been members in good standing ever since.

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