Eliazer Alley and Elizabeth Ellen (Ledbetter) Beaty

Eliazer Alley and Elizabeth Ellen (Ledbetter) Beaty

Eliazer Alley Beaty was born at Little Crab, TN in 1847, the son of Isaac Beaty and Susannah (Gwin). Alley's brothers and sisters were: William R., b. 1825; Jane, b. October 10, 1826; Mary E., b. November 15, 1827; Sarah Elizabeth "Sally", b. November 11, 1829; Nancy b. May 23, 1831; John Gwin. b. April 22, 1833; James, b. January 31, 1836; Lucy Catherine, b. December 24, 1840; Isaac, b. 1838; and David, b. 1843.

Eliazer Alley married Elizabeth Ellen (Ledbetter). She was born in 1846, the daughter of Washington Ledbetter. She had at least two sisters and a brother. Her sisters names were Emma and Lottie, and her brother's name was Hamilton. Hamilton was a medical doctor.

Ellen was expecting their youngest child when Alley died of typhoid fever at the age of 29. His funeral was preached by A.B. Wright in 1892, sixteen years after his death. Ellen's second husband was Frank Reagan. This marriage did not work out and they separated. She had a daughter from this marriage, Martelia Frances Reagan.

Alley and Ellen had five children: Katy Elizabeth, b. October 4, 1864; James W., b. April 9, 1868; Susan, b. April 3, 1871; George William "Buffalo", b. September 18, 1873; and Isaac b. December, 1876. Katy Elizabeth, the oldest child, was married to Bill German.

James W. was married twice. His first wife died; his second wife was Armity (Matthews). He had a son who died in a drowning accident when he was a teenager.

Susan was married to Jonathan Bertram. They had a large family. She lived to he 91 years old.

George William "Buffalo" married Elizabeth Ellen (Hinds). They were the parents of nine children.

Isaac married Tilda (Beaty). They lived on a farm near Squirrel Flat, which is close to Jamestown, TN. They had two children, Minnie and Annie.

Martelia Frances, daughter of Ellen and Frank Reagan, had a son whose name was Herschel Ray Robinson. They were both placed in the Eastern State Hospital, where they lived out their days. They are both buried on the grounds of the hospital.

Ellen (Ledbetter) Beaty was a woman of indomitable spirit and courage. She lived to be 93 years old, surviving the loss of her husband when she was 30, the rearing of her children practically single-handedly, a failed marriage, a daughter and grandson who had to be institutionalized, and four copperhead bites.

An interesting story is told about Alley and Ellen's farm. It seems that the farm was half paid for when Alley died. Ellen was unable to continue making payments on it; so instead of foreclosing, the person from whom Ellen was buying the farm split the property in two equal parts and only took back one part, letting her keep the other.

Ellen was very independent in her old age, not wanting to break up housekeeping and move in with her children. She would visit them, however, and when she did she always brought her bed, her chamber pot, cooking pot, a skillet, silverware and plates. When she finally agreed to move in with one of her children permanently, they had her house burned so that she would not reconsider and want to continue living alone at her advanced age.

Both Alley and Ellen, his parents, their son "Buffalo" Bill, his wife Ellen, and five of Bill and Ellen's children are buried in the George Beaty Cemetery.

by Gerald DeHaven
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