Issac and Susannah (Gwin) Beaty

Issac and Susannah (Gwin) Beaty

Isaac Beaty was born in Cumberland Co., KY in 1803. He is the son of James Beaty, a Revolutionary War soldier, and Mary (Smith). His father was born in PA in 1752 or 1753. Isaac probably had six brothers and sisters, as there is a James Beaty listed in the 1810 Cumberland Co. census who had seven children.

Isaac married Susannah (Gwin), daughter of John Gwin and Jane (Holbroke). John was born in 1762 and his wife in 1760. The family came from Virginia when Susannah was a young girl. They cleared land for a log cabin on Dry Creek, near the present community of Moodyville, TN. The cabin had no fireplace at first, only a hole in the roof to let out smoke from the fire which was built on the dirt floor in the center of the cabin. Later a fireplace was added and a second room, with a walkway between the two rooms.

"Buffalo" Bill Beaty remembered his grandmother Susannah speaking with an accent that was different from most of their neighbors. She pronounced the word covers (bedcovers) as "kivvers", for instance.

Susannah's brothers and sisters were: Sarah, b. 1800; Pheriba, b. 1803; Jeremiah, b. 1805; John Rose, b. 1812; Harvey; Andrew Bailey; David Sanford; Wesley W., b. 1820; and Sally, b. 1824.

Isaac and Susannah had eleven children, six boys and five girls. Five of their boys served in the Union Army during the Civil War, three of them enlisting on the same day in the same company. All three died during the war.

William R. was born in 1825. He married Mary Rebecca "Pop" (Sells) on October 7, 1848. He enlisted in Roll Co. D, 2nd TN at Somerset, TN for three years. He died on March 12, 1862 in a hospital at Flat Lick, KY from either camp disease or fever. His wife acquired the nickname "Pop" because she donned men's attire after William left for service and took on the work of a man in raising their family. She and William were the parents of eight children.

Jane was born October 10, 1826 and married Jonathan Hayes, b. 1826.

Mary E. was born November 15, 1827 and married John Smith, b. 1830.

Sarah Elizabeth was born October 11, 1829; and married John Hill. She was living in TX at the time of her death.

Nancy, b. May 23, 1831, married James Taylor. They moved to TX.

John Gwin, b. April 22, 1833, married Zelpha (Holbert). He was a Union soldier during the Civil War.

James, b. January 31, 1836, was never married. He enlisted in Roll Co. D, 2nd TN on December 15, 1861. He died a prisoner of war on Belie Island, Richmond, VA on March 22, 1864.

Lucy Catherine, b. December 24, 1840, was married to Joel L. Reagan on February 22, 1866. Joel was a Sergeant during the Civil War.

Isaac was born in 1838. He also was a Union soldier during the Civil War.

David C. was born in 1843. He enlisted in Roll Co. D, 2nd TN on December 15, 1861 and died in service on February 17, 1862.

Eliazer Ailey was born in 1847. He married Elizabeth Ellen (Ledbetter), who was born in 1846. They were the parents of five children. Alley died of typhoid fever on April 12, 1975. Ellen later married Frank Reagan and they had one child.

Isaac and Susannah lived most of their adult lives at Little Crab, TN. They are both buried in the George Beaty Cemetery, along with their son Alley and his wife Ellen, Alley's son Bill "Buffalo" and his wife Ellen, and five of Bill's children.

by Gerald DeHaven

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