George William and Elizabeth Ellen (Hinds) Beaty

George William and Elizabeth Ellen (Hinds) Beaty

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George William "Buffalo Bill" was born September 18, 1873 at Little Crab, TN, the son of Eliazer Alley and Elizabeth Ellen (Ledbetter) Beaty. His brothers and sisters were: Katy Elizabeth, b. 1864; James W., b. 1868; Susan, b. 1871; and Isaac b. 1876. Bill also had a half-sister, Martelia Frances Reagan, from his mother's second marriage to Frank Reagan.

Bill married Elizabeth Ellen (Hinds), who was born March 30, 1874 at Little Crab, the daughter of Joel "Jode" and Francess Elizabeth (Fite) Hinds. Ellen's brothers and sisters were: Samuel Peter (1876-1961), Mary Ann (1878-1946), James Marion (1881-?), Nancy Jane (1883-1941), Sarah Susan Adaline (1887-1963), Fatina Alice (1889- ), John Mitchell (1890-1891, and William Grady (1894-1980).

Bill and Ellen had nine children: Lillie Ann (1897-1912), Walter Isaac (1898-before 1910), William Hamilton (1900-1982), Carlie (b. and d. between 1900-1910), Julia Ava Frances (1905-1980), Lawrence Adam (1912), Johnny (1915-1928), and Hubert Chandler

Five of Bill and Ellen's children died before reaching adulthood. Lillie Ann died of spinal disease and Johnny died of septicemia. cause of death of Carlie, Welter Isaac, Alley Bryan is unknown.

The oldest of their children to reach adulthood was William Hamilton. he was married to Rosetta Claiborne; they had one child. He lived all his life in or near Jamestown, and his main occupation was working in the timber. He was 81 years old when he died and is buried in the Fentress Memory Gardens.

Julia Ava Frances lived most of her life in Fentress County and was married to (1) Alfred Choate, (2) Isaac Davis and (3) Lonza Reagan. She was the mother of eight, having had one child from her first marriage and seven from her second. She lived to be 74 years old and is buried in the Fentress Memory Gardens.

Lawrence Adam has lived all his life in Fentress Co. and was married to (1) Lillie Reagan and (2) Dora Beaty. He and Lillie had two children. At this time he is now retired and is living in Jamestown.

Hubert Chandler, Bill and Ellen's youngest child, is married to Reba Hester (Beaty). They live north of Jamestown and are the parents of five children. He is retired from General Cable Corp., Muncie, IN and Reba is retired from Ball State University.

No one knows for sure how Bill acquired the nickname "Buffalo". His son, Hubert, thinks it might have been because of his body build. He was very large across the shoulders, his body tapering to narrow hips.

Bill followed the timber business and farmed when that was low. Sometimes he also would run a sawmill. Since there were always several people living in a sawmill or logging camp, Ellen would often cook for boarders for extra money. The family moved often, due to following that line of work.

Bill was also respected in the community as a good mule driver. One time he had a cousin who bought a pair of mules and turned them over to his hired man. The hired man let them run away, doing various damage to their harness and the wagon. Later Bill's cousin was asked if he intended to sell the mules. "Of course not," he said. "That is a good pair of mules, and I have the problem solved. I have Buffalo Bill a-holt of them now. He will hold onto them and he can't run." Ellen had beautiful, naturally-curly hair which she worn pulled back in a knot. In her younger days she loved to dance the old-time hoe-down. In her older years she loved to tell her grandchildren stories. She was especially fond of telling about visiting her grandfather Pete Fite when she was a child. She liked to tell about how, as a young woman, she rode her horse side-saddle to church, wearing a long skirt with a beautiful white basque. "Haint" stories were also among her specialites.

Both Bill and Ellen and their five children who died in childhood are buried in the George Beaty Cemetery..

by Gerald Evelyn DeHaven
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