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Recording of Patent Records - Wisconsin

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has created a web site devoted to Land Patent records. According to the BLM, "this site provides live database and image access to more than two million Federal land title records for the Eastern Public Land States, issued between 1820 and 1908." These patent records provide information on the first transfer of land titles from the Federal government to individuals. Wisconsin is one of twelve states that comprise the "Eastern States" division. Other states included are: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

In addition to searching for individuals or surnames, the database can be used to trace specific property using legal land descriptions. Certified copies of land patents, can be purchased online or by mail. The cost for all certified documents is $1.50.

Below you will find a list of Zimmerman, Zimerman, and Zimmermann entries from the Land Patent site. Included are the name of the patentee, the county in which the property was located, the year the patent was signed, and the name of the land office. For more detailed information regarding land description, to use an image viewer to see the document, or to order a certified copy of the patent visit the Bureau of Land Management web site.

NOTE:  The names exerpted below are not cross-referenced in the surname database. Although there are some instances where I think one individual is the same as another, i.e. the Michael F. Zimmermann of Dodge County listed below being the same as the Pioneer certified Michael Zimmermann, there is not enough information provided at the BLM site to determine if other individuals match the names supplied to the database.

Patentee Name Location of
Land Office
Adolph Zimmerman Osaukee 1843 Milwaukee
Albert Zimmerman Lincoln 1906 Wausau
Alvin Zimmermann Ashland 1894 Ashland
Andreas Zimmerman Washington 1858 Milwaukee
Carl Zimmermann Jackson 1879 La Crosse
Casper Zimerman Vernon 1858 La Crosse
Charles Zimmerman Grant 1858 Mineral Point
Charles Zimmermann Monroe 1858 La Crosse
Christian Zimmerman Eau Claire 1873 Eau Claire
Christian Zimmerman Eau Claire 1874 Eau Claire
Christian Zimmermann Eau Claire 1873 Eau Claire
Daniel Zimmerman Grant 1858 Mineral Point
David Zimmerman Green 1855 Mineral Point
David Zimmerman Sauk 1855 Mineral Point
David F. Zimmerman Sauk 1848 Mineral Point
Emil Zimmerman Ashland 1888 Ashland
Ferdinand Zimmermann Fond Du Lac 1858 Menasha
Frederick Zimmerman Dodge 1849 Green Bay
Frederick Zimmermann Trempealeau 1866 La Crosse
Frederick Zimmermann Trempealeau 1870 La Crosse
Gabriel Zimmerman Green 1855 Mineral Point
Gaylord Zimmerman Washburn 1904 Eau Claire
George Zimerman Buffalo 1857 La Crosse
George Zimmerman Buffalo 1856 La Crosse
George Zimmerman Buffalo 1858 La Crosse
George Zimmerman Grant 1858 Mineral Point
George Zimmermann Buffalo 1873 La Crosse
Henry Zimerman Dane 1849 Mineral Point
Henry Zimerman Dane 1849 Mineral Point
Henry Zimmermann Dane 1849 Mineral Point
Gottfried Zimmerman Marquette 1873 Stevens Point
Henry Zimmerman Green 1858 Mineral Point
Jacob Zimerman Ashland 1890 Ashland
Jacob Zimmerman Adams 1903 Eau Claire
Jacob Zimmermann Sauk 1906 Wausau
Jacob Zimmermann Buffalo 1873 La Crosse
Jeremiah Zimmerman Chippewa 1876 Eau Claire
Jeremiah Zimmerman Rusk 1905 Eau Claire
Johan Zimmermann Washington 1848 Milwaukee
Johan F. Zimmermann Marathon 1899 Wausau
John D. Zimmerman Monroe 1858 La Crosse
John S. Zimmerman Washburn 1903 Eau Claire
Joseph Zimmermann Chippewa 1902 Eau Claire
Mary A. Zimmerman Chippewa 1880 Eau Claire
Michael Zimmerman Monroe 1874 La Crosse
Michael F. Zimmermann Dodge 1848 Green Bay
Otto Zimmermann Lincoln 1897 Wausau
Philip Zimmerman Washington 1843 Milwaukee
Valentin Zimmerman La Crosse 1859 La Crosse
Valentin Zimmermann La Crosse 1860 La Crosse
Valentine Zimmerman Jefferson 1858 Milwaukee
Wilhelm Zimmermann Washington 1849 Milwaukee



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