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Some Pioneer Families of WisconsinAn Index

      The following exerpts are taken from Some Pioneer Families of WisconsinAn Index, edited by Betty Patterson, published by the Bicentennial Project of Wisconsin State Genealogical Society, Inc., Madison, WI, 1977. The index includes names of ancestors "whose authenticated early residence in Wisconsin was memorialized by the issuance of either a Pioneer or Century certificate". Four Zimmerman/n entries were included in this book.

      A second volume for Some Pioneer Families of Wisconsin was published in 1987, covering certificates issued between December 31, 1976 and December 31, 1986 - 3,343 additional names.  Mary Zimmerman, the only Zimmerman/n entry in the 1987 supplement, is also listed below.

Name Birth/Death County Spouse Contact
Johann ZimmermanB: 10 Jun 1794, Germany
D: 1 Sep 1877
DodgeMaria D. Meyer#2204
John Frederick August
B: 31 Mar 1831, Germany
D: 5 April 1895
DodgeA.C.Theresia Fritsche#2204
Mary ZimmermanUnknownGreenFredrick Brunkow#2939
Michael ZimmermannB: 15 Jul 1802, Germany
D: 25 Sep 1870
DodgeFriedericke Kuehl#2006
Friedrich ZimmermannB: 22 Jun 1843, Germany
D: 11 Sep 1902
DodgeMaria Voss#2006

      In response to a query in October, 1998, the Wisconsin State Historical Society indicated that copies of applications submitted for the Pioneer/Century certificates are on file in their Archives Division. The standard copying fee is $15.00 plus 20 cents per page for non-Wisconsin residents and $5.00 + 20 cents per page for Wisconsin residents. The society will bill, so prepayment is not necessary.

      When requesting copies, patrons should refer to Series 615, Pioneer and Century Family Certificates. In addition to listing the subject's name, please also include the appropriate Contact Number designated above. You may request copies of the applications by writing to:

Archives Division
State Historical Society of Wisconsin
816 State St.
Madison, WI 53706

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      The Century/Pioneer program is handled under the auspices of the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society. If you would like to learn more about the program or submit an application for Century or Pioneer status, you will need to write to (no phone service is available) the State Genealogical Society. Although the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Archives Division houses the application materials, it has nothing to do with approving the research or issuing the certificates. The Historical Society cannot answer any questions about the application process. For additional information on the Century/Pioneer program write to:

Century/Pioneer Certificates
Wisconsin State Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 5106
Madison, Wisconsin 53705



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