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In memory of my dad

Chuck Keehne with Karen Sue

Chuck Keehne

       With the passing of my father, Chuck Keehne, on February 24, 2001, I am reminded all the more of the rich heritage of those who have come before me. He seemed to get a kick out of my preoccupation with genealogy, sometimes shaking his head and chuckling at me. I am grateful to have been his daughter and to have had him as an important part of my life. I miss him.  I love you, dad, now and always.

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       "Family Ties" was created in December of 1997 in honor of Marcelle Birkenbach and Chuck Keehne's 50th Wedding Anniversary. The site, which originally appeared on Tripod, was later expanded to include information about our family history. In September of 1998 the family archives were moved to Rootsweb Homepages.

       Thank you to all of the people who have provided family information and research help over the years. It is greatly appreciated. The site, like the search, is a work in progress, and will be updated from time to time. With regards to the source material used in compiling the family information please see THE BURDEN OF PROOF listed below. In order to respect individual privacy, I have opted not to include our most recent generations online. For more information please read A MATTER OF PRIVACY.

       Links to "Family Ties" are welcome and appreciated. However, please contact me before reproducing any portion of this site. Commercial use of site content is strictly prohibited. No permission is granted to include these lineages in any commercial CD.


Surname List & Family Pages
List of surnames with individual family pages devoted to first generations to immigrate to North America.

Surname Databases

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Kaylor in Maryland

Zimmerman & Zimmermann
in Wisconsin

Field Trip to Baltimore
A guide to making a genealogical visit to Baltimore. Includes using the Internet for pre-trip planning and the details of the visit itself.

Field Trip to St. Louis
An updated version of the original Field Trip pages created in 1998. More extensive coverage of using the Internet to help prepare for your trip, accommodations in St. Louis, summaries of both the 1998 and June 2001 visits. Separate pages devoted to the Old Cathedral and to the St. Louis County Library "Special Collections".

Genealogical Links
With an emphasis on region specific sites.

Anniversary Site
Site commemorating the Golden Anniversary of our parents, Chuck Keehne and Marcelle Birkenbach.

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THE BURDEN OF PROOF:   For the brief family genealogies you find here I have used primary sources as often as possible to verify names, dates, and relationships. However, this is not always possible. Piecing together the various genealogies requires some speculation and secondary source gathering, if only to assist in later finding primary documents. The summaries which follow are obviously "puzzles in the process of being solved." The pages themselves are in various stages of development.

In sharing print or online information on this site, I have made an effort to credit the source whenever possible. Linking URLs have been provided for material from other Internet sites. Information from books and non-Internet sources include the name of the author or compiler, as well as any publication details which are available. These credits not only serve to acknowledge the source, but also provide footnoting for documentation purposes.

A MATTER OF PRIVACY:  For the most part the information which follows does not include detailed information regarding individuals born in the twentieth century. Because of the nature of the web, it seemed appropriate to screen that information and so the most recent generations of these family lines are not included, or are listed by name only.

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