History of Goose Creek, South Carolina Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.

Berkeley County, SC
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S Sona, Oliver Varnod, the widow
Sabin, Charles Sons of Liberty Villepontoux, ________
Sage, Ann Sothel, Gov. Seth Villepontoux Branch
St. Augustine, Florida South Carolina Railway Villepontoux, Zachariah
St. George's Church, Dorchester Southeastern Water Corp. Von Aarsens, Franciscus
St. James Academy Southern Railway Vose, Capt. Carston William
St. James Episcopal Church Goose Creek Spain, threat of invasion by W
St. James Parish, Goose Creek Spring Grove Wade Family
St. John, Dr. Stephen Stamp Act Wagner, Capt.
St. Julien, Elizabeth de Stanyarne, James Walker, Clancy
St. Julien, Peter State Road Walker, Richard
St. Luke's Eposcopal Church Charleston Steepbrook Plantation Wallace, Rev. C.
St. Michael's Episcopal Church Charleston Stepehnson Walling, Don
St. Paul's Cathedral, London Stevens, Lamb, a free negro Walpole, Horace
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Stono Stevens, Mrs. Mary S. Walter, Elizabeth
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Summerville Stevens, Norman Walter, Thomas
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Charleston Stevens, Robert Walter, William
Salley, Alexander S. Jr. Stevens, Rev. Robert Wando Indians
Salley, Elizabeth Stevens Plantation Wando River
Salter, Mrs. Stevenson, Capt. James Wapensaw, an Indian term
Samson, a runaway slave Stewart, John Waring, Benjamin
Sanders, John Stitt, Elizabeth Waring, Maj. Benjamin
Sanders, Capt. John Stitt, William Waring, Dr. Joseph, Ioor
Sanders, William Stock, Law of Waring, Samuel Gaillard
Sanders, Wilson Stone Fleet Waring, Thomas R.
Santee Canal Stone, John Warner, Samuel
Santee Canal Company Stone Landing, SC Warnock, Capt. S. C.
Santee Indians Stone, Rev. Robert Washing,, President George
Santee Settlement Stoney, Arthur Jervey Wassamassaw Baptist Church
Sanute, Indian chief Stoney, Dwight Wassamassaw Cavalry
Sarraw Indians Stoney, Isaac Dwight Wassamassaw Causeway
Saso, Frank Sr. Stoney, Lt. Isaac Dwight Wassamassaw Chapel of Ease, St. James Church
Saunders, Capt. James Stoney, Louisa Cheves Wassamassaw Mounted Club
Saunders, John Stoney, P.G. Wassamassaw Road
Sayle, Gov. Stoney, Peter Gailliard Wassamassaw School
Scarborough, Mrs. Stoney, S. Procher Wassamassaw, SC
Schnecking(h), Benjamin Stoney, Samuel G. Wassamassaw Swamp
Scotland Stoney, Samuel Gaillard Wateree Indians
Scott, William Stoney, T. S. Waterland, William
Secession Stoney, Thomas Procher Watkins, Mrs. Hilma
Secession Convention Stoney, Capt. William Edmund Watson, Dr. John
Secession, Ordinance of Strawberry Democratic Club Watson, Livinia
Second S.C. Regiment C.S.A. Strawberry Ferry Webb, Edward
Sedgefield Strawberry Landing Webster, Daniel
Seed, Polly Strawberry Plantation Webster, David
Seigniories, Established Strawberry Station Webster, Lt. Col.
Senkler, Elizabeth Streator, James Weekly, Edward
Senkler, William Streator's Plantation West, Gov. Joseph
Sequestered Estates Strohecker, J. L. West Virginia Development Co
Sewee Indians Sugar, planted on Barbados Westfield, Capt.
Shadow, A Race Horse Sugar, imported Westo Indian War
Shay's Rebellion Sugar Act. Westo Indians
Shepard, _________ Sullivan's Island, SC Weston, William
Sherman, Gen Sully, Elizabeth Whaley, William
Shingler, John N. Summerville, SC Whatley, C.W.
Shingler, S. Sumter, Gen. White House Plantation
Shingleton, Richard Swint, Dr. John Hendrick White, William
Shipley, William T Whitesville, SC
Shiver, Lagette Tamplet, Peter Whitney, Eli
Shringler, G. W. Tares' Estate Wiggins, Dr. J. B.
Shuler, John Targate, SC Wiggins, Dr. T.
Silk Hope Plantation Target, SC Wiggins, T. W.
Simms, William Gilmore Tarhill, SC Wigton Plantation
Sims, Rev. A. G. Tarrif of 1828 William, King of England
Sineath, Lloyd (E) Tarkiln, SC Williams, Capt.
Singleberry, Richard Tarleton, Lt. Col. Banastre Williams, Jane
Singleton, Benjamin Tartar, a racehorse Williams, Dr. John
Singleton, Capt. Benjamin Taylor, Amerentia Williams, Rev. Stephen
Singleton, Col. Benjamin Taylor, Rev. J. W. Williams, W.
Singleton, Col. Taylor, Joseph Williams, West
Singleton Family (negro) Taylor, Peter Williams, Rev. West
Singleton, James Taylor, Capt. Peter Williams, William
Singleton, Rebecca Taylor, Lt. Peter Williamson,, Rev Atkin
Singleton, Richard Taylor, Mr. Willoughby, Mrs.
Singleton, Richard Ten Mile House Tavern Wilson, Dr. J.
Singleton, Lt. Richard Tennent, Dr. Charles Wilson, John
Singleton, Thomas Tennent, Mrs. Wilson, Marion
Siouen Language 30th Infantry Division, WWI Wilson, Moses
Siri, Andrew Thomas, Col. John P. Wilson, Rev. Robert
Six Mile House Thomas, Rev. Samuel Wilson's Estate
Skene, Alexander Thomas, W. B. Windsor Hill Plantation
Smith, Amarinthia Thomasen, Anne Winlock, James
Smith, Benjamin Thomason Blvd. Winter, Capt. Hugh Strain
Smith, Capt. Benjamin Thomason, Orven Winter, T.H.
Smith, Maj. Benjamin Thomason's Store Winyah Indian War
Smith, Bishop Thomson, Rev. John Withers, William
Smith, Elizabeth Ann Thorin, Capt. George M. Withers, Mrs. Francis
Smith, G. Thornley, Maj. Robert Withers, James
Smith, G. C. Thoroughgood Plantation Withers, John
Smith, G. H. Tobacco Withers, John Sr.
Smith, Goerge Tookerman, Richard Withers, Richard
Smith, Dr. George Tories: see Loyalists Withers, Capt. Richard
Smith, George C. Townsend, Mrs. Hepzibah Withers, W.
Smith, George Henry Townshend Act Wolf's Castle Plantation
Smith, Henry The Treasure of Pierre Gaillard, a novel Wood, Ben
Smith, Mrs. Henry Trinity College, Dublin Wood, Robert
Smith, Henry A. M. Trouillort, Philip Wood, William
Smith, Henry Middleton Turkish Spy, a novel Woode, M. E.
Smith, J. Turner, Fredrick Jackson Woodlawn Heights Subdivision
Smith, James Turner, Hattie Woods, E. Calvin
Smith, Lt. James Turner, Hattie V. Woods, Vivian A.
Smith, Jane Turner, L. C. Woodstock Plantation
Smith, John Turner, Weyman Woorams, John
Smith, Mary Tuscarora Indians Worley, Richard a pirate
Smith, Mrs. Tustian, Rev. Wragg, Henrietta
Smith, Peter Twenty-three Mile House Wren, W. R.
Smith, Rebecca Tyner, R. Harold Wright, E. G.
Smith, Mrs. Sabina U Wright, John
Smith, T. H. Union & States Rights Party Wright Capt. John
Smith, T. Henry Union College, Schenectady, NY Wright, T.
Smith, Thomas Union Party Wright, Thomas
Smith, Col. Thomas V Y
Smith, (Gov.) Landgrave Thomas Van Arrsens, Jan Yeaman's Creek
Smith, Thomas Jr. Vance, Maj. William Yeamans Hall Plantation
Smith, Thomas Sr. Vanderdussen, Col. Alexander Yeamans, Sir John
Smith, Thomas Henry Vanderdussen, Mrs. Yeamans, Lady Margaret
Smith, William Vanderdussen's Estate Yemassee Indian War
Smithfield tract Van Kleek, Loring E. Yemassee Indians
Snow, Jacob Varner, Dr. I. B. "Yeowee", an Indian Term
Snow, James Varner, J. Yeshoe Plantation
Snow, Nathaniel Varner School Yon, Oliver
Snow, Dr. Nathaniel Stoney, Pierre Gaillard  

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