History of Goose Creek, South Carolina Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC

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A Caldwell, Charles E. 18th Regiment
Abbot, Dr. H. J. Caldwell, Orris E. Earle, Capt
Abolitionists Caldwell, Orris F. Earnest, Col J. B.
Adams, Robert Cambridge, Tobias Earnest, Col. T. B.
Addison, Tom Camelot Village Subdivision Earnist, B.
"Adsham", Indian Term Campbell, Capt. Archibald Easton, Walter
Adthan Creek Campbell, Gov. Eckles, Williams
Agassiz, Prof Cane Grinding Day Edgehill, Richard
Agrarian Laws Cannon, G. B Edict of Nantes
Agricultural Soc of S.C. Cannon, George Edisto River Water Tunnel
Ainslie, Hannah Cannon, J. R. Edwards, Gen E. H.
Alex, a slave Cannon, Lewis Edwards, Maj. Edward H.
Alford, James Cannon, Mrs. G. B. Eighteen Mile House
Alhambra Hall, Mt. Pleasant Cannon, Mrs. J. R. Eighteen Mile House Tavern
Allen, J. Beard Madera Cannon's Store Eldress, J.
Allen, Jacob Cantey, Capt Election Act of 1721
Allen, William Cantey, Capt. John Elfe, George
Allen's Plantation Cantey, George Elfe, Mary Jane
American Automobile Assn. Cantey, Tiege Ellington, Rev. Edward
Amory, Jonathon Capers, Rt. Rev. Ellison Elliott, Jane
Antibaptists (also see Baptists) Caree Indians Elliott, Rev. C. P.
Ancrum, William Washington Carlisle, Earl of Elliott, Thomas
Anderson, Edgar Carne, Samuel Ellis, John
Anderson, Elizabeth Carolina Water Co Elms Plantation
Anderson, Roger Carrington, Charles Elrod, Harold L.
Anderson, Rev. William Carroll Family Elsey, Gary
Anglican Church Carter Family Emperor, John
Anglicans Carwile, John Emperor, Madame
Appalachicola Indians Casey Assembly Hall England
Appeebee Creek Casey Cemetery Episcopal Church
Apprentices Casey Church Etiwan Indians
Ararat Plantation Casey Fellowship Hall Etling, E. W.
Archdale, Gov John Casey Friendship Hall Etling, Jack
Ashe, Mr. Casey M.E. Church Evans, Rev. William
Ashley, Lord Casey School Exeter Plantation
Ashley River Casey, Mr., a freedman F
Atlantic Coast Line RR Casey, SC Fairlawn Barony
Avenue of the Oaks Casy Hill Faucheraud, Charles
Axaleas Catawba Indians Faucheraud, Gideon
  Cates, Rev. Fauling, Thomas
B Catholics of France Faurcheraud, C.
Bachman, Dr. Centennial Dem Club of St. James Goose Creek Feare, John
Back River Chamberlain, Gov Felkel Field
Back River Lower Road Chamberlain, Norman A. Felkel, S.E. ("Speedy")
Back River Upper Road Chambers, Robert Feltham, Joseph
Bacon's Bridge Channing, John Ferguson, Maj.
Bacot, ?? Charles I, King of England Ferguson, Thomas
Bacot, Peter Charles IV, King of England Fibbin, John
Bagbee, John Charleston Comm of Pub Wks Filbien, John
Baker, James Charleston County, divided Fining, Maj. Charles
Baker, Richard Charleston High School Fishborne, Senator
Baker, Thomas Jr. Charleston Light Dragoons Fisher, John
Baker, Thomas Charleston Light Infantry Fisherau, Gideon
Ball, Catherine Charleston Museum Fitch, Jonathon
Ball, Mrs. Elias Charleston Neck Fitz, Jonathon
Baptists Charleston, Capture by British Fitzsimmons, Dr. L.
Barbadians Charleston, SC Colony of Flagg, Ernest
Barbados Party Organized Charleston, SC Est. Flagg, George
Barbados W. I. emigrants from Charleston, Schools of Flagg, Ralph
Barker, Charles Cherokee Indian War Fleury Plantation
Barker, Jacob Cherokee Indians Fleury, Abraham
Barker, John Cherry Hill Estate Fleury, Abraham de la Plaine
Barker, Maj Chickasaw Indians Fleury, Isaac
Barker, Sarah Chicken Creek Fleury, Marianne de la Plaine
Barker, Thomas Chicken, Capt. George Flood, Capt., a priate
Barker, Capt. Thomas Children's Day Floree, Mr.
Barley Childs, Isaac Flud, Thomas
Barnett, William Chinnus, R. Fontainblue Plantation
Barnett, John Chisholm, Mrs. Nathalie Ford, Arthur Peronneau
Barnett, John C. Choctaw Indians Ford, Timothy
Barnett, W. A. Chunkey, an Indian Game Forest Lawn Subdivision
Barnwell, Col. John Church Act of 1706 Fort Dorchester
Baronies, Established Church of England Fort Moultrie
Barrett, Jacob Civil War, end of Fort Sumter
Barrie, James Civil War, inflation from Fortescue, Charles Walker
Barrs, Carl Clark, Albert Foster, John
Barrs, Carl, Sr. Clinton, Sir Henry Foster's Creek
Barrs, Carl V., Sr. Coachman, Benjamin Four Hole Swamp
Barrs, Hattie May Coachman, James Fourcherad, Gideon
Bartlett, Mrs. Coastal Water Co. Fowler, Rev. Andrew
Bartram, John Cockfield, John Foxborough Subdivision
Battle of Videau's Bridge Cockran, John France
Bauyly, John Cocrane Art Gallery Franchomme, Charles
Bayley, James Cohens, Frank Franklin, Benjamin
Beaird, Matthew Cohens, Willie Mae Franklin, Mrs. Sadle
Beauregard, Gen. Coleman, Edith Fraser, Alexander
Bee, Gen. Bernard Coleman, James Fraser, Charles
Bee, Bernard E. College of Charleston Fraser, John
Bee, Thomas Colleton, Gov Fraser, Lt. Alexander
Bella, a Negro Servant Colleton, Gov. James Frederick's Plantation
Bellinger, Edmund Collier, A. L. French Garden Plantation
Bennett, John Collins, Ms. Ann French Protestants: See Huguenots
Bennett, Nicholas Collins, William John French Revolution
Bernard, James Colored Orphans Aid Soc. Friendly Club
Berringer, John Commissioners of Indian Trade Frost, Dr. Henry R.
Berringer, Margaret Committee of Safety & Corres Frost, Eugenia C.
Berringer, Mary Confederate Honor College Frost, Mrs.
Berringer Plantation Confederate Nitre & Mining Bureau Fuller, William
Berkeley County Confederate States of America Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina
BC Present County Formed Confiscation Act Furman, Richard
Berkeley, Dorothy Smith Congaree Indians G
Berkeley, Edmund Conner, George Gadsden, Bishop
Berkeley, Regiment of Militia Connor, T. T. Gadsden, Christopher
Berkeley Training High School Continental Association Gadsden, Col.
Best, Steven Cooper River Gadsden, John
Beverly Hills Subdivision Cooper, Dr. Bernard Christian Gadsden, Rev. Philip
Bigelow (e), Cyprian Cooper, John Gadsden, Thomas
Bigelowe's Grant Cooper, Lord Anthony Gaillard, Tacitus
Bigelowe's Plantation Cooper, Lucretia Galloway family
Binah, a free Nigro Copley, Mrs. Galloway, David
Binnar, E. B. Corben, Rev. William Garden, Alexander Jr.
Bisco, Samuel Cordensville, SC Garden, Dr. Alexander
Bishop of London Corn Garden, Maj. Alexander
Bishop, Robert Cornwallis, General Gardenias
Blackbeard, A Pirate Cotebas Plantation Garrat, Joseph
Blackman, Thomas Cottage Plantation Garrison, William Lloyd
Blake, Gov. Joseph Cotton Gasquette Meeting House
Blake, Mr. Cotton Gin, introduced Geddings, Dr.
Blake, W. Couch, Richard Geddings, Dr. Eli
Blockade of Charleston Harbor Council of Safety Genillat, Jean Francois de
Bloomfield Plantation Craven, Gov George, King of England
Board of Trade Cravon, Mrs. Ann German Lutheran Church of Charleston
Bob, a Negro Slave Crawford, George Germany
Boddely, Col John Crawford, J. T. Gibbes Col. Robert
Boddin, Dr. Richard Crawford, Otis Gibbes, Arthur S.
boddin, Robert Creek Indians Gibbes, Benjamin
Bodett, Peter Cripp, John Splatt Gibbes, Col. John
Boggs, Mrs. F. G. Cripp's Plantation Gibbes, Jane
Boisseau, John Cromartie, Earl Of Gibbes, John
Boisseau, Mary Crops and Plants Gibbes, Mary Anna
Bonneau, Anthony Crovat, Theodore F. Gibbes, Robert
Bonneau, SC Crovatt's Plantation Gibbes, Robert Reeve
Bonnet, Stede, a Pirate Crowfield Estate, Beaufort Co Gibson, James E.
"Boo-Chaw-A" an Indian term Crowfield Hall, England Gibson, Moses
Booshooe Plantation Crowfield Plantation Gibson, William
Boone, Gov Crowley, an Etiwan Indian Gibson, William E.
Boone, Jolin Cudja, a runnaway slave Gibson, William S.
Boone, Mr. Culpepper map of Charleston 1672 Gignilliat, James
Boulder Bluff Subdivision Currency, shortage of Gignilliat, Jean Francois de
Bounds, Earl Curtis, Kelly Gignilliat, John Francis
Bounds, Earl H. Cusabo Indians Giles, Julia
Bowens Corner, SC Cypress Camp Ground Gill, Mr.
Bowick, Michael H. Cypress Swamp Gillard, Madame Elizabeth
Boykin, Mrs. Elizabeth D Gillon, Capt. A.
Boyle, Charles Daisey Swamp, SC Gilmore, Dr. L. B.
Braddeley, John Dalcho, Rev. Fredrick Gilson, Dr. Thomas L.
Braddley, John Dangerfield, G. W. Gilson, Thomas L.
Bradwell, Sr. Dangerfield, J. H. Girard, Peter
Bradwell, Isaac Dangerfield, Mrs. G. W. Gish, Dorothy
Bradwell, Isaac Jr. Dangerfield, Mrs. J. H. Glaves, C. W.
Brailsford, Edward D. Dangerfield, Walter Glaze's Plantation
Breaker's Tavern Daniel, Maj. Robert Glen, Gov.
Brick, manufactured Daniel, Robert Glen, James
Brick Hope Plantation Daning, Joseph S. Glen, John
Brickman, Mrs. D'Arssens, Jean Glen's Plantation
Brisbane, John Stanyarne Dasseu, Pierre Glover, Ann
Broad Path (see New Broad Path) Davies, John Glover, Charles
Bromley, Thomas Davis, Capt. David Glover, Joseph
Broom Hall Plantation Davis, David Glover, Sarah
Broomfield Plantation Davis, Doreen Goble, John
Broomville Plantation Davis, Family Godfrey, Benjamin
Broughton, Alexander Davis, John Godin, Benjamin
Broughton, Andrew Davis, John N. Godin, David
Broughton, Anne Davis, Mr. Godin, Isaac
Broughton, Family Davis, Mrs. Anne Goffe, Roger
Broughton, Lt. Gov Davis, Mrs. John Gonda, Nora
Broughton, Nathaniel Davis, William Allen Goodbee, James
Broughton, Thomas (de Arssens), John Goodby, John
Broun family De La Plaine, Abraham Goodby, Jonathon Sr.
Broun, Dr. A. De La Plaine, Marianne Goose Creek American Legion Post
Broun, Dr. Robert De La Plaine's Plantation Goose Creek Baptist Church
Brower, Pieter de Lancey, Ann Goose Creek Bridge
Brown, Dr. A. Dealton, James Goose Creek Church, The A Norbid Tale
Brown, Mrs. Alma Dean, Capt Goose Creek City Concil
Brown, Archibald Dean, Daniel Goose Creek Civic Club
Brown, C.P. Deas, Capt. David Goose Creek Council of Safety
Brown family Deas, David Goose Creek Friendly Soc.
Brown, J. B. Deas, Mrs. Carolina Goose Creek Neck
Brown, J. B. Jr. Deer Park, SC Goose Creek Parks & Playground Commission
Brown, James DeFrance, Isaac Goose Creek Party
Brown, John DeHay, Andrew Goose Creek Plantation (see Yeamans Hall)
Brown, Keith Delancey family Goose Creek Police Dept.
Brown, Marguerite Democratic Party Goose Creek Reservoir
Brown, Mrs. Dendron, Mary Magdolen Goose Creek Road
Borwn, Richard M. Dennis, Benjamin Goose Creek Tavern
Brown, Robert Dennis, Sen Rembert C. Goose Creek, City of, Chartered
Brown, Dr. Robert Desel, Charles L. Goose Creek, SC
Brown, W. J. de Vignou, Sabina Goslington Plantation
Browning, H. T. Dickson, John Gouden, George
Browning, L. S. Dillwyn, William Gough, John
Browning, T. S. Dingle, Alexander Gough, Richard
Brownlee, John Dissenters Gourdin, George
Bruck, John Jacob Dobbins, Joseph Gourdine, Pauline
Bruneau, Henry Dorchester County, SC Gowder, Eloise
Bryant, C. J. Dorchester County, SC Established Gowder, George
Bryant, C. J. Sr. Dorchester Road Graham, Capt. James
Bryant, Joseph Dorchester, SC Grandg, Capt. Jehu
Bubose, Peter Douglas, Alexander Grange, Col.
Bull, Lt. Gov Douglas, Jones Grange, Hugh
Bull, Stephen Downing, John Grant, Calin McKay
Bull, William Drayton, Dr. Charles Gravely, Cowlan
Bull, Gov. William Drayton, Thomas Gray, Peter
Bulline, John Drayton, William Great Britain, arms of
Bullins, ______ Droze Cemetery Greene, Gen. Nathaniel
Bunch, H. W. Dry, Capt. William Greenview Acres Subdivision
Bunch, Hilton Dubose, Theodore Samuel Griffin, E. M.
Bunch, Waring Duffy, J. Lawrence Grimball, Paul
Bunch, Mrs. Waring Dugue, J. Grooms Family
Burbridge, John Dunlopp, William Groomsville Rd.
Burke, Edmund Dupont, Abraham Groomsville School
Bushy Park Ind. Park Dupont, G. Groomsville, SC
Bushy Park Dupont, Gideon Grove Hall
Butler, Gen. M. C. Dupont, Gideon Jr. Grove Hall School
Byrd Family Dupre, Cornelius Groves, Charles
C Durand, Rev. Guerard, Gov. Benjamin
Caciques, Established Dutarque, Mr. Guerin, Francis
Caciques, Titles sold E Guerin, Peter
Caffrey, Ed Eadie, Sidney A. Guerry, Rev. Cannon Edward B.
Cain, Jetter   Guy, Rev. William
Caldwell, Charles    

Source: Historic Goose Creek, South Carolina, 1670-1980 by: Michael J. Heitzler. Copyright © 1983. Reproduced on this web site with permission from the author.

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