Goose Creek City Officials 1961-1978, South Carolina Tri-County Genealogy Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.

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Goose Creek City Officials, 1961-1978

April 6, 1961-April 5, 1962
April 5, 1962-May 21, 1964
Mayor H.W. Bunch
Edgar Binnar, Council
E. W. Etling, Council
E.Q. Neis, Jr., Council
Roger Anderson, Council
Clancy Walker, Clerk Treasurer
L.C. Turner, City Recorder
J.B. Brown, Town Marshall
Mayor H. W. Bunch
E. W. Etling, Council
E. M. Griffin, Council
E. B. Binnar, Council
Gray Elsey, (Resigned Feburary 12, 1963) Council
Smith E. Hinnant (Sworn July 9, 1963 for unexpired term) Council
Marion W. Hatchell, Clerk Treasurer
Weyman Turner, Police Chief
May 21, 1964- May 17, 1966
May 17, 1966-May 14, 1968
Mayor Smith E. Hinnant
Oliver Sona, Council
Charles E. Caldwell, Council
Oliver Yon, Council
Kelley Curtis (Resigned because of health reasons) Council
Hattie V. Turner (Elected to replace Kelley Curtis) Council
Hattie May Barrs, Clerk Treasurer
Sheldon E. Hopson, Chief of Police
Jetter Cain, Recorder
Mayor Smith E. Hinnant
Oliver Yon, Council
Oliver Sona, Council
Charles Caldwell, Council
W. R. Wren, Council
Nora Gonda, Clerk Treasurer
Faye McKinley, Clerk Treasurer (March 25, 1968 to June 10, 1968
May 14, 1968-May 20, 1970
May 28, 1970-May 25, 1972
Mayro Melvin Mann
Carl V. Barrs, Council
Charles Cadwell, Council
Adam R. Hernandez (Resigned Feb. 20, 1969) Council
Earl H. Bounds, Council
Michael H. Bowick (Appears July 8, 1969) Council
Vivian A. Woods, Clerk Treasurer
Mayor Malvin Mann
Carl V. Barrs, Sr., Council
E.G. Wright, Council
Michael H. Bowick, Council
Earl H. Bounds, Council
Charles C. Caldwell, Council
Orris F. Caldwell, Council
May 25, 1972-May 22, 1974
May 22, 1974-Jun 15, 1976
Mayor Malvin Mann
Carl V. Barrs, Sr., Council
Michael Bowick, Council
Louis Hatchell, Council
William Infinger, Council
Thomas Poor, Council
Earl Bounds, Council
Mayor James M. Richards
Thomas G. Poor Sr., Council
Orris E. Caldwell, Council
Uldis Jaunzemiz (Resigned Aug 31, 1974) Council
Sidney A. Eadie, Council
Otis Crawford, (Resigned Sept. 9, 1975) Council
Shirley Johnson (Sworn Oct. 31, 1974 for unexpired term) Council
Marguerite Brown, (Sworn Dec 9, 1975 for unexpired term) Council
Phil Hurt, Police Chief; Solon Lewis, Police Chief
Steven Best, Recorder
Janice Hulbert, City Administrator
Jun 15, 1976-May 15, 1978
May 15, 1978 to ?
Mayor Malvin Mann
Shirley Johnson, Council
Marguerite Brown, Council
Michael J. Heitzler, Council
Nancy Lawson, Council
John Barnette, Council
William S. Gibson, Council
Lois Hodges, Clerk Treasurer
Carl Barrs, Sr., Recorder
Solon Lewis, Police Chief
Mayor Michael Heitzler
Shirley Johnson, Council
Marguerite Brown, Council
Joseph S. Daning, Council
E. Calvin Woods, Council
William E. Gibson, Council
Philip E. Hurt (May 1978-Sept. 1979) Council
John G. Barnette (January 22, 1980 to May 1980) Council
Doreen Davis (May 1980) Council
Lagette Shiver (May 1980) Council
Gail McNaughton, Clerk Treasurer
Dennis Harmon, City Administrator
Solon Lewis, Police Chief, Richard Ruonala, Police Chief
Those Who Still Hold Office in 2003 (That I know of)
Mayor Michael Heitzler
Dennis Harmon, City Administrator
Shirley Johnson

Source: Historic Goose Creek, South Carolina, 1670-1980 by: Michael J. Heitzler. Copyright © 1983. Reproduced on this web site with permission from the author.

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