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A printed history of the Stidham* family is contained in three volumes:

• The Descendants of Dr. Timothy Stidham, Volume 1 (Revised Edition), 2007, by Jack Stidham (Hardbound, 618 pages with complete-name index). Volume 1 covers the history of the first doctor of Delaware, Dr. Timothy Stidham (Timen Stiddem). Dr. Stiddem was the barber-surgeon aboard the Kalmar Nyckel, the first Swedish ship to arrive in the Americas in 1638. He made several voyages back and forth between Sweden and "New Sweden", finally settling permanently in 1654 in present-day Wilmington, Delaware.

Stidham BooksWe can trace nearly every Stidham* in America today to one of his five sons. Volume 1 also includes the first eight generations of Timen's descendants in America, plus one generation of his parent's family back in Sweden, making that nine generations in all.

The revised edition incorporates much of the updated material we have received since the first edition was published in 2001. Changes have been made to many families in each chapter (generation). Vital statistics have been updated, and members of families have been added. A number of heads of family and their children, heretofore unknown, have been added to the text. Also, several families listed as unplaced in Appendix B of the first edition have been identified as descendants of Timen Stiddem and have been added to the main body of the text. The revised edition contains approximately 150 additional photographs. ($60 includes S&H)

The Descendants of Dr. Timothy Stidham, Volume 2, 2005, by Jack Stidham, David R. Stidham and Ules "Butch" Stidam, Jr.. (Hardbound, 579 pages with complete-name index)

Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off, and includes the ninth generation of Stidhams* in America. By the ninth generation, Stidhams* and their allied families had spread over most of the United States, from Florida to Alaska and in nearly every state or territory in between. Volume 2 is rich with photographs, containing 323 pages of individual and family photographs. ($50 includes S&H)

The Descendants of Dr. Timothy Stidham, Volume 3, 2013, by David R. Stidham and Ules "Butch" Stidam, Jr. (Hardbound, 599 pages with complete-name index)

Volume 3 includes information on the 10th generation of Stidhams* in America. It picks up where Volumes 1 and 2 left off (with the 1st thru 9th generations), and does not add to, nor update any information on the families listed in the first two volumes. Volume 3 includes only information on the families of the 10th generation. The families listed in Volume 3 are headed up (mostly) by males carrying on the Stidham* surname. Only the children and grandchildren (if known) of Stidham* daughters are included in the volumes.
Volume 3 is divided into thirty-one chapters, each devoted to descendants of each of the major Stidham* clans. For example, there are chapters for the Stidhams of Perry Co., Kentucky; the Steadhams of southern Georgia; and the Creek Stidhams of Oklahoma. Other chapters document the descendants of the Quaker Steddoms; the Stidham/Steadmans of South Carolina; and remnants of the original families still living in Delaware. Volume 3 has hundreds of photographs. ($60 includes S&H)

jack stidhamAll three volumes are hardbound in blue leatherette and embossed in gold with Dr. Stiddem’s Wilmington house on the front cover.

Five dollars of each book sold will be donated to the Timen Stiddem Society.

To obtain copies of any or all three volumes, click on the PayPal button(s) above for online ordering and payment, or if you prefer, send a check made out to the Timen Stiddem Society, and mailed to:

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Photo at right: Jack Stidham with Volume 1 of The Descendants of Dr. Timothy Stidham.

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