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Schwartz Family Record

Families Included
Schwartz This Schwartz family is believed to have originated somewhere in Germany. The exact place is unknown. We believe that in 1851 Steven/Stephen and Mary Schwartz were living in Chicago, Illinois where their son, John Schwartz, was born. We do not know if John Schwartz had any siblings. No record of Steven and Mary has been found in Chicago.

One hypothesis is that Stephen was one of the Illlinois volunteers in the Civil War. A military record was found for a Severin Schwartz/Swartz from Bloomington in the 82nd Illinois Infantry, Co. E. The connection has not been proven conclusively yet.

John Schwartz (sometimes called Severin John Schwartz) shows up in Adams County, Wisconsin where he was married in 1874 to Barbara Styer. There were no other Schwartz families listed in Adams County at the time. They then migrated to Weston Twp, Dunn Co., Wis. where they joined other Styer families.

Styer/Steuer This Styer family originates with Luy and Sussanne (Klein) Steuerens/Steyrens in Eischen, District of Hobscheid, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This line is well-documented by Betty and Leo Styer in "Styer, Gahen & Poehnelt Families of Wisconsin, History and Lineage 1785-1935." (Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1981)

The emigrant was Peter Styer who left Holland with his six children and second wife, Marie Flammont, in 1856, arriving in New York in January 1857. They migrated first to Milwaukee, then to Adams Co., Wis, to Dunn Co., Wis. and finally to Huron, Beadle Co., ND.

Most of this family settled in Wisconsin where many descendants can be found today.


The Bridgeman ancestry begins in Limerick, Ireland with James and Alice Naughton Bridgeman who were married in the parish of Shanagolden 9 February 1839. Parish records show they had four children baptized in the parish.

In 1851, their son Patrick Bridgeman, age 12, was sent to America where he lived with the family of a Methodist minister in Shellbourne, New York for about 6 years. Patrick, together with his mother and sister and brother, moved to Sauk County, Wisconsin about 1858.

While Patrick Bridgeman settled in Wisconsin, his brother John migrated to Iowa where he raised his family and many of his descendants still reside.


Michael Miliken (various spellings), his wife Honora Grogan, and their two daughters Mary and Bridget, left County Claire, Ireland in search of a better life in in April 1847. Michael never saw the new land as he died while at sea outside Quebec, Canada.

Honora and her daughters continued to Dunkirk, New York where she married widower James Curtin in 1849.

Mary Miliken married Patrick Bridgeman and settled in Spring Green, Sauk Co., Wisconsin. Her sister Bridget married widower Worthy Perry and settled in Bay City, Michigan.

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