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HARPER, Nicholas Harper, of Fairfax Co., VA., had Thomas, Walter, Nicholas, Jr., Smith, Sally, Nancy, Rachel and Mary. Nicholas Jr., married LUCY JAMESON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1824. He had Thomas J., Sarah, Louisa, Elizabeth H., Judith A., and Catharine. Rachel Harper married STEPHEN DONAHUE, and Sally married WILLIAM GRAHAM.

HUTTS, Michael Hutts, of Franklin Co., VA., married SUSAN OWENS, and they had Owens, Nancy, William, Sally, Leonard, Robert, Mahala, Bluford and Sarah. Bluford was the only one who came to MO. He married REBECCA W. HIPPINSTALL, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1835. They had several children, and Mrs. Hutts died Oct. 2, 1867.

HUGHES, Reece Hughes, of Franklin Co., VA., married POLLY LYON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. They had John, William, Elias, Robert, Armistead, Catharine, Polly, Lucy, Elizabeth, Sally and two that died young.

HOBSON, Dr. Samuel Hobson, of KY., married a daughter of JUDGE JOHN CLARK, and came to MO. at an early date. He settled first in Montgomery Co., on Camp Branch, where he lost several of his negro slaves by fever. He then removed and settled on Nine Mile Prairie, in Callaway Co., where he remained some time, and then removed to Fulton. He had two children, Winthrop and Joseph. The latter died in his youth, and the former is a distinguished minister of the Christian church. Winthrop was very wild when he was a boy, and was called one of the worst boys in Callaway Co. He was bound to have his fun, no matter who suffered by it. Among his victims was an old colored man named TOM NICHOLS, whose life became a burden from the constant badgering of the young scapegrace. When Winthrop was nearly grown, he was sent off to school, and remained away several years, during which time he grew to be a large, portly man. When he came back to Fulton he met Tom on the street, who failed to recognize him. "Why, Uncle Tom", said he, "don't you know me?" "No, Sah," said Tom. "neber seed you afore, as I knows of". Winthrop looked at him, smilingly for a moment, and then said, "Well, Uncle Tom, who was the worst boy you ever saw?" This was sufficient. Tom immediately recognized his old tormentor, and exclaimed, "Why, Massa Winthrop, is dis you! Bless God! I neber would 'o known you in dis world! But what made you so fat, Massa Winthrop? Has you been drinking whisky? I bet you has, 'fore God." This was a pretty rough sally for a divinity student, but Hobson took it in good part, laughed at the honest earnestness of his old friend, and then told him of the change that had taken place, which greatly astonished Uncle Tom.

HARRISON, Micajah Harrison, of KY., married MARY PAYNE, and they had Albert G., Micajah V., James O., Jilson P., and Mary. Albert G. married VIRGINIA L. BLEDSOE, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1832. He had 4 sons and 2 daughters. Mr. Harrison was a prominent lawyer and was elected representative in Congress from his district three times, viz.: 1834, 1836 and 1838. He died in 1839. Micajah V. Harrison married DULCINEA M. BLEDSOE, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1833. He was Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives of MO. during 6 sessions of the legislature, an was Sergeant-at-arms during several other sessions. He died in June, 1855, and a neat monument was erected by the state, over his grave in the cemetery at Auxvasse Church. Jilson P. Harrison settled first in Mississippi and removed from there to New Orleans, where he died. James O. was a lawyer, and lived in Lexington, Ky. after the death of HENRY CLAY, he administered upon the estate of that eminent man. Mary Harrison was married first to CAPTAIN SIMPSON, of KY., and after his death, she married DR. JOHN HANNOR, of Fulton, Mo., who subsequently removed to KY.

HENDERSON, Alexander Henderson, of Augusta Co., VA., had 16 children and raised 10 of them. The names of those who lived were John, Samuel, Joseph, Robert, David, Alexander, Jr., William, George, James and Daniel. The latter married MARTHA STEELE, of VA., and settled on Auxvasse creek, in Callaway Co. in 1825. They had 4 children, all of whom were born in VA., and came to MO. with their parents. Their names were Alexander, James S., John S., and Jane. Alexander married DICEY FINLEY. Judge James S. married EMILY BOONE, daughter of JUDGE JESSE BOONE (my note: I believe this Jesse Boone is the son of Daniel M. Boone). John S. was married twice; first to MARY SNELL, and second to ELIZABETH PRATT. Jane married COLONEL ISAAC TATE. Joseph Henderson, brother of Daniel, married SUSAN RALLEF, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1835. John married POLLY BURTON, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1835 William married a widow lady named IRVINE, and settled in Audrain Co. George and James also settled in MO. the former in Clay Co., and the latter in St. Louis. David married ELLEN ANDERSON, and they had Alexander, David, Jr., Joseph, John, William, Margaret, Rachel, Elizabeth and Elsa. Alexander, son of David Henderson, Sr., was married first to MARGARET HART, and second to ELIZABETH MORRISON. He had 10 children by his two wives. Mr. Henderson settled in Callaway Co. at an early date, and taught singing school for a number of years. It is said that he and GEORGE W. BURT, sang love sons so sweetly that the pupils all fell in love with them. David J. son of Alexander Henderson, Jr., married MARY R. BLACKENBURG, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1828. They had 9 sons and 2 daughters.

HOCKADAY, Isaac and AMELIA Hockaday, of Clark Co., KY., had the following children, Irvine O., Philip B., Edmund, Isaac N., Jane, and two other daughters, one of whom married THOMAS MOORE, and the other JOHN H. FIELD. All except Jane, settled in Callaway Co. at an early date. Judge Irvine O. Hockaday received a good English education, and at an early age, manifested good business qualifications. When quite young he was appointed to the important position of cashier of the Clark Co., KY., Bank, and discharged his duties to the entire satisfaction of his employers. He was married in 1829 to EMILY MILLS, daughter of DR. JOHN AND LUCY MILLS, of Winchester, KY., and in 1821 he resigned his position as cashier of the bank and came to MO. He settled in Callaway Co., and was appointed the first circuit and county clerk, also Treasurer, which offices he continued to fill for 18 years, to the entire satisfaction of the people of the county. He was also Probate Judge of Callaway Co. one term, and President of the Weston Bank, in Fulton, for some time. Judge Hockaday was a man of superior talents, and associated intimately with such distinguished men as EDWARD BATES, THOMAS H. BENTON, BEVERLY TUCKER AND HAMILTON R. GAMBLE. He was an influential member of the Presbyterian church for a number of years, and enjoyed the respect and confidence of his brethren and fellow citizens in the highest degree. He died in 1864, leaving a widow, who still survives, and a large family of children. One of his daughters married JAMES L. STEPHENS, a wealthy and influential citizen of Columbia, Mo. Another married J. H. VANMETER, of Lexington, KY., and died since the decease of her father. The names of his other children are Isaac, who lives in Columbia, Mo., MRS. R. B. PRICE, Irvine O., Jr., also of Columbia, Mo. MRS. J. M. MCGIRK, of Lexington, Mo., MRS. DR. A. WILKERSON, of Fulton, Miss Lizzie, of the same place, and Hon. J. A. Hockaday, the present able Attorney-General of MO. Philip B., brother of Judge Irvine O. Hockaday, was an eminent attorney. He married MARIA HANSON, a daughter of JUDGE HANSON, of Winchester, KY., and came to MO. in 1821. He settled first in Boone Co., but afterward removed to Montgomery, where he died. The names of his children were, S.H., Amelia S., Martha J., Isaac, Philip B., Jr., Serena, and R. W. Isaac N. Hockaday also settled in Callaway Co. at an early date, and resided there many years, but he now lives in Pleasant Hill, MO. He married CATHARINE SHORTRIDGE, of Callaway Co., by whom he had 3 children. Mr. Hockaday is an excellent and most highly esteemed citizen. Judge George, E. O., John and James Hockaday, cousins of the above family, settled in MO. in 1838. Judge George Hockaday married LAURA HART, of Jefferson City, Mo., and raised a large family. He was a member of the county court of Callaway Co. for 6 years, and also represented the co. in the legislature one term. He was a good business man and a highly esteemed citizen. John Hockaday was a merchant in Fulton for many years. He married CAROLINE SCOTT, of Loutre Island, and they had 3 children. He stood high in the community as a man and citizen, and was respected by all who knew him. James Hockaday was a successful farmer, and prominent citizen. He married a MISS DILLARD, and they had 2 children.

HOUF, Peter Houf, of Germany, came to America before the revolution. He had a son named Peter, who was born in Pennsylvania, and who served as a soldier in the war of 1812. He settled in Augusta Co., VA., where he married MARY E. SUMMERS, by whom he had Susanna, Elizabeth, Henry, David S., Jacob, John, Polly, James, William, Martha J., Margaret, Amanda, and Louisa. Mr. Houf came to MO. and settled in Callaway Co. in 1823, and died in 1851. His widow died in 1870. All the children, except John, who died in childhood, in VA., settled in MO.

HARRISON. The Harrison family, of which there are several members in Callaway Co., is one of the most distinguished in America. It sprang from some of the best blood of England, and has given to that country and America, several of their most celebrated characters. John, Benjanin and Thomas Harrison were sons of a family of English nobility, and were born in the town of Feuby, Yorkshire. John was born in 1693, and became a great inventor. Among his inventions were a chronometer and gridiron. He also invented the pendulum for clocks, for which the British crown paid him £20,000. He died in red Lion Square, London, in 1776. Benjamin Harrison was born in 1694. He had 2 sons, Benjamin and Robert. The former was the father of Hon. Benjamin Harrison, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and who was the father of General William Henry Harrison, President of the United States. Robert Harrison was the father of Hon. Robert Harrison, the great jurist. Thomas, the younger brother of John and Benjamin Harrison, was born in 1695. He married HANNAH MORRISON, of England, by whom he had 6 sons... John, Benjamin, Thomas, Jr., Samuel, Daniel, and James, all of whom came to America after the death of their parents, and settled in the state of Maryland. When the rev. war began, they all enlisted in the American army, and John and Thomas were soon promoted, the former to the rank of Captain, and the latter to that of Colonel. The other four brothers were killed, and each left families, but of these we have no account. Captain John Harrison married a MISS MALONE, of Maryland, and settled in Botetourt Co., VA., He had 6 sons, Thomas, Samuel, John, Benjamin, Daniel and James. Colonel Thomas Harrison never married. He was a shrewd businessman, and made a great deal of money while in the army, most of which he invested in lands in the Valley of Virginia, and at his death, he left his property to his nephew, Thomas, son of Captain John Harrison. This nephew married MARGARET BILLOPS, of VA., and removed with his parents to S.C. but returned to VA., after their deaths, and settled in Montgomery Co. He had 10 children by his first wife, of whom he raised 8, viz.: Edward, John, Thomas, Samuel, James, Elizabeth, Sarah and Polly. His second wife was NANCY CRAWLEY, of VA., by whom he ha Nancy, Margaret and William D. He was married the 3rd time to JANE CHILDRESS, of VA., by whom he had Cynthia, Andrew L., Eliza J., and Benjamin R. In the fall of 1819 he removed with his family to MO., and settled on the Booneslick road in Callaway Co., where he died July 3, 1840 in his 75th year. His eldest son, Edward, died in VA. His second son, John, was born in Boutetourt Co., VA., Oct. 7, 1791. He volunteered in the war of 1812, and was promoted to the rank of major. He was married in 1816 to MARY CROCKETT, of VA., and in 1817 he came to MO with his family, consisting of his wife and one child, Thomas. He settled first in Saline Co. but removed to Boone in 1819. In 1827 he settled on Harrison's Branch in Callaway Co. where he died Feb. 19, 1874. His wife died Aug. 1, 1873. Major Harrison had 7 children, Thomas, Crockett, Benjamin F., Samuel, James M., Rebecca and Virginia. Thomas and Crockett were blown up on a steamboat at New Orleans in 1849, and the former was seriously injured. Thomas, brother of Major John Harrison, married SARAH POTTS, of VA., by whom he had William, John T., Samuel P., Mary, Nancy, Margaret and Lucy. He settled on harrison's Branch, in Callaway Co. in 1819. In 1832 he went to St. Louis on business and on his return, died of cholera, at St. Charles, on the 8th of June, in the 42nd year of his age. His widow is still living. In early days, Mr. Harrison belonged to the Regulators of Callaway Co., and when the Indians, who sometimes passed through the county on their way to Washington City, would steal anything, or commit other depredations, the Regulators would catch them and whip them. One day an old Indian set the woods on fire, and Mr. Harrison caught him and whipped him, and then took his gun lock off and kept it, so that he could not shoot anyone for revenge. Judge James Harrison came to MO. with his brother, Major John Harrison, in 1817, and settled with him in Saline Co. In 1819 he removed to Boone Co., where in 1821, he married REBECCA CROCKETT. In 1830 he settled in Audrain Co., and the following year he wa appointed presiding judge of the county court, by GOV. BOGGS, but resigned the office soon after. He was justice of the peace for a number of years, and was elected to the legislature three times. He died in 1875, three days before his 80th birthday. He had 12 children, Thomas J., Samuel C., John, James, William, Margaret R., Jane, Mary A., Nancy, Sarah, Virginia and Lucy. Samuel, brother of Major John Harrison, left BA. for the west in 1819, and was never heard of again. He was doubtless robbed and murdered, as the route between the east an west was infested with robbers at various places, at that time. Elizabeth and Sarah Harrison married and lived in VA. Polly married and settled in Wisconsin. Margaret married CHARLES MCINTIRE, of Audrain Co. Nancy married her cousin, ABNER HARRISON, of Audrain Co. William D. Harrison was married first to MARY E. BOURN, and after her death, he married her sister, EFFIE BOURN. He lives in audrain Co. cynthia married ALFRED KIBBE, of Texas. Elija married JEPTHA YATES, of Callaway Co., and died Sept. 21, 1873. Andrew L. and Benjamin R. are bachelors, and live in Callaway Co. James Harrison, son of Captain John Harrison, of the Rev. war, married LOUISA DUNCAN, of S. C., and settled in Washington Co., MO. in 1819. John and Daniel, his brothers, married and settled in Alabama, and Samuel and Benjamin married and settled in Mississippi. HAYS, Boone Hays was the son of William Hays, who was killed by JAMES DAVIS on Femme Osage creek, in 1804. He married LYDIA SCHOLL, his cousin, and settled in Darst's Bottom in 1801. In 1818 he removed to Callaway Co., and built the first horse-mill in his part of the county. His children were Hardin, Jesse, Alfred, Wesley, Terilda, Eleanor, Amazon, Cinderella, Samuel, Mason and Mary B. Mr. Hays was married the 2nd time to a MRS. FRAZIER, of Memphis, Tenn., and in 1849 he went to California, where he died soon after. When Mr. Hays raised his first cabin in Callaway Co. he lacked a few logs of having enough to finish it, and went into the woods to cut some more. One of the trees, in falling, slipped and broke his leg, and the severe pain caused him to faint. As he was reeling and about to fall, JOHN P. MARTIN, who was standing near, caught him in his arms, and he too fainted, and they both fell to the ground together. A man standing near them, but who knew nothing of Hays' leg being broken, called out, "Hello there! Are you two drunk again?" Hays had his broken leg splinted and bound up, and then sat on a stump and gave directions about the completion of his cabin, as if nothing had occurred. He was a man of iron nerve and robust constitution.

HATTON, Thomas Hatton, of England, settled in Bedford Co., VA., prior to the revolutionary war. He married POLLY CAPTON, and they had Thomas, Benjamin, William and Reuben. Benjamin and Reuben were soldiers in the rev. war, and the former was killed by the Indians. Reuben married JOANNA BELLEW, of VA., and settled in S. C. He afterward removed to Madison Co., KY., with his wife and 6 children, on pack horses. The names of his children at that time were Frances, Polly A., William, Robert, Charles and Nancy. After they settled in KY., they had Benjamin, Elizabeth, Fleming, Stewart, Wesley, Thomas, James, Mitchell and John. Thomas married POLLY BUTLER, of KY., and settled in Boone Co., MO in 1819, and the following year he removed to Callaway Co. Polly A. married SAMUEL MILLER, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1819.

HUME, William Hume, of Bath Co., VA., married SARAH BENSON, and removed to Bourbon Co., KY. They had Prub, Jefferson, Gabriel and Joel. Gabriel married RACHEL ASHBROOK, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. He died in Sept. 1838, leaving a widow and 11 children, viz.: Jane, Benson, Thomas, Benjamin, William, Lucinda, Sarah, Ann, Margaret, James and William D. The latter is now a large stock dealer, and a wealthy citizen of Callaway Co. when he was married he had to borrow money to pay the parson; he also borrowed a pair of shoes to wear on that occasion.

HOBSON, Thomas Hobson, of Cumberland Co., VA., had a son named John, who married PERMELIA ROBINSON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1839. He wa married the 2nd time to ELIZABETH JAMES of Callaway Co., and by his two wives, he had 8 sons and 8 daughters. Mr. Hobson was a soldier in the war of 1812.

HAYS, William Hays, of Maryland, had 2 children, George N. and Nellie. His wife died, and he removed to S. C., where he married PHOEBE JACKSON, by whom he had Otho, Owen, Charlotte, John, Harmon, William, Patsey, Lavinia, and Riley. Nellie married ROBERT JONES, and settled in Montgomery Co., MO. in 1827. Harmon came to MO. with LEVI MCMURTRY and his family, when he was a boy, and rode a bull calf most of the way. He settled near Readesville, in Callaway Co. in 1832, and married MINERVA SCHOLL. Since then he has made a fortune and raised a large family of children.

HOLLAND, Major John M. HOlland, of Franklin Co., VA., represented his county in the legislature 12 years. He married a MISS FERGUSON, and they had Peter, John, Andrew, Johnson, Abraham, Ebenezer, Fanny, Mary, Julia and Nancy.

HERRING, George Herring, of VA., married ELIZABETH CLOSBY, and they had Jonathan, George, John and Nathan. The three last named were soldiers in the war of 1812, and they afterward married and settled in Callaway Co. George married LUCY SINCO, John married LUCY CARVER, and Nathan married SUSAN HILL.

HOLMAN, Edward, the son of Henry Holman, of Maryland, married ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, and their son, Henry, was married 1st to ELIZA JONES, of KY., by whom he had 2 sons and 5 daughters. After the death of his first wife, he married NANCY NASH, of MO., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. Rosetta, daughter of Henry Holman, SR., married DAVID DARST, who settled in Darst's Bottom in 1798. Jesse, son of Henry Holman, Sr., was a noted lawyer of Indiana, and a son of his is a representative in Congress from that state.

HOWE, Rev. Joseph Howe, of Pennsylvania, was a Presbyterian minister, but unlike ministers in general, he was wealthy. At his death, he willed $20,000 to pay a church debt, and divided the remainder of his property into nine equal parts, eight of which were for his 8 children, and the 9th was to be given to "the Lord". His children were Isaac, Harvey, John D., James, Cynthia, Maria, Jane and Eliza. Isaac married JANE BOYD, and settled in Callaway co. at an early date. His children were Wallace, Thomas, John, David, Harvey, James, Jane, Margaret and Mary A. Harvey and John D., brothers of Isaac, also settled in Callaway Co. The latter was married first to SALLY PARNELL, and second to MARGARET HENDERSON. James married ANN C. BAKER. Cynthia married DAVID D. DAVIS. Maria married JAMES JAMESON. Jane married JACOB COONS. Eliza was married first to JOSEPH HENDERSON, and 2nd to MR. MCADOFF.

HOPKINS, Charles Hopkins was an Episcopal minister of England, but came to America and settled in goochland Co., VA. He was married twice, and had 19 sons and 2 daughters. One of his sons, named John, married MARY LUCK, of VA., by whom he had George B., William L., Nancy, Adelia, Lucy, Polly, and Sarah. George B. married ANN WITHENS, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co., MO., in 1831. He served as judge of the county court for 20 years. In 1835 he was elected Colonel of militia, and served until 1845. His children were James A., Anna E., Marion L., John A., and Edward W. Mrs. Hopkins died in 1852, and he afterward married MRS. ANN GRAY, who died in 1873.

HORNBUCKLE, William Hornbuckle, of VA., married JANE HARDING, and settled in N.C., from whence he removed to KY., and in 1821 he settled in Callaway Co., MO. His children were Thomas, Richard, Harding, Alfred, Rufus, Nancy, Dubby, Rebecca, Peggy, Susan and Sally, all of whom settled in Callaway Co.

HORDE, Killes Horde, of Culpepper Co., VA., had Alexander, Daniel, Lewis, Edwin, Catharine, and Minnie. Alexander married AGNES JONES, and settled in Callaway co. in 1837. They had Robert J., Richard L., Alexander, Julia A., Mary C., and Sarah J. Robert J. was born deaf and dumb. He married MARTHA JONES, and they had 2 children who are deaf and dumb also. Richard L., married MARY T. HEARD, of VA. Alexander married MARY T. JONES, of MO. Julia A. married JOHN CARBY, of VA. Mary C. married JOHN WALLER, of VA. Sarah J. married ROBERT DAVIS, of MO.

HYTEN, Joseph Hyten, of Maryland, married PRISCILLA CAYWOOD, and their son, Josiah, married REBECCA CAYWOOD, and settled in Montgomery Co., KY., in 1810. Their children were William, Stephen H., and Otho. Stephen H. was in the war of 1812. He married NANCY MCGARY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1830. Their children were Sampson, Landrum, Stephen, Susan, Mary, Malinda, Rebecca, Nancy and Amanda.

HUMPHREYS. The children of John Humphreys of Greenbriar Co., VA., were Rachel, Samuel, James, William, Elizabeth and Polly. Richard married ELIZABETH NEVENS, and settled in Callaway Co., in 1818. Samuel married SUSAN SMART, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1821. The rest of the children settled in that county the same year.

HAMILTON, Archibald Hamilton was a native of the northern part of Ireland, but came to America and settled in Augusta Co., VA. He had 3 sons, William, John and Andrew. William married PATIENCE CRAIG, a daughter of REV. JESSE CRAIG,* and they had Isabella, Jane, Frances, Mary, Joanna, Rebecca, John C., Hugh and Andrew. John C. married SARAH CRAIG of VA., and they had James C., Mary, John, Robert, Eliza J., Isabella, Sarah and Frances. Mr. Hamilton settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1837. Hugh, the son of William Hamilton, Sr., married ELIZABETH CLARK, and settled in Saline Co., MO. His brother, Andrew, married NANCY CRAIG, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1829. They had James, William C., Elizabeth, Rebecca, Hugh, John S., Mary and Margaret. Mr. Hamilton's first wife died, and he was married the 2nd time to ELIZABETH CALLISON. Joanna, daughter of William Hamilton, married SAMUEL WILSON, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1832. Rebecca married BRYDON WILSON, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1832. Frances married ROBERT NEAL, who settled in that co. in 1829. John Hamilton, a distant relative of the above family, settled in Callaway Co. in 1820. His wife was PEGGY C. BASKINS. He was a fast runner, and ran a race one day, with an Indian, for a horn of powder. He won the powder, and then the Indian wanted to run the race over again; but Hamilton could not see the matter in that light. The children of John Hamilton were Anna R., William B., James G., John, Agnes G., Thomas S., George W., and Charles H. Anna R. married ALBERT G. BOONE. Agnes G. married JOHN H. HAMILTON, of Montgomery City. The Hamiltons were a sober, industrious, hospitable class of people and highly esteemed by all their neighbors and acquaintances. *Rev. Jesse Craig was the first Presbyterian minister who settled west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. On the 28th of July, 1747, he assisted in laying the cornerstone of the first Presbyterian Church erected west of those mountains, and on that occasion, delivered the following address: "This is the day set apart, my friends, to lay the cornerstone of the first church west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, over which I pronounce this unpremeditated benediction 'May He who is the Layer of this cornerstone prosper the work and countenance this hope as long as it shall be used for His glory. Amen.'"

HAWKINS, John Hawkins, of Scott Co., KY., married SARAH JOHNSON, and they had John, Philip, William, Margaret, Sally, Fanny and Nancy. William married LYDIA T. FRANCIS, of KY., and settled in Howard Co., MO. in 1816. They had John, William, Mary J., Granville and Henry. William married CATHARINE W. SHELBY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1832. He raised a large family of children.

HOLT, Timothy Holt, of Halifax Co., VA., married ELIZABETH CHAMBERS, and they had Abner, Hiram, Robert, John, William, Lucy E., Elizabeth, Jane, and Ann. Abner married ELIZABETH BROOKS, of VA., and settled in Callaway Co. in 1819. They had Timothy, James, Robert, John, William P., Hiram, Abner, Jr., Elijah, Susan and Elizabeth C. Hiram, son of Timothy Holt, Sr., was married twice, his first wife being JANE STANFIELD, and his second, her sister, NANCY STANFIELD. He settled in Callaway Co. in 1826. His children were Ann, William, Abner, Elizabeth, Jane, Emeline, Mary, Margaret, Lucy, Hiram, Jr., and Ashley. JACKSON, William J. Jackson was born in Chester, England, and was an only child. He came to America in 1788 and settled in Maryland, where he became a large tobacco grower. He married MARY BELT, and they had 2 sons and 2 daughters; but only one of their children, Richard B., lived to be grown. In 1811 he went to KY and settled in Scott Co., where he subsequently filled several offices of honor and responsibility. In 1816 he married CLARISSA GREENWELL, by whom he had William J., Caroline E., Thomas J., Clarissa, Richard B., and Robert W. Mr. Jackson settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1831, and in 1834 he was elected door-keeper of the house of Representatives at Jefferson City, which office he filled in a highly creditable manner for 21 years. He died in 1855, in the 66th year of his age. A handsome monument was subsequently erected to his memory by the state. His son, William J., married SARAH E. WREN. He has been a justice of the peace for many years, and has performed the marriage ceremony for more than a hundred couples. He married an entire family of 13 persons at $1 EACH. He was also a great hunter in early days, and devoted a considerable portion of his time to that exciting pursuit. One day, while out with a party of hunters, they camp upon an old bear, which they found to be a tough customer. He killed or wounded all their dogs, and having shot all their ammunition away at him without bringing him down, they drove him into a neighbor's horse-lot an killed him with their knives. Thomas J. Jackson, brother of William J., married ORIENTHA SHARP. Richard B. and Robert W. were killed during the late war between the North and South. Caroline E. married a MR. BROADWATER, and Clarissa married a MR. FOSTER.

JONES, William Jones was a captain in the American army during the Rev. war, and was killed at the battle of Guilford Court House. He had a son named David, who married ELISABETH MOSLEY, of Buckingham co., VA., and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1838. He was postmaster at Williamsburg for some time. His children were Eliza, Robert M., Permelia, Walker, William A., and Louisa W. Eliza married JAMES S. MOSLEY. William A. married MARY E. VENABLE, and settled in MO. in 1831. Louisa W. married JOHN HOBSON, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1838.

JAMESON, James Jameson, of Virginia, married LUCY HACKNEY, by whom he had John, James, Thomas, David, William, Zachariah, Judith, Margaret and Nancy. Mr. Jameson removed to KY in 1789. His eldest son, John, married JALEE REEDS, of VA., by whom he had James, Samuel, Thomas, John, Isaac N., Sarah, Lucy, Judith, Elizabeth and Amanda.. mr. Jameson settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1824. His son, James, lived and died in KY. Samuel married MALINDA HARRIS, and settled in Callaway co., where they had Tira H., James, Samuel, Sally A., Jalee, Minerva, Susan and Mary. Thomas jameson was married first to MARGARET V. MARTIN, and second to the widow of PHILIP GEORGE, whose maiden name was C. A. SALLEE. Col. John Jameson was born March 6, 1802. He possessed a superior order of mind, was an able speaker and reasoner, and was twice elected to congress from his district. He wielded a large influence in that body, and ably represented his constituents. He died Jan 24. 1857. He married SUSAN HARRIS, and they had John H., Elizabeth, Sallie T., and Malinda R. Isaac N. Jameson married MISS A. P. SMITH, and died 28 days after. Sarah married JOHN LITTON. Lucy married NICHOLAS HARPER, and they had John, Albert, Thomas J., Sarah, Louisa, Elizabeth and Judith. Judith Jameson married CHARLES YESTER, and they had John, Joseph and Sarah. Elizabeth married HENRY WRIGHT, and they had Jameson and Jalee. All of the above settled in Callaway and Audrain counties.

JONES, John Jones, of Mercer Co., KY., married ELIZABETH WREN, and they had Tilman, Nancy, Polly, Robert, Margaret, Elizabeth, Hezekiah and William. Robert was married first to ELLEN HAYS, and second to TILLIE C. SIMPSON. His children were John, Elizabeth, Mary and George. Mr. Jones settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. Hezekiah, his brother, settled in that county the same year. He married ELIZABETH PERKINS, and they had Elvira, Newton, Elizabeth, Milton, Virginia, Nancy, Thomas, Tilley, Lucy and Nathaniel.

KEMP, John Kemp, of England, married a MISS CRAIGHEAD, and settled in Franklin Co., VA. They had Thomas, Robert, William, Jordan, John and Martha. John married FANNIE DUDLEY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1832. They had Dudley, Jordan, William, Milley and Polly. Thomas Kemp married ESTHER MAXEY, of VA., and they had Walter, John, William, Robert, James, Mary, Martha, Susan, Nancy, Lucy, Joanna, Elizabeth and Sarah W. Walter married JERUSHA KEY, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1832. William married DELILA KEMP, his cousin, and settled in Callaway co. in 1834. Robert married MARY HOLLAND, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. James married the widow of ROBERT CRAIGHEAD, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1834. Sarah W. was married first to PETER H. HOLLAND, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1836. After his death, she married JOHN STEEL.

KIDWELL, Zedekiah Kidwell, of Fairfax Co., VA., was born in England. His children were Washington R., Albert, Zedekiah, Charles F., George W., Eglantine, Sarah, Virginia and Mary. Washington R. was married at Willard's Hotel, in Washington City, in 1835, to MARY A. WHEELER, of Maryland, and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1839. They had William L., John S., Z. K., Albert, Rebecca E., Mary W., Josephine, Eglantine, Sallie and Rosa W. Mr. Kidwell died in 1864. He represented Callaway Co. in the legislature one term.

KELLEY, James Kelley of Virginia, was of Irish descent. He married HANNAH GEORGE, and they had John R., Mahala Y., and Williamson. Mr. Kelley was captain of a ship, and was lost in a storm at sea, which also wrecked his vessel. John R. and Mahala Y. Kelley died in childhood. Williamson married ELIZABETH B. BRAGG, daughter of HENRY BRAGG AND DINAH W. TALBOTT, of Norfolk, VA., by whom he had 3 sons and 1 daughter. Mr. Kelley was a merchant in Virginia, and when he came to MO. he brought his goods with him, and opened the first store in Martinsburg, Montgomery Co.

KITCHEN, Thomas Kitchen, of Smith Co., Tennessee, married the widow of JAMES GOODRICH, and settled on Coats' Prairie in Callaway Co. in 1817. He had no children, but adopted a little girl named LIZZIE LINNVILLE, who was 5 years of age at the time. When she was grown, she married her adopted father, is first wife having died. He was 70 years of age at the time. Mr. Kitchen's first wife was a member of the Old Baptist church at Salem, but he ever joined because he could not tell his experience, from the fact that he had none to tell. But he officiated with the members, and was the business man of the institution which led to his being called a "dry land member". When CAPTAIN JOHN BAKER's mill was being built on Loutre creek, Kitchen, who was a carpenter, assisted in the work, and one day he slipped and fell from the top of the mill into the creek, and struck a catfish, which he mashed into jelly, but escaped unhurt himself. After this event, he declared that he was no longer a dry land member, as he had been thoroughly baptized. He also called himself THOMAS JONAH KITCHEN, because he, like Jonah of old, had been saved by a fish.

KEY, George Key served in the Rev. war 4 years. He afterward married SUSANNAH CRAIGHEAD, of Franklin Co., VA., and in 1831, at the age of 78 years, he came to MO., and settled in Callaway Co. His children were George T., Martin, Susan, Jerusha, Adonijah, Arphaxad, and Joanna. Jerusha married WALTER KEMP, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. Joanna married ALBERT AGEE, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1830.

KING, Stephen M. King, of Maryland, settled in KY. at an early date, and married a MISS NELSON, by whom he had a son named Stephen. The latter was married first to a German lady who died; he then married CYNTHIA CHANEY, who also died, and he afterward married a widow lady named BRUNER, who was a daughter of a MR. STROOD, of Clark Co., KY., who was a great Indian fighter. Mr. King had 9 children by his 3 wives and was an early settler of Callaway Co.

KEMPER, Tilman Kemper was a soldier of the Rev. war. He settled first in Culpepper Co., VA., where he married DINAH HITT, by whom he had 15 children. He subsequently removed to Bryan's station, in KY., with 3 of his children, Thomas, Anna and Benjamin. The latter married SALLY ADAMS, and they had a son named Abraham, who studied medicine when he was grown and became a physician. He married SOPHIA WAINSCOTT, of KY., and settled in Callaway Co., in 1830.

KENNON, John Kennon, of Louisa Co., VA., was the son of Joseph Kennon. He married his cousin, MARTHA KENNON, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1831. He lost his wife, and was married again to JULIA SNELL.

KNIGHT, James Knight, of Maryland, married NANCY WILLIAMS, and settled in Fleming Co., KY., where they had John, William, Elijah, Wesley, James, Selatha, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Sally. William married ELIZA HORNBUCKLE and settled in Callaway Co. in 1825. They had James F., Sally, Wesley H., Rebecca A., Amanda, Elizabeth A., William S. and John H.



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