In Loving Memory of:
Ch. Chelsea's Love is Blue
Ch. Chelsea's Kind Hearted Blues

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Pictured above to the right:  Ch. Chelsea's Love is Blue,  "Amanda," born 1988 and died in 1998 at age 10 years. Amanda died of a tumor in her heart. Amanda was a biopsied unaffected carrier of Copper Toxicosis, DNA 2,2.  She was CERF registered. 

Pictured above to the left:  Ch. Chelsea's Kind Hearted Blues, "Gracie," born 6-6-88 and died 9-17-99.  Gracie was also a carrier of the copper toxicosis gene, she died of cancer of the thyroid. She was CERF registered.

Amanda and Gracie were sisters [litter mates] and share the same ancestors and a joined pedigree chart, number CBB-3, accessed from the Pedigrees link.