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1st Level
Home Page index.html - [Links to 2nd Level and back to 1st Level]
                                        [Lists categories by name and icons]              

           2nd Level 
           Champions ChampionsPage.htm - [Links to 3rd Level and back to 2nd Level,
           [Lists champions by registered        and 1st Level]
            names and call names]                              

                     3rd Level 
                            Each Champion's Page -  [Links back to 2nd Level and 1st Level]
                            [Shows photo of each subject and gives short commentary]

                            Ch. Chelsea Blue CG, CSC Chelsea.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Blue Cameo Cameo.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Love is Blue Amanda-Grace.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Kind Hearted Blues     "
                            Ch. Chelsea's Blue Britannia Britt.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Blues in the Night Clancy.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Memphis Blues  Joey.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Carolina Blues Katie.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Stolen Heart Blues Nathan.htm
                            Ch. Rathsrigg Patience Patience.htm
                            Ch. Rahtsrigg Saxon Ruler Saxon.htm
                                * Isotop's Storm Warning Stormy.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's True Blue Tobias Tobias.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Blue Bugatti Tyler.htm
              2nd Level
              Recent Winners WinnersPage.htm [Shows photos of subject and 
                                       gives short commentary on competition and win]
                      3rd Level                                   
                      Earth Dog Tests Joey-Nathan.htm 
                      Champion-in-the-Making-Bitch, Jewelbox Emerald Emerald.htm 
                      Champion-in-the-Making-Dog, Chelsea's Ragtime Blues Rags.htm

            2nd Level
            Puppies PuppiesPage.htm [Shows 1 photo, Lists puppies due and recently born]
                        "Bedlingtons Would Fit Your Lifestyle" by Mr. Chris Lee.  Reprinted with
                          permission of the author, Mr. Chris Lee of Camerata Registered  
             2nd Level
             Grooming Grooming.htm [Lists grooming how-to video]

             2nd Level            
             Around the Kennel Around-kennel.htm [Shows 3 photos of Chelsea Blue Kennel]

             2nd Level            
             Links LinksPage.htm [Lists URLs for helpful Bedlington Web Sites]

              2nd Level            
              Health and Related Issues HealthPage.htm
                              [Commentary by subjects given below]
                              3rd Level             
                              *Copper Toxicosis
                              *Vitamin Supplements
                              *Selecting Dog Food
                              *Eye Disease
                              *Kidney Failure
                              *Other Problems
                              *Grief  Support

                2nd Level            
                Pedigree Charts PedigreesPage.htm
                            [Shows pedigree chart of Champion's ancestors]

                            3rd Level               
                            Ch. Chelsea Blue ChelseaPedigree.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Blue Cameo CameoPedigree.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Love is Blue  AmandaGracePedigrees.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Kind Hearted Blues         "
                            Ch. Chelsea's Blue Britannia BrittPedigree.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Blues in the Night ClancyPedigree.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Memphis Blues JoeyPedigree.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Carolina Blues KatiePedigree.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Stolen Heart Blues NathanPedigree.htm
                            Ch. Rathsrigg Patience PatiencePedigree.htm
                            Ch. Rathsrigg Saxon Ruler SaxonPedigree.htm
                                 *Isotop's Storm Warning* StormyPedigree.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's True Blue Tobias TobiasPedigree.htm
                            Ch. Chelsea's Blue Bugatti TylerPedigree.htm

                 * Champion Want-to-Be