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To Access a Pedigree, Click on the Name in the Pedigree Chart column.

Pedigree Chart 

Name of Bedlington

Chelsea_Pedigree Ch. Chelsea Blue, "Chelsea"
Rootie_Pedigree Ch. Chelsea's Rootbeer Float, "Rootie"
Mr.Chips_Pedigree Ch. Jewelbox Diamond Chip, "Mr. Chips"
Trinket_Pedigree Ch. Jewelbox Silver Trinket, "Trinket"
Clancy_Pedigree Ch. Chelsea's Blue in the Night, "Clancy"
Joey_Pedigree Ch. Chelsea's Memphis Blues, "Joey"
Emerald_Pedigree Ch. Jewelbox Emerald, "Emerald"
Lucy_Pedigree Chelsea's Queen of Comedy, "Lucy"
Chloe_Pedigree Ch. Chelsea's Rhapsody in Blue, "Chloe"
Saxon_Pedigree Ch. Rathsrigg Saxon Ruler, "Saxon"
Stormy_Pedigree Isotop's Storm Warning, "Stormy"
Indy_Pedigree Kismck, Star of India, "Indy"
Tyler_Pedigree Ch. Chelsea's Blue Bugatti, "Tyler"