Edward Pediford Stone at Old Mulkey Cemetery, Monroe Co., KY

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Edward Pediford (Pedigo)

Edward Pediford Memorial Stone
Edward Pediford (Pedigo) Memorial Stone
Old Mulkey Cemetery in Old Mulkey State Park, Monroe Co., Kentucky
"Old Mulkey Meetinghouse Historic Site: Graveyard Map" -- Grave 28
NOTE:  The Revolutionary War ancestor, Edward Pediford (Pedigo), is believed to be buried near Randolph, Metcalfe Co., KY, in a small family cemetery, under a tree with his grave marked only by a river stone. However the stone in this photo was erected for him at Old Mulkey and is believed to be one of many that were a part of a WPA project.

Old Mulkey Meeting House
Old Mulkey Meeting House at the State Park
Near Tompkinsville, Monroe Co., Kentucky
Link to more information on Old Mulkey Meetinghouse and State Park:
Kentucky State Parks: Old Mulkey Meetinghouse State Historic Site

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