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     Formerly called "Søndre Bergenhus Amt", Hordaland is located on the west coast of Norway. The county covers an area of 6,030 square miles (15,600 square kilometers), and is made up of five regions: Hardanger, which stretches from the coast up into the mountain area called Hardangervidda; Voss, which is an inland farming region; and the three coastal regions: Sunnhordland, Midthordland and Nordhordland. Most of the population of Hordaland live in towns along or near the fjords and coastline.
     Hordaland fylke is split from southwest to northeast by the Hardangerfjorden, the second largest fjord in Norway. This great tourist attraction extends 114 miles (183 kilometers) from the Atlantic ocean into Hordaland county. An eastern branch of the Hardangerfjord, the Eidfjord, extends 15 miles (24 kilometers) to the quaint village of Vik near the Vøringfoss, a waterfall 535 feet (163 meters) high. A southern branch of the Hardangerfjord, the Sørfjord, divides the mountain plateu called the Hardangervidda. At the head of Sørfjord are the village of Odda and the famous Skjeggedalsfoss, a waterfall 525 feet (160 meters) high. The Hardangervidda, a mountain plateau, rises to 6,153 feet (1,875 meters) in the Hardangerjøkel mountain.
     Fishing, farming, and manufacturing (including chemicals and metal goods) are the chief occupations, but tourism is also an important source of income in this county. The city of Bergen is the capital of Hordaland. It is Norway’s second largest city and a major shipping center.


1. Genealogy organizations

DIS-Hordaland (in Norwegian only).

DIS-Kvinnherad (in Norwegian only).

DIS-Haugaland. (in Norwegian only). This organization covers the regions of Nord-Rogaland and Sunnhordaland. The kommune (communities) that are included in these regions are: Haugesund, Karmøy, Tysvær, Vindafjord, Ølen, Etne, Sveio, Suldal, Sauda, Bokn, Utsira, Bømlo, Stord, Fitjar, Odda, Ullensvang, Eidfjord

The Hardanger Lag, The Nordhordland and Sunnhordland Lag, and The Vosselag are organizations for Norwegian-Americans whose ancestors came from these areas in Hordaland. You can also find information about the Vestlandslag Stevne on this web site.

Hardanger Historielag - a local history & genealogy organization from Hardanger. (In Norwegian only).
Other local history & genealogy organizations from this fylke include:

  1. Samnanger historielag (In Norwegian only).
  2. Kvam Sogelag (In Norwegian only).
  3. Åsane Historielag (In Norwegian only).


2. Hordaland resources


3. Hordaland 'kommuner'

    There are 33 kommuner (municipalities) in Hordaland fylke (county). (Ølen kommune was part of Hordaland until 01 January 2002 when it was transferred to Rogaland fylke):
Askøy Eidfjord Fusa Lindås Os Sund Vaksdal
Austevoll Etne Granvin Masfjorden Osterøy Sveio Voss
Austrheim Fedje Jondal Meland Radøy Tysnes Øygarden
Bergen Fitjar Kvam Modalen Samnanger Ullensvang
Bømlo Fjell Kvinnherad Odda Stord Ulvik


4. Hordaland maps

Small interactive map of Norway - shows where Hordaland is located. Click on Hordaland and you can see a small map of Hordaland showing the 'kommune' (municipalities) of this 'fylke'.

Large map of Hordaland from the NORWAY LIST Web Site. Kommune names are underlined.


5. Hordaland genealogy query pages

Hordaland queries from GenConnect's "Norway Visitor Center"

Slektsbiblioteket Queries is a new and very promising Norway query page.

Slektsforskerbasen from DIS-Norge (in English) mailing list archives is another often overlooked resource. You can search the archive to find out if others are researching the same families or places in Norway, and then contact them.

6. Hordaland museums

The Edward Grieg Museum is located in Bergen and celebrates the life of this famous Norwegian composer.

The Hardanger folkemuseum at Utne is a museum for the whole of the Hardanger district. Since it's founding in 1911 the museum has collected old houses, furniture, clothes and tools plus a wide variety of other objects of cultural-historical importance from the country districts around the Hardangerfjord.

Bergen Artmuseum is located at Little Lungegård Lake.

Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry is located in Tyssedal.


7. Miscellaneous Hordaland web sites

Culture Net Hordaland is the on-line gateway to information, news and happenings of cultural significance in the County of Hordaland.

Svein Ulvund has information about his ancestors on his home page, as well as information about Voss, which is located northeast of Bergen. If your ancestors are from Voss, make sure you check out his page about emigration from Voss to America!

Willy's genealogy web page has a great deal of genealogy information about his ancestors from Hordaland, Rogaland and Agder. You will find 2,500 names on his family tree on this web page! (Some information in English, but most of the web site is in Norwegian).

Slekt skal følge slektens gang... - Extensive genealogy for Heidi Tofterå Slettemoen and Daniel Casey Slettemoen. In Norwegian and English! "Gathered on these pages are near and far relatives, and ancestors mainly back to the 1500s, over 10,000 names so far. You will find genealogy from Hordaland, mainly the western islands, and Hallingdal in Buskerud, Norway. Here is also a large Dutch and Irish branch of the family, and relatives in Canada and the US."


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