Johnson Reports

Johnson Reports

ALSO SEE:  Reports on the line of  Col. Richard Johnson of King William Co.

Aplace "A Place to Begin: JOHNS(T)ONs of Virginia and Aberdeen" by Douglas Tucker OCT 1998. Doug sets forth the traditional version of William, John, and Edward of New Kent Co. as a place to begin indepth research into these JOHNSONs of VA and Aberdeen, Scotland.

Aprdoug "Doug Tucker's Response re: Edward JOHNSON and Elizabeth" APR 1996. Discussion of Dr. Arthur Johnston's children and other Scottish family connections. In-depth discussion of the ship Glasgow, and reason for not finding passenger lists. Provides citation for birth record of Elizabeth WALKER, thought to be Penelope's mother. At the end is: "Thomas CLARKE, Possible Father of Christopher" with more discussion of CLARKs in Barbados; this is duplicated in JULY96.txt.

AutoBio Notes by Rhoda Fone from the "Life of Anthony Ashley Cooper ... First Earl of Shaftesbury." She was mainly picking out the personal data found within the text of his autobiography which stopped a couple years before he was named to Parliament. Nov 2000

BenJhnsn "Benjamin Johnson of Goochland County, Virginia" by Bonnie Flythe, January 2004. This Benjamin is son of Benjamin Johnson d.1744 and husband of Susannah Pace.

BenJhnsHan "Edward, Thomas, and Benjamin Johnson of New Kent & Hanover Counties, Virginia" by Bonnie Flythe, August 2005. A good preponderance of evidence case for Thomas born 1680, son of Eward and Elizabeth, as father of Benjamin who lived in Hanover County, VA but owned land in Henrico County. Benjamin had three children--Michael, Benjamin Jr. and Sarah.

Bldfntes "Dick Baldauf's Observations" MAY 1996. Discusses SNEAD connections to early REYNOLDS and JOHNSON families as well as CLARKs and MOORMANs. Attempts to define the relationship between Michael JOHNSON and Edward JOHNSON, father of Penelope. Details Dick's specific JOHNSON/MIMS line with connections to LANKFORD (which connects to Francis CLARK)

Chancery "Some Johnsons in Goochland County Virginia Chancery Court Cases" by Bonnie Flythe AUG 2001. The first case is dated 1856 and is an action George Johnson and Dabney Glass against other children of Sally Johnson. Provides documentation for Sally's husband is William. The second case, dated 1795, is Admr estate Isham Johnson agst David Johnson Jr. and Agnes Johnson.

ChasJhnsn "Preliminary Notes on Charles Johnson and Some of His Descendants of Goochland Co. Virginia, by Bonnie Flythe, January 2004. Although she didn't find documentation for Charles' father, Bonnie has done a wonderful service to Johnson researchers by sorting out the descendants of this Charles from the other Johnsons found in early Henrico, Goochland and other counties.

Clkupdii Located near the end of this file: "Edward JOHNSON Update" JAN 1996. Discusses the York Co. minister Edward dec'd 1650s, who left a minor son, Edward. Includes discussion of George KEITH, Shaftsbury as Penelope's father or grandfather, and Dr. Arthur JOHNSTON. For more information on Shaftsbury, Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper, see BRBACLRK.txt.

DanlJhsn "The Goochland Descendants of Daniel Johnson" by Bonnie Flythe, February 2004. This report details two of Daniel's children -- John Johnson who died 1796 and Usly (Johnson) Wood, wife of William -- who are also grandchildren of Michael and Sarah (Watson) Johnson.

Dfnclrnd "In DEFENSE of Dr. Lorand Johnson" MAY 1996. Discusses Dr. Arthur JOHNSTON as father of Edward JOHNSON. Covers Scottish families: WALKERS, FORBES, GORDON as well as details Dr. Arthur's other children.

Edwjohns "Edward JOHNSON Update" MAR 1996. Discussion of conditions in VA last quarter 1600s; refutes Dr. Lorand Johnson's theory this Edward is son of Dr. Arthur JOHNSTON. Discusses possibility of two Edward JOHNSONS in New Kent Co and the possible relationship of Edward and Michael JOHNSON based on neighbors.

Edwardj January 1996 report on various Edward Johnsons in early VA, most of which was included in the later report on Edward Johnson, father of Penelope. However this one contains a very good discussion of theories, pro and con, for her surname being JOHNSON, rather than BOLLING or MASSIE as sometimes seen.

GeoWalkWill Myron "Mike" W. Gwinner's transcription of will of Georg Walker Jr. provides documentation his sister, daughter of George and Anne (Keith) Walker, married [Stephen] Dewey, and not Edward Johnson as purported by Dr. Lorand Johnson. August 2004

"Problems with Hinshaw" by Linda Sparks Starr, April 2005, should be read by everyone who has used this work, especially those who are proving JOHNSON lines by Quaker records.

Johnson Database #1 First in a planned series of databases using neighbors and geographical features to identify family groups.

Jnsnabdn "JOHNSTONs of Aberdeen, Scotland, and Virginia" by Suzanne Johnston SEP 1998. She wonders if Dr. Lorand Johnson was correct these JOHNSONs were Quakers back in Scotland, or even in early Virginia. Lots of early VA JOHNSON data.

JnsnDNA       Results of the DNA testing between descendants of early VA residents Edward and John Johnson

JMSupdate "New Perspectives on James Johnson, the Elder, of Goochland County, VA" by Bonnie Flythe FEB 2004. Thid update on the earlier file includes the very interesting autobiography, written by Elijah Johnson (1783-1866), the year before his death. He was a carpenter by trade, and moved to wherever his work took him. Also included is a biography of George Robert Johnson written by his daughter. He served with Stonewall Jackson and J. E. B. Stuart. Additionally, Bonnie provides documentation for James, the son of this James, as the one who married Rachel Haden in 1755.

JMSJHNElder "James Johnson, the Elder, and Some of his Descendants of Goochland County, VA" by Bonnie Flythe JUL 1999. Details the life of James, son of Michael, and his children.

JohnJnstnGch "Descendants of John Johnson, son of Michael Johnson, of Goochland County, VA" by Bonnie Flythe, FEB 2004. Bonnie provides a detailed look at this John and his descendants, including the James Johnson who married Mildred Mims in 1751.

Jnstnclr "JOHNS(T)ON Clarifications" by Suzanne Johnston, OCT 1998. Clarifies statements made in her SEP 1998 work; re-emphasizes the Virginia JOHNS(T)ON line isn't proven yet, while setting a course of study to do just that.

JosIssac "Joseph and Issac Johnson, sons of Michael Johnson, and some of their descendants" by Harold Johnson, edited by Bonnie Flythe and Neil Johnson, JUL 1999. Details two more sons of Michael, thought to be the older brother of Penelope, wife of Capt. Christopher Clark.

Michjoh "Early VA Research Notes and Reflections" APR 1999 by Harold Johnson, edited by Bonnie Flythe and Neil Johnson. An indepth look at the family of Michael Johnson of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co. VA. Discusses Johnsons in New Kent, Henrico, Goochland, Brunswick, and Lunenburg Counties with their specific links back to Michael.

MicSarJns "Michael & Sarah Johnson of New Kent & Henrico Counties, Virginia" by Bonnie Flythe. This is everything known about this couple as of December, 2003. Sarah is the daughter of John Watson and Alice ( ) Rowan Watson, widow of Henry. Michael's parentage is unknown. See the DNA page for his male descendants. To date, his contemporary relatives haven't been located.

New Findings "New Findings in Johnson Research" by Suzanne Johnston, May 2002. These findings are based on research in the actual Quaker records instead of the transcriptions by Hinshaw.

Penelope  Brief discussion of the three surnames attributed to Penelope ( ) Clark -- Bolling, Massie and Johnson -- by Linda Sparks Starr, September 2004.

Perdue "Commentary on the Letter of Gershom Perdue dated Feb. 14, 1878" by Kelsey J. Williams, Oct 2000. He quotes from a transcription of the original letter and documents many of the family relationships he mention.

PerCom This begins as a Hodge-podge of comments from members of the group on the Gershom Perdue letter, but expands into comments on the Candlers, Lord Shaftsbudy, royal lineage, and more.

Susnrbtl "Further Comments on Dr. Lorand JOHNSON's Research and the JOHNSON Clan in VA" JUL 1996. Discusses other possibilities for kinship between Dr. Arthur and Edward using Visitation records produced by Arthur's nephew.

Susnptii "Susan Stewart, part II re: Quaker Merchant James JOHNSTON and Alderman Robert JOHNSON" AUG 1996. Discusses an article written by Dr. Lorand Johnson which provides other possible Aberdeen and Virginia links.

PtIIISSN "Part III, Susan Stewart Continued" AUG 1996 Combines several sources for James JOHNSTON Merchant and his connections to Dr. Arthur, thus offering other possible connections between the two other than father/son. Includes more on KEITH and WALKER families.

Terrell JAN 1997. A brief discussion of the Richmond TERRELL family New Kent Co. VA back to Reading, Berkshire, England. From there the TERRELL line back to Sir Timothy TYRELL b. 1620 whose son Capt. John TYRRELL marries a JOHNSTONE lady of "high descent and connections." A discussion of given names found in this line follows those names include: Penelope, Micajah, Jonathan and Rachel.

EdwJohn "The New Kent County Virginia Neighborhood of Edward and Elizabeth Johnson" MAY 2001. Using the late 1600 neighbors for clues to related families. Discusses WALKER as her surname. Also discussion of the Hampton Parish, York Co. minister Edward Johnson's minor son, Edward b. 1648.

WmJnsMdG "William Johnson of Middlesex and Goochland Counties, Virginia" by Bonnie Flythe, FEB 2004. This William, born in Middlesex Co. 1722, appears to be the only one of his siblings to move to Goochland Co. He married Christian Leak late 1740s, and died in Goochland Co. 1796..

JhnsnTmbrlk William Ashley Johnson / Sally Timberlake documentation provided by Patricia Loughlin. Images of entries in Bible, family photos and letters.

WLKCon Rebuttal between Doug Tucker and Linda Starr over the Walker Family Connections between Aberdeen, Scotland, and Virginia; also discussion over the purported letter written by Elizabeth (Harris) Keith saying Edward Johnson was accompanying her step-daughter to VA on the same boat with William Edmondson.

KthLttr Martha Wolf's findings (or lack of finding) the purported Keith letter at the Friend's Library in London. This includes notes from a biography on George Keith.

JnsnDNA Results of the DNA testing between descendants of early VA residents Edward and John Johnson.