Sarah Snow

Sarah Snow

I've been spending a lot of time trying to track down the mother of Elijah Snow Boynton. Her name was Sarah Snow, and she was from New England, born sometime before 1752. She married Amos Boynton of Rowley, Massachusetts in 1766, although I'm not sure where. They signed a deed in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire together, stating that they were both "of" Shrewsbury, Mass. Their children were, as far as I can tell, all born in Fitzwilliam. At some point, Amos and Sarah may have moved their family to Windsor County, Vermont (as Amos is listed on a military roll from that county.) Around the turn of the century, possibly as early as 1790, they relocated to Wilkes County, Georgia. There were a large number of land grants made to Revolutionary soldiers in that county, and I suspect that's why they went there.

While Amos is quite well documented, the difficulty with Sarah has been that Grandmother Hackworth picked the "wrong" Sarah to include in her application to the Society of Mayflower Families. The Sarah she thought was Mrs. Amos Boynton (the daughter of Jonathan Snow, a descendent of Constance Hopkins of the Mayflower and Nicholas Snow) was born in 1751, around the right time, but she married Zachariah Ring, not Amos. So it's been a challange to track down another Sarah. Now that I've found a likely candidate, the next step is to try to research the records to see if the Sarah I've located is in fact Mrs. Amos Boynton. Luckily the New Englanders did keep pretty good records, and many of them have been preserved, so there's a good chance that we'll be able to locate them.

The Sarah Snow I'm currently nominating as our ancestor was born August 10,1750, possibly in Harwich, Massachusetts. So, while we're not yet sure this lady is related to us, here is her lineage:

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