Rowley, MA


When the Boynton's first came to America, they settled in a "plantation" near Plymouth that had been started by Rev. Exekiel Rogers around 1638. Rowley, Massachusetts is even today an interesting, prosperous little community.

As part of "The Most Historic County of America" Rowley, in Essex Co., MA was the subject of one of the town descriptions in the "Standard History of Essex County, Massachusetts" published in 1878 by C.F. Jewett & Co. of Boston, and republished on CD-ROM by History-eBooks (an imprint of my company, The CD-Info Company, Inc.) That sketch is reproduced here. It includes mention of several Boyntons -- John, John's son Capt. Joseph, and Joseph's son Jonathan, and at least one other ancestor of ours, Richard Swan.

A map of Rowley as it appeared in 1650 includes two freeholds side-by-side labeled "Boynton." One belonged to William, and the other to his brother John. To see how we're descended from John, refer to the Boynton Family Tree.

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There is an updated Rowley GenWeb Page with some interesting items and links. Some of them mention our ancestor, John Boynton (or "Bointon" as it's sometimes spelled there.) The Rowley page is part of the Essex County GenWeb site, which has information about all the towns in the county.


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