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Kay's Family History and Genealogy

Pflug Family of Beaver County

The following typed essay on the Pflug family can be found in the PFLUGH folder in the Resource & Research Center for Beaver County and Local History, Beaver Falls, PA. (If you know who the author was, please let me know.)

Jacob Pflug, a gentleman who for many of years has been a prominent and influential farmer of Marion Township, Beaver County, Pa., is now living on his farm of one hundred and Forty acres, which is known as the old Pflug homestead, and enjoying the benefits of his early toil. He is the son of George and Dorothy (Martsolf) Pflug, and was born on May 28, 1817 in Germany about ten miles from where the first battle of the France Prussian War was fought.

George Pflug, the father of Jacob, came to America on March 16,1830 with his entire family, and after a voyage of sixty-four days landed in Baltimore, Md., on the 9th of June following. They next moved to Pittsburgh by means of a six-horse team, arriving on July 4th, and there GEORGE PFLUG obtained employment in a nail factory, although his trade was that of a carpenter.

When he landed in that city he had but $100.00 but by hard and conscientious work, in September of the year 1830, he was enabled to buy forty acres of wild land at a cost of $135.00. In the fall he moved his family to Marion Township, Beaver County, where the property was located, and where he built a log house.

The next year, leaving his family at home he went to Phillipsburgh, Pa., and worked at boat building for a man named Phillips, continuing thus for three years. In 1833, he erected a small house at Freedom, Pa., it being the first one built in that town, and sold his first purchase at a price of $1,100.00. He then bought the land on which the house of JACOB PFLUG is now located, at that time it was all timberland, but prior to his death it was mostly cleared. He lived upon this property the remainder of his life and at the time of his death in July 1850 owned one hundred and forty acres, late in life he replaced the original log cabin with a handsome residence now occupied by his son JACOB.

He married DOROTHY MARTSOLF and they had the following children; DOROTHY (DIETRICH) deceased; MAGDALINE (RAPE) Deceased; SALMA (SCHANY), JACOB the subject hereof; MARY Who first married ABRAHAM BURRY, and is now the wife of FREDERICK HOUSEHOLDER, FREDERICK a farmer in Butler County, who first married a Miss GARVICH, and later wedded CATHERINE KLINE, BARBARA the wife of MICHAEL VEIOCK; and PHILIP deceased.

Jacob PFLUG was thirteen years of age when he came to this country with his parents, and after arriving in Pittsburgh he worked in a hotel at the corner of Wood and Fourth Streets, as a porter. When his father bought his first tract of forty acres, he moved to Marion Township with him and he and his Mother cleared four acres, the first year. His Mother was a very industrious woman and an excellent help mate to her husband. Before coming to this country she worked upon a farm and was accustomed to plowing with two cows. JACOB PFLUG always remained at home, but was at times engaged at working out at the carpenter's trade with his father. He also made shingles and took contracts for roofing houses. After coming into possession of the old homestead he made many improvements, and has since made additions to the house and erected a fine barn. He also greatly added to the property increasing it to about three hundred and ninety acres. but all excepting the original tract of one hundred and forty acres he has given to his son. He is now engaged in general farming and his advancing years are being spent in the peace and quiet of farm life. He is a well-read man, takes a sensible view of all subjects coming to his attention, and is deep1y interested in the progress being made by his fellow workmen. He is highly thought of and has friends far and near.

In 1840 Mr. PFLUG was joined in wedlock with Salama Householder By whom he had the following: JACOB the husband of CAROLINE HERRMAN Salama the wife of Henry Schramm Caroline the wife of John Goehring Frederick deceased Henry whose wife is Caroline Miller Mary the wife of Henry France George deceased Elizabeth the wife of Frederick Herrmann Amelia the wife of Willia Ketterer Daniel who Married Elizabeth Gettman Matilda whose first husband was Elmer Goehring, second husband was Albert Hartzel.

The subject of this sketch after the death of his first wife was united in marriage to Vernelia Goehring and they have one son ALBERT, who resides at home. (Married Lettie Muntz) Politically he is a Democrat that held all of the Township offices excepting those of Justice of the Peace and Constable. Religiously he is a devout Lutheran.

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