Descendants of Benjamin Ragland

    The goal of this project is to identify and verify all descendants of Benjamin Ragland and his two wives, Peggy Canterberry and Elizabeth Thornton, through the 19th century. Living descendants have been excluded entirely unless the submitter requested their inclusion; if there was doubt, all information about a person has been suppressed.  The contributors to the project welcome any further information to add to their own databases. Another goal is to identify and verify the origins and ancestors of Benjamin, Peggy and Elizabeth.  If you can help, please contact us!

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(listed by child of Benjamin, in order of birth)
Descendants or Researchers of: Contributor's name: E-mail Address: URL of website:
1) William Preston Ragland Linda Potts [email protected]
2) Samuel M. Ragland --none--
3) Marion Lawson Ragland --none--
4) Manuel S. Ragland Becky Lambert [email protected] Gen. & Other Stuff
Kith & Kin
Shelley Sheldon [email protected]
5) James Ragland --none--
6) Benjamin Cleveland Ragland --none--
7) Evan T. Ragland --none--
8) Alexander Ragland Lynn Thompson Peoples [email protected]


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