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My 12 lists:
Atkinson-L Ragland-L
Adkinson-L Shaddock-L
Hocutt-L Stock-L
Lambert-L Stocks-L
Mize-L Tyler-Peter-L
Pratt-L Winchester-L

Just click on the surname if you'd like to subscribe to the list (change the -L- to -D- if you want the digest version instead of the individual mail version).  Leave your subject line alone (it should fill in automatically) and write SUBSCRIBE in the message part of your e-mail, delete *anything* else there (your signature or e-mail/web page address, etc.) and mail the message!

I also have full suites of boards for 14 Surnames at GenConnect:
Atkinson Shaddock
Adkinson Stock
Hocutt Stocks
Lambert Tubb
Mize Tubbs
Pratt Tyler
Ragland Winchester

 --Click on the surname to be taken to the query page.  If you'd like to go to the other pages (Bibles, Wills, etc.), go to a Surname Resource Page below to access all of the links.

I have the following pages for the lists:
Atkinson: Surname Resource Page (which is also here)
Descendants of Lazarus Atkinson (which is also here)
Hocutt: Surname Resource Page 
Lambert: Surname Resource Page 
Descendants of Joseph Lambert
Mize: Surname Resource Page 
Descendants of Frederick Mize (b. VA, m. GA, d. AL)
Pratt: Surname Resource Page 
Descendants of Rev. Jesse R. Pratt, Sr. (b. TN<IL<MO d. AR)
Ragland: Surname Resource Page 
Descendants of Benjamin Ragland (b. SC m./d. AL)
Shaddock: Surname Resource Page

Descendants of Sarah Shaddock (and Frederick Mize)

Stock/s: Surname Resource Page 
Descendants of William Stocks (bc 1822 NC, m Neoma ??)
Tubb/s: Surname Resource Page 
Tyler: The Descendants of Peter Jordan Tyler (which is also here)
Winchester: Surname Resource Page 
Descendants of James Winchester and Annie Sutherland
~Links~ General genealogy links page

The following pages are for other surnames in my genealogy:

Descendants of Wiley BOLLING and Elizabeth PENCE Freeman (AL<IL)
Descendants of James GEDDY, Sr. and Anne of Williamsburg, Virginia
Descendants of Samuel MAYFIELD (and Jane ???)
Descendants of Enos PERRY (and Charity Massey)
Ancestors of Clarence SPAFFORD, aka Mate Smith
Descendants of Lydia Ann TUCKER Golden Casteel (and unk. Golden and William H. Casteel)

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