ARMSTRONG in Hawaii (Genealogical Query by JRD)

ARMSTRONG (Genealogical Query by JRD).

Summary/Outline/Excerpt/Description: ARMSTRONG 1805 PA & MD 1832 HI 1860.


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ARMSTRONG, CHAPMAN, BECKWITH, MORGAN, WALKER, FORD, BANNING, WEAVER From the Missionary Album, 1969, Hawaiian Mission Children's Society: Richard ARMSTRONG b.1805 McEwensville, PA, d.1860 Honolulu, HI m.1831 Clarissa CHAPMAN b.1805 Russell, MA, d.1891 San Francisco, CA Caroline Porter 1832-1905, m. Edward Griffin BECKWITH (*) William Nevins 1834-1835 William Nevins 1835-1905, m. Mary Frances MORGAN Mary Jane Graham 1836-1920 Richard Baxter 1837-1871 Samuel Chapman 1839-1893, m1. Emma Dean WALKER, m2.Mary Alice FORD (He was a General and founded Hampton Institute, VA) Clarissa Hannah 1840-1904, m. Frederick BANNING Reuben Chapman 1842-1843 Ellen Eliza 1844-1924, m. Philip Liscum WEAVER Amelia Hamilton 1845-1923 (*) He was minister of Wailuku Union Church 1894-1897. Places lived: PA, McEwensville 1805 born PA 1827 graduated from Dickinson College NJ 1831 graduated from Princeton T.S. MD, Baltimore 1831 ordained HI, Kaluaaha, Molokai 1832-1833 stationed as ABCFM missionary Marquess Islands 1833-1834 stationed at HI, Haiku, Maui 1834 stationed at HI, Wailuku, Maui 1835-1843 stationed at (temp to Kawaiahao 1840) HI, Honolulu, Oahu 1843-1848 stationed at (Kawaiahao Ch.) HI, Honolulu, Oahu 1849 released from ABCFM HI, Honolulu, Oahu 1848-1860 Minister of Public Instruction, died CA 1880 Clarissa move to Need help with ARMSTRONG in PA, HI, CA, NY, CT, DC, VA, MA, SC, and WA. Who were his parents and siblings? Want to trace and contact descendants. Any help would be appreciated. James R. Davis, 6708 Austin Way, Sacramento, CA 95823 (916)-393-9186 --------------- ARMSTRONG kids and and some gkids lived in: Caroline P. m. Edward G. BECKWITH ... to Hawaii, and Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Piedmont, CA, and Syracuse, NY William Nevins ... to Saybrook, CT, and Washington D.C., and Hampton, VA, and Fall River and Boston, MA Mary Jane Richard Baxter Samuel Chapman ... to Stockbridge, MA, and Summerville, SC, and Hampton, VA Clarissa H. m. Frederick BANNING ... to Honolulu, HI and Oakland, CA Ellen E. m. Philip L. WEAVER ... to San Francisco, and Berkeley, CA, and Olympia and Wantehee, WA Amelia Hamilton From "Descendants of New England Protestant Missionaries to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaiian Islnads) 1820-1900", An Alphabetically Arranged Copy of Births, Marriages, and Deaths for the Records of the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society Library, Honolulu, Hawaii. ARMSTRONG, Richard b. 13 Apr 1805, McEwensville, Northumberland Co., PA d. 23 Sep 1860, Honolulu, HI m. 25 Sep 1831, Bridgeport, CT, Clarissa CHAPMAN b. 15 May 1805, Russell, MA d. 20 Jul 1891, San Francisco, CA Children: Caroline Porter b. 17 Jul 1832, Honolulu, HI, m. E.G. BECKWITH Williams Nevins, b. 2 Jan 1834, Nuuhiva, Marquesas Islands d. 17 Mar 1835, Lahaina, Maui, HI Williams Nevins, b. 10 Mar 1835, Lahaina, Maui, HI Mary Jane Graham, b. 2 Jun 1836, Honolulu, HI, d. 16 Oct 1920, Berkeley, CA Richard Baxter, b. 15 Aug 1837, Wailuku, Maui, HI d. 29 Jul 1871, Napa Valley, CA Samuel Chapman, b. 30 Jan 1839, Wailuku, Maui, HI Clarissa Hannah, b. 27 Nov 1840, Honolulu, HI, m. F. BANNING Rueben Chapman, b. 5 Oct 1842, Honolulu, HI d. 28 Oct 1843, Honolulu, HI Ellen Eliza, b. 12 Aug 1844, Honolulu, HI, m. P.L. WEAVER Amelia Hamilton, b. 1 Nov 1845, Honolulu, HI d. 25 Aug 1923, Berkeley, CA BECKWITH, Edward Griffin, ( Of Great Barrington, MA.) b. 14 Nov. 1826 d. 3 Mar 1909, Hamakuapoko, Maui,HI m. 17 Apr. 1853 Honolulu, HI Caroline Porter ARMSTRONG b. 17 Jul. 1832, Honolulu,HI d. 18 Jul. 1905 Hamakuapoko, Maui, HI children Frank Armstrong b. 23 Apr. 1854, Honolulu,HI Clara, b. 13 Aug. 1855, Honolulu,HI d. 13 Feb 1856, Honolulu, HI William Chapman, b. 20 Mar. 1860, Sacramento,Ca d. 24 Jul 1860, Sacramento, Ca Caroline Amelia, b. 2 Feb. 1865, San Francisco, Ca. m. J.J. Hair Edward Wilcox, b. 26 Jun 1868, San Francisco, CA d. 24 Feb 1869, Piedmont, Ca. BECKWITH, Frank Armstrong b. 23 Apr 1854, Honolulu, HI d. 12 Dec 1885, San Francisco, CA. m. 17 Jun 1881, Montclair, NJ, Ellen Warren HOLMES, Daugther of Samuel and Mary (Goodale) HOLMES b 18 Nov. 1857, New York City NY. d. 26 Sept. 1902 Los Angeles, CA children Ruth, b 24 Jul 1882, Santa Barbera, CA m. A.A. BULLOCK Holmes, b. 5 Oct 1884, Haiku, Maui, HI d. 2 Apr 1921, Syracruse, NY BECKWITH, Holmes b. 5 Oct 1884, Haiku, Maui, HI d. 2 Apr 1921, Syracruse, NY m. 22 Jul 1909, Bekeley, Ca. Helen Francis ROBINSON ARMSTRONG, William Nevins b. 10 Mar 1835, Lahaina, Maui, HI d. 15 Oct 1905, Washington, D.C. m. 10 Apr 1867, New York, NY, Mary Frances MORGAN d. 7 Feb 1903, Hampton, VA dau. of Capt. E.E. MORGAN Children: Mathew Chalmers, b. 23 May 1870, Brighton, England Richard, b. 16 Jul 1873, Saybrook, CT Morgan Kalani, b. 8 Sep 1879, Saybrook, CT Dorothy, b. 7 Sep 1883, Saybrook, CT d. 26 Nov 1918, as sea, near Fall River, MA ARMSTRONG, Matthew CHALMERS b. 23 May 1870, Brighton, England m. 1 Nov 1905, Boston, MA, Grace TAYLOR b. 30 May 1876, Boston, MA Child: Elizabeth, b. 10 Nov 1906, Boston, MA, m. A.B. HAWES ARMSTRONG, Richard b. 16 Jul 1873, Saybrook, CT d. 4 Aug 1938, Hampton, VA m. 21 Apr 1906, Hampton, VA, Rosa Fairfax LEE ARMSTRONG, Morgan Kalani b. 8 Sep 1879, Saybrook, CT d. 16 Jan 1938, Baltimore, MD m. 30 Oct 1915, Winnetka, IL, Edith Huntington MASON ARMSTRONG, Samuel Chapman (General) b. 30 Jan 1839, Wailuku, Maui, HI d. 11 May 1893, Hampton, VA m. 1) 13 Oct 1869, Stockbridge, MA, Emma Dean WALKER d. 10 Oct 1878 Stockbridge, MA dau. of George WALKER m. 2) 10 Sep 1890, Lisbon, NH, Mary Alice FORD Children: Louise Hopkins, b. 30 Jul 1870, Stockbridge, MA, m. W.H. SCOVILLE Edith Hull, b. 30 Aug 1872, Stockbridge, MA, m. W.T. TALBOT Margaret Marshall, b. 6 Oct 1891, Hampton, VA, m. A. HOWE Daniel Williams, b. 12 Mar 1893, Summerville, SC ARMSTRONG, Daniel Williams b. 12 Mar 1893, Summerville, SC d. 16 Jul 1947, New York, NY m. 27 Nov 1917, Boston, MA, Eunice TAYLOR, divorced Children: Mary Taylor, b. 13 Nov 1918, Boston, MA Louise, b. 4 Dec 1920, Boston, MA, m. R. AMORY BANNING, Frederic d. 6 Aug 1886 San Francisco, Ca. m. 4 Dec 1866 Honolulu, HI. Clarissa Hannah ARMSTRONG b. 27 Nov 1840 Honolulu,HI d. 14 Jun 1904 Oakland, Calif. children Bernard Rudolf, b. 10 Jan 1868, Honolulu, HI, d. 27 Apr 1923, Pearl City, Oahu,HI Frederic Armstrong, b. 30 May 1869, Honolulu, HI, d. 18 Dec 1879, Honolulu, HI Richard Armstrong, b. Jan 1874, Honolulu, HI, d. 21 Apr 1875, Honolulu, HI WEAVER, Philip Liscum, son of George WEAVER b. 14 Apr 1828, Atisco,NY d. 15 Sep 1902, Honolulu,Hi m. 2 May 1867, New York City, NY Ellen (Eleanore) Eliza ARMSTRONG b. 12 Aug 1844, Honolulu,Hi d. 29 Sep 1924, Berkeley, Ca. children Philip Limaikaika b. 10 Apr 1868, Paris, France Martha Henrietta b. 20 Sep 1872, San Francisco, CA. m. H.G. FANGEL Clarissa Chapman, b. 17 Aug 1878, San Francisco, Ca. m. F.S. BOEDEFELD Richard Baxter, b. 14 Jul 1874, d. 6 Jun 1876, on the Atlantic Ocean WEAVER, Philip Limaikaika b. 10 Apr 1868 Paris, France d. 11 Jun 1927, Olympia, WA. m. 23 May 1899, Honolulu,Hi Agnes GRARY b. 14 Oct 1866, St. Louis, MO d. 27 May 1931, Wanatehee, Wa. children Mary Claire, b. 6 Aug 1900, Honolulu,HI m. R.D. MACLAY Ida Eleanore b. 27 Feb 1902, m. H.M. TEEL Index of Presbyterian Ministers 1706-1881, 1881, Rev. Willis J. Beecher Armstrong, Richard listed every year 1831-1841 except 1835/6. Minutes of the General Assembly, Presbyterian Church (USA) (listing of Synods, and Presbyteries, and churches and ministers and committee reports and session minutes.) Armstrong, Richard 1833-1834 Synod of Chesapeake, Presybtery of Baltimore - Missionary -1841 Synod of Philadelphia, Presbytery of Baltimore - Foreign Missionary Kawaiahao Church Cemetery, Honolulu, HI: Rev. Richard ARMSTRONG D.D. 1805* McEwensville, PA-1860* Honolulu, HI William Nevins ARMSTRONG 1834* Marquesas Is.-1835* Lahaina, Maui William Nevins ARMSTRONG 1835* Lahaina, Maui-1905* Washington, D.C. Mary Jane ARMSTRONG 1836 -1920 Richard Baxter ARMSTRONG 1837* Wailuku, Maui-1871* Napa Valley, CA Frederic Armstrong BANNING 1869* -1879* Richard Armstrong BANNING -1875* (15 months) Reuben Chapman ARMSTRONG 1842* Honolulu, -1843* Honolulu, Oahu Ellen Armstrong WEAVER 1844 -1924 Philip Liscom WEAVER 1828* Otisco, NY -1902* Honolulu, Oahu Philip Limaikaika WEAVER 1868 -1927 Agnes Crary WEAVER 1866 -1931 Hannah ARMSTRONG -1907* * Full dates on stones Samuel Chapman Armstrong Collection at Hampton Institute, VA 1839 b. Wailuku, Maui Educated in Royal School, Punahou, and Oahu College 1862 grad. Williams College 1862 Capt. in 125th N.Y. Volunteers 1863 Commander of 9th U.S. Colored Troups 1865 discharge Brevet Brigadier General of Volunteers 1868 Founded Hampton Institute, VA (for colored men) 1869 m. Emma Dean WALKER 1849-1878 1870 kid1: Louise Hopkins ARMSTRONG m. Wm. SCOVILLE 1872 kid2: Edith Hull ARMSTRONG m. TALBOT 1887 honarary LLD from Williams College 1889 honarary LLD from Harvard University 1890 m. Mary Alice FORD 1893 kid3: Margaret Marshal ARMSTRONG - d. age 54 ? kid4: David William ARMSTRONG Hawaii 1900 Soundex A652 Armstrong, Fred 1865 HI Makawao, Maui (living alone) Armstrong, G.W. 1879 Scotland lodger in Honolulu (with Thompson) Armstrong, J.& family 1868 Sweden in Puna, Hawaii Armstrong, James 1850 Canada in Ewa, Oahu Armstrong, James 1871 England in Honolulu, Oahu Hanna 1878 HI Armstrong, Wade 1876 HI boarder in Honolulu (with Halstead) Hawaii 1900, year?, Ronald Vern Jackson, AIS Weaver, Philip L. 1867 France Honolulu, Oahu Agnes C. 1866 MO From: California State Library, Sacramento Beckwith - see Beckwith web page ALTA 9/19/1867 1-6 CALL 11/3/1884 3-6 Weaver, Philip L., b. 1828 near Syracuse, NY d.9/15/1902 Honolulu (Chronicle 9/26/02 3-5) Started Weaver & Woster & Co., in Sacramento in 1850's Member of Moses Ellis l& Co. of San Francisco Many years supt. of Alms House for City & Co. of San Francisco Children: Mrs. Henry Fangel of NYC Mrs. Franz Boedfeld of S.F. Mr. Philip L. Weaver of Honolulu Weaver, P.L. -Efficient Superintendent of the Alms House. b.1828, came to CA in 1852 to 1861 in wholesale grocery business in Sacramento One of his children is the editor of the Overton Monthly. (CALL 5/28/1893 28-3) with picture Weaver, Mrs. Philip (Ellen) d.9/29/1924 (age 80) Berkeley, CA (S.F.Chron 9/30/24 8/2)(legal 6/8) mother of Mrs. Henritta Frangel of Florence, Italy Mrs. Morgan Akin Jones of New York Weaver, Philip L. - Portrait (Chronicle 2/22/1903 2-2) appointed Hawaii's Assistant Attorney General Grad of U.of CA, Hastings College of Law grandson of Richard Armstrong Need help with ARMSTRONG in PA, HI, CA, NY, CT, DC, VA, MA, SC, and WA. Who were his parents and siblings? Want to trace and contact descendants. Any help would be appreciated. James R. Davis, 6708 Austin Way, Sacramento, CA 95823 (916)-393-9186

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