I have been asked again to change and list a Wall only as Walls.  Considering the variations in the spelling, it would serve no purpose simply because "that is the way it has always been spelled".  My database is largely built on census records and I list them as I find them.  If I find them listed with another spelling, I also list that as an AKA.  Keep in mind that AKA is not the same as an ALIAS.  For those that do not know, an AKA is "also known as".  An ALIAS is a "name change".  I prefer a basic listing of Wall as Wall.  Or I could change them all to Walls simply because it is easier to do a lookup by keeping one spelling. 

My database is online as a service to other researchers.  Please help me keep it online by not complaining and requesting that I change the spelling simply because "that is the way it also always been spelled."

Any further complaints and I will remove my database and replace it with my direct lines.

Thank you,


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September 5, 2003

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Taken at Dallas TX, about 1895

Jackson Wall Wilson & Jeannettie Bonnie Davis

Gurdon Wall Wilson - my father

Jackson Davis Wilson - my uncle

Jeannettie Wilson - the baby - my aunt

These families represent my family and my husband's family from Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama with a short stay in the Florida Panhandle for my husband's ancestors. His Cuthriell, Wise, Yates and connecting lines all settled in the SE corner of Alabama where descendants live today.

Georgia Browns

This will include census record index and any info submitted by others to be posted.  If you have a GA Brown you want listed, contact me with the info.  You will be listed as contact point.

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