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Gurdon Wall Wilson & Cleo Myrtle Nolan

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The new database containing over 38,800 names are entirely my own ancestors or my husband's.  All names are linked somehow to me or my family.  The old database became too hard to handle and keep up with.  I'm trying to work out how to incorporate it into the present website so it will be available to the public.  There's a total of 47,000 names in it.

I'm in the process of updating all the pages under "My Line".  Lots of info have been added to some of them - some early, some later.  I recently broke thru the brickwall on my John Wilson, b. 1781 SC, and took him back to one more generation to his father - can you guess who?  another John Wilson, b. 1760, who left Laurens Co, SC with his family and settled in Trigg Co, KY by 1800 where the elder died in 1822.  Also made contact with the descendants of one of my uncles, my father's brother.  They moved from AL to AR sometime after 1930 and the family lost contact after my uncle's death.  He also had wanderlust which evidently ran in the family.  Thank God not all the men had it; seemed to be one in each generation.

I've solved a puzzle concerning my granduncle Samuel Lee Davis, brother to my grandmother Jeter Jeanettie B. Davis who married my grandfather Jackson Wall Wilson.  For some reason by 1920, he changed his name to Samuel Darden Davis and the confirmed bachelor met a lady, got married and raised a family of five girls and one son in the northern suburbs of Dallas TX.  I sure would like to make contact with one of his descendants.  

I also located some of my Robertson kin in Cass Co, TX by 1900.  Those have been the hardest to trace because of the variations of the name..  

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