Jeanette's Genealogical Pot

Southern Born and Bred

This is my personal ancestral lines. There is a lot of info in the data but a lot of it are not connected to any of my lines yet. This extra information was gathered on my surnames in the area of research in the hopes it would, some time in the future, provide a missing link.

I think of my genealogical research as a Pot of Stew. It is made much in the same way: a little bit of this, a little bit of those and a whole lot of that. In the merger of my line and my husband's line, it has been the cause of some interesting outcomes but the pot of stew is still lacking the finish it needs to have the right taste. The main ingredient seems to be Scot-Irish with a smattering of English and maybe a little bit of German thrown in for good measure. We started the research in Alabama, added a lot Georgia, a little of Florida, a little of the Carolinas and way back there quite a bit of Virginia. There may be a touch of Maryland thrown in for good measure but that taste hasn't been definitely defined yet - it's just a hint.

Both my lines and my husband's lines seems to originate in Virginia in the oldest ancestors - Davis and Cuthriell - but a lot of proof are still needed. The entire database is definitely rooted in Georgia with a previous stay for the most part in the Carolinas. I have found no "taint of Yankees" prior to 1900 at all ;). So we can proudly say "We are Southern Born and Bred".

Come on in and visit for a while. There are a lot of information to browse thru - it will take a while.

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July 4, 1999