FLESHMAN/FLEISCHMANN Family History & Databases

FLESHMAN/FLEISCHMANN Family History & Databases

We have done very little work on this web page due to lack of documented information and GEDCOM files. We hope that visitors here will find some useful information, but, most importantly, will send GEDCOM files that we can convert to databases for other researchers to use.


We thought it might be of value if we include a short history of Anna Barbara SCH�NE, the mother of the FLESHMAN/FLEISCHMANN family in America.

For years there was confusion and disagreement over the subject of the families BLANKENBAKER/BLANCKENB�HLER, FLESHMAN/FLEISCHMANN, and SCHLUCTER.  For more than a century, it was thought that these three families of the Germanna 2 Colony were three separate and distinct families. Records discovered in recent years have shed new light, and have proven beyond doubt that they are one family of brothers and half-brothers, products of Anna Barbara SCH�NE's three marriages.

Anna Barbara departed Germany in 1717 with her third husband Cyriacus FLEISCHMANN and children from all three marriages. Some of these children were already married. (Source: Alexander Spotswood's importation list.)

The surname is spelled differently in German and American records. The German spelling is most often found as FLEISCHMANN, and the American spelling as FLESHMAN.

Anna Barbara was christened at Neuenb�rg, Baden, on 29 September 1664. (See Villages & Churches, or Ancestral Homes of the Second Germanna Colony.) She was the daughter of Quirinus SCH�NE and Maria Barbara. Anna's first marriage was to Hans Thomas BLANCKENB�HLER and took place on 2 November 1680 in Neuenb�rg. Anna was 16 years old at the time. Anna and Hans Thomas had four children: Hans Nicolaus, Hans Balthasar, Hans Matthias, and Anna Maria.. All four of these children were immigrants to America. Anna's first husband, Hans Thomas, died sometime between 1687 and 1691, but no death records has ever been found in the Neuenb�rg Parish records.

Anna Barbara then married Johann Jacob SCHLUCTER 3 November 1691 in Neuenb�rg. His parents were Peter SCHLUCTER of Hellsultz in Amt, W�rttemberg. Anna and Johann Jacob had one child: Heinrich, who also came to America in 1717. Anna's second husband, Johann Jacob, died at Neuenb�rg on 13 February 1698 at age 45, placing his birth as approximately 1653.

Anna then married Cyriacus FLEISCHMANN on 5 March 1701 in Neuenb�rg. He was the son of Veltin FLEISCHMANN, a blacksmith of Klings in the Fischberg District, Saxony-Eisenach-Henneberg. Anna and Cyriacus were the parents of three children: Maria Catharina (presumed to have died young); Maria Catharina, who married Hans Jacob BROYLES in Virginia; and Hans Peter.

Anna, Cyriacus, the second Maria Catharina, and Hans Peter were all immigrants to America in 1717. Cyriacus died sometime after 1748 in Virginia.

So much for a short history of Anna Barbara. If you discover any errors here, please let us know. We strive for accuracy, but you know how those mistake Gremlins like to trip us up. (Heaven forbid that is should happen here!) PLEASE send us any information, databases, GEDCOM's, etc. that you have on this family. You will get credit as the source. Also, we could use some links to web sites for FLESHMAN/FLEISCHMANN, and some e-mail address of descendants so other researchers have a variety of sources to contact.

We hope to add some photos of the church in Neuenb�rg. Also, some maps showing the location of the village. The photos were made by Richard Allen YEAGER in 1994 during a trip to Germany, and are of excellent quality. Keep visiting here to see these photos and maps when we finally get them uploaded.

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