Homes of the Second Germanna Colony

Ancestral Homes of the Second Germanna Colony

10 Sep 1996

The makeup of the Second Germanna Colony is a topic of continuing research and interest. The area around Madison, VA, where they eventually settled was the home of dozens of families of German origin, beginning with those who came on the ill-fated voyage with Capt. Scott. A relatively small number of families made that voyage, and the table below shows the families that are most likely to have come at that time. Many more families arrived in the years that followed, either directly to Virginia, or through ports such as Philadelphia. A second table shows some of those families.

Those coming on the ship Scott in 1717

English Name German Name Village Notes
Ambergey, Conrad Amberger, Conrad B�nnigheim, W�rt.
Ballenger, Andrew
Blankenbaker, Balthasar Blankenb�hler, Hans Balthasar Neuenb�rg, Baden
Blankenbaker, Matthias Blankenb�hler, Hans Mattheus Neuenb�rg, Baden
Blankenbaker, Nicholas Blankenb�hler, Hans Nicholas Neuenb�rg, Baden
Broyles, John Breyel, Johannes �tisheim, W�rt. b. Dusslingen, W�rt.
Clore, Michael Klaar, Hans Michael Gemmingen, Baden
Cook, Michael Koch, Michael near Schwaigern, W�rt.?
Crigler, Jacob Kriegler, Jacob
Fleshman, Cyrus Fleischmann, Cyriakus Neuenb�rg, Baden b. Klings, Saxony
Holt, Michael
Kaifer, Michael K�ffer, Wolf Michael Zaberfeld, W�rt.
Milcker, John Michael Muhlecker, Hans Michael no further record
Moyer, George Mayer, Hans Georg Gross Sachsenheim, W�rt.
Paulitz, Phillip Paulitsch, Johann Phillip Kirchheim am Neckar, W�rt. b. Ottmarsheim, W�rt.
Peck, Lawrence Beckh, Lorenz Gemmingen, Baden
Sheible, George Scheible, Johann Georg Neuenb�rg, Baden
Slucter, Henry Schluchter, Heinrich Neuenb�rg, Baden w/ stepfather C. Fleshman
Smith, Matthew Schmidt, Mattheus Gemmingen, Baden
Smith, Michael Schmidt, Hans Michael Gemmingen, Baden
Snyder, Henry Scheider, Heinrich Cleebronn, W�rt.
Spade, John Sp�th, Johannes w/ son-in-law M. Holt
Thomas, John Thoma, Johannes Neuenb�rg, Baden d. soon after arrival
Utz, George Utz, Johann Georg Wagenbach, Baden near H�ffenhardt, Baden
Weaver, Joseph Weber, Phillip Joseph Gemmingen, Baden d. soon after arrival
Yager, Nicholas J�ger, Nicholas

Those coming at other times or by other means

Please note this list is not complete.

English Name German Name Village Arrival in America
Ayler, Jacob �hler, Jacob c. 1720
Barler, Christopher 1717
Baumgardner, Frederick Baumgartner, Johann Friedrich Schwaigern, W�rt. c. 1732
Beyerbach, Henry Beyerback, Heirich Friedrich
Carpenter, William Zimmerman, Wilhelm 1721
Castler, Matthias Gessler, Mattheus c. 1719
Christler, Theobald before 1736
Cabler, Frederick Kappler, Friedrich 1719
Crees, Lawrence Greys, Lorenz c. 1721
Garr, Andrew Gaar, Andreas 1732
Harnsbarger, John Heerensperger, Hans 1717. b. Bussnang, Switz.
Huffman, John
Kerker, Andrew Kircher, Andreas 1717
Lang, George 1717
Leatherer, Paul Lederer, Paul Schwaigern, W�rt. c. 1733
Manspeil, Jacob before 1734
Motz, John Motz, Johannes Bonfeld, W�rt. 1717
Riner, Christopher Reiner, Christoph Schwaigern, W�rt.
Riner, Eberhard Reiner, Eberhard Schwaigern, W�rt.
Rouse, John Rausch, Johannes c. 1719
Stoltz, Michael Stoltz, Johann Michael before 1732
Tanner, Robert Gerber, Robert 1720
Teter, George Dieter, before 1736
Vaught, John Paul Vogt, Johann Paul 1733
Walke, Martin
Wayland, Thomas Wieland, Thomas Willsbach, W�rt. c. 1719
Wilhoit, Michael Willheit, Johann Michael Schwaigern, W�rt. c. 1719
Yowell, Christopher Uhl, Christoph
Yowell, Nicholas Uhl, Nicholas

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