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Formed 1799 from Russell, Wythe
Giles formed 1806 from Montgomery and Tazewell Co. VA, Monroe Co. WV
Mercer Co. WV formed 1837 from Giles, Tazewell
Buchanan formed 1858 from Russell, Tazewell
McDowell WV formed 1858 from Tazewell
Bland formed 1861 from Giles, Tazewell, Wythe


1820-1850 Tazewell Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed (MAD: see Giles Co.)

1860 Tazewell Co. VA Census
Eastern District
P.O. Five Oaks
Pg.689, #22, Wesley P. WHITLEY 26 VA farmer $0-1000
                  Margret 25 VA
                  William DUNCAN 30 VA farmer 0-$50
P.O. Tazewell C.H.
Pg.690, #25, Martin DUNCAN 30 VA farm laborer 0-$100
                  Nancy 35 VA (not mar/in/yr)
                  (MAD: 1850 Patrick Co. VA census)
Western District
P.O. Baptist Valley
Pg.852, #1150-1121, Rice DUNCAN 37 VA farm laborer 0-$42
                  Kitura M.O.P. 34 VA
                  Benjamin 12, Julina 9 VA
                  Emily A. 7, Stacy M. (f) 5 VA
                  Richard M. 4, Calvin M. 1 VA
                  (MAD: 1850 Patrick Co. VA census)

1870 Tazewell Co. VA Census
Jeffersonville Twp.
Pg.350, #4-4, DUNCAN, James 22 VA (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 24 VA keeping house
                  H. Lee (m) 3, Geo. J. 1 VA
                  GARRETT, Sarah 40 VA (white) tailoress
                  H.V. (f) 17 VA
                  John J. 15 VA farm laborer
Pg.356, #81-79, DUNCAN, William 43 VA (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  Jane 24 VA keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Margaret 9, William 5 VA
                  Mary 4, Thomas 3 VA
Pg.368, #206-206, DUNCAN, Martin 40 VA (white) farmer $0-$400
                  Nancy 35 VA keeping house
                  HELLMAND?, Wm. H?. 28 VA (white) farm laborer $0-4200
                  Virginia 26 VA
                  Mary C. 11 VA attending school
                  Minnie E. 9 VA attending school
                  Edward M. 4, George W. 2 VA


Tazewell Co. VA Marriage Index 1800-1939 (FHL film 34,214)
      Chapman Duncan and Lorthy (sic) Jones, March 1846 by J.J. Greever, 2-8 (in list of nine marriages from 1841-1846 by same person)
      No others before 1853
      After 1854:
      Duncan, Marlin pg. 3
      Duncan, William pg. 12
      Duncan, James M. pg. 20
      Duncan, Margaret pg. 50 (after 1876, not copied)
      3-3: #7, Feb. 15, 1855, Martin Duncan, age 23, single, b. Patrick Co. VA, res. Tazewell Co., p. James & Julia Duncan, farmer, license to marry Nancy Stump, age 26, widow, b. Tazewell Co., res. Tazewell Co., p. Joshua & -- Cecil; married by Geo. W. Browne. (MAD: living with ?? Rebecca in 1850 Patrick Co.?)
      3-12: #45, Oct. 10, 1860, William Duncan, age 30, single, b. Pike (MAD: sic?) Co. VA, res. Tazewell Co., p. Martin & Rebecca Duncan, farmer, license to marry Rhoda F. Burnett, age 23 yrs 3 mos, single, b. Tazewell Co., res. Tazewell Co., p. Wm. & Adaline Barnett; m. by Wm. Esteel. (MAD: Patrick Co.)
      3-20: #49, April 12, 1866, James M. Duncan, age 21, single, b. Patrick Co. VA, res. Tazewell Co., p. James & July J?. Duncan, farmer, license to marry Elizabeth Johnson, age 35, widowed, b. Tazewell Co., res. Tazewell Co., p. John Casper, m. by William H. Kelly.
      3-111: G.H. Duncan, age 21, widowed, b. Tazewell Co. VA, par. W. & C. Duncan; lic. 1/26/1882, to Calva Bowman, age 25, single, b. Patrick Co. VA, par. A. & T. Going; mar. by R.S. Collins. 3-111.


Tazewell Co. VA Wills (index 1800-1908 on FHL film 34,198)
      Martin Duncan, 5-150, will recorded Apr. 13, 1880
      Nancy Duncan, 5-150, devisee; real & personal; Apr. 13, 1880
      Book 5 not on film


Tazewell Co. VA Deed Index 1800-1870 (FHL film 34,200)
      15-450: Duncan, Martin al from Hez?. Haimas? (Harman?), 160 acres
      (Vol.13 ends 1868; later volumes not filmed; no other Duncan indexed)

HISTORIES before 1923

1920 "History of Tazewell Co. and Southwest VA, 1748-1920" by Wm. C. Pendleton (from Bill Brown 1984 with permission to share with others; see Washington Co. VA)
      Pg.298-299: "On Thursday, September 29th, (1774) a very bold attack was made upon three men by the Indians within 300 yards of Moore's Fort on the Clinch, six miles below Castle's Woods. The attack was made between sunset and dark, and the Indians fired at the men from ambush, instantly killing a man named John Duncan. Though a party of men rushed from the fort and were on the spot as soon as the guns were fired, the Indians succeeded in scalping Duncan and made their escape. Night came on and prevented any pursuit until the following morning, when it was too late to overhaul the savages. Daniel Boone was then in charge of the fort at Moore's and was supervising all the forts on the Clinch below Elk Garden. Although he was one of the most accomplished of the woodsmen and Indian fighters on the border, he was supported by such small and indifferent squads of men stationed at the several forts that he was unable to cope successfully with the wiley red men, who in most instances were being directed by the daring and intelligent John Logan.
      Boone sent an express messenger to Major Campbell on the 30th of September, to inform him of the killing of Duncan, and also told him that the Indians were still lurking about Fort Blackmore, where the two negroes had recently been captured and "coursed" in front of the fort; and that Captain Looney, who was in charge of the fort, had only eleven men and could not venture to attack or pursue the enemy. The situation at Russell's fort, at Castle's Woods, was also so serious that the people there were crying for help. Captain Dan Smith, on the 4th, of September, wrote to Colonel William Preston, saying: "The late Invasions of the Indians hath so much alarm'd the Inhabitants of this River that without more men come to their assistance from other parts, some of the most timorous among us will remove to a place of Safety, and when once the example is set I fear it will be followed by many. By what I can learn the terror is as great on Holston, so that we've no room to hope for assistance from that quarter. (elipses theirs) I am just going to the assistance of the Castle's Woods men with what force could be spared from this upper district." ...


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