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Last revised January 3, 2014

Formed 1790-1 from Henry
Henry formed 1776-7 from Pittsylvania, Patrick
Franklin formed 1785 from Bedford, Henry, Patrick
Grayson formed 1792-3 from Wythe, Patrick
Carroll formed 1842 from Grayson, Patrick
NOTE: many marriages took place in Stokes Co. NC


1820 Patrick Co. VA Census
      Census missing

1830 Patrick Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Pg.152  Duncan, James        0100,1000,1  - 0110,001
          (MAD: male age 60 is Martin Jr. of deeds)
        Duncan?, Elijah      1110,001     - 2000,01
        Duncan, John         0000,1       - 0000,1
          (MAD: mar. Nancy Bowman 1828; she in 1850 Stokes Co. NC)
        Duncan, Winston      1101,001     - 2000,01
        Duncan, Marten       0000,1       - 0001

1840 Patrick Co. VA Census
Pg. 47  Marten Duncan        0111,0000,1  - 0001,1001
        Hiram Duncan         1000,01      - 1000,1
        Winston Duncan       0201,0001    - 0010,001

1850 Patrick Co. VA Census
Southern Dist.
Pg.374, #354-374, Hiram DUNCAN 43 VA laborer $0
                  Lucinda 36 VA
                  Martha 14, John 10 VA
                  Andrew 8 VA
                  Crawford TURNER 6 VA
                  Charlotte 3, Joel H. 1 VA
                  (MAD: Andrew in ?? 1880 Pulaski Co. VA census)
Pg.377, #396-418, Wade DUNCAN 25 VA laborer $0
                  Mary 26 VA
                  John 3 VA
                  Martin (m) 3/12, Mary (f) 3/12 (twins) NC
                  Martha 65 VA
                  Wade 10 VA
Pg.378, #403-425, Isham HOOKER (m) 50 VA farmer $0
                  Sally HOLT 35 VA
                  Mary DUNCAN 18 VA
                  Wm. HOLT 18 VA laborer
Pg.378, #405-427, William DUNCAN 24 VA laborer $250
                  John 22 VA laborer $0
                  (MAD: William mar. Jane Bowman 8/23/1850)
Pg.378, #405-428, Rebecca DUNCAN 72 VA (blank) $0
                  Martin 20, Rebecca 15 VA
                  Sally 14, James 4 VA
                  (MAD: widow of ? Martin Jr.)
Pg.382, #464-489, Wm. BOWMAN 25 VA laborer $0
                  Matilda 21 VA
                  Tina (f) 2 VA
Pg.382, #465-490, Rice DUNCAN 28 VA laborer $0
                  Catharine 26 VA
                  Benjamin 2 VA
                  (MAD: both couples married Surry Co. NC)
Pg.392, #616-653, Winston DUNCAN 80 VA "none" $0
                  Calvin 20, Clarin (m) 17 VA laborers $0
                  (MAD: see Calvin Duncan 34 b.Patrick Co. VA in 1870 Lee Co. VA census)
Pg.395, #660-699, Mary GOING 75 VA (blank) $0
                  Catharine 35 VA mulatto
                  (MAD: Caleb Going mar. Polly Duncan 6/9/1802; no Caleb Going-Goin-Guin-Gwin indexed 1830-50, unknown if this the same person)

1860 Patrick Co. VA Census (part also from Robert Hudson to Teeann Lane and from Teeann 1988 with permission to share with others)
Southern District, Arrarat
Pg.967, #117, Mary GOING 80 VA midwife $0-$50
                  Catherine DUNCAN 40 VA MULATTO (blank occupation) $0-$30
                        (MAD: many Going families)
Pg.970, #139-138, Lucy DUNCAN 40 VA day laborer $0-$0
                  Wade H. 19, John R. 9 VA
                  (MAD: "Lucy" very plain)
Pg.971, #149-148, Wade H. DUNCAN 42 VA farmer $0-$40
                  Mary 36 VA
                  John D. 14, Martha (f) (sic) 10 VA
                  Mary (f) 10, Elizabeth A. 8 VA
                  Joseph 5, Andrew J. 2 VA
                  Martha DUNCAN 70 NC midwife
Pg.972, #156-155, Hiram DUNCAN 50 VA cooper $0-$40
                  Lucinda 44 VA seamstress
                  John M. 20, Andrew J. 18 VA
                  Charlott 13, Joel H. 12 VA
                  Susan A.E. 8 VA
                  (MAD: Joel H. Duncan in ? 1870 Marengo Co. AL census; ?? Hiram Duncan 61 VA in 1870 Augusta Co. VA census)
Pg.974, #165-164, Isham HOOKER 60 VA farmer $0-$100
                  Sally HOLT 48 VA
                  William HOLT 27 VA laborer
                  James M. DUNCAN 13 VA
Pg.978, #198-198, Gilbert BOWMAN 45 VA farmer $0-50
                  Ruth 22 VA
                  Catharine H. 5, Halen N. (f) 2 VA
                  Emberzetta (f) 1 VA
                  (MAD: Gilbert Boman m. Ruth Duncan 1852, Surry Co. NC)
Pg.979, #199-199, George HAZLEWOOD 22 VA loafer $0-$30
                  Nancy 45 VA
                  Tazewell DUNCAN 14 VA
                  Elizabeth J. 13, Eliza 11 VA
                  (MAD: Tazwell in 1870 Jackson Co. OH census)
Pg.982, #223-223, Mary DUNCAN 24 VA weaving/sewing Etc. $0-$85
                  Sally 21 VA
Pg.982, #224-224, Rebecca DUNCAN 78 VA (MAD: plain)
                  Rebecca 23 VA
                  Lutilda (f) 4, Joseph A. 1 VA
Pg.1007, #410-405, John Jackson DUNCAN 24 VA farmer $0-$47
                  Gille Ann (f) 38 VA (not mar/in/year)

1870 Patrick Co. VA Census (pg.455 & 457 also from Robert Hudson to Teeann Lane to me 1988 with permission to share with others)
Dan River Twp. (names written first name first)
Pg.453, #31-33, Silas CARTER 77 VA farmer $1200-$244
                  Gelly DUNCAN (f) 54 VA keeping house $392-$0
                  Bettie BOWMAN 20 VA assisting
                  John DUNCAN 8 VA
Pg.455, #71-73, Wade H. DUNCAN 50 VA farming $25-$0
                  Mary 50 VA keeping house
                  Martha 20, Elizabeth 16 VA assisting
                  Joseph 13 VA laborer
                  Martha 90 VA keeping house
                  Ardenier (f) 12 VA
                  (MAD: Robert Hudson had Cardinier instead of Ardenier; she was Andrew J. 2 VA in 1860, m/f written over)
Pg.457, #102-105, John DUNKIN 25 VA laborer
                  Lutisha 20 VA keeping house
                  Joseph H. 2, Mary 5/12 b.Mar. VA
Pg.458, #118-123, Lucy DUNCAN 45 VA keeping house $0-$0
                  John 21 VA laborer
Pg.462, #192-188, Nancy DUNKIN 55 VA keeping house $0-$0 (alone)
Pg.462, #192-189, Ambrose GOIN 24 VA farmer
                  Elizabeth 20 VA keeping house
                  Caroline 6, William 3 VA
Pg.469, #292-304, Allen GOIN 59 VA MULATTO farmer $0-$0
                  Martha 50 NC (white) keeping house
                  Polina (f) 22, Elizabeth 21 VA (whites) asst. in house
                  Harrison (m) 20 VA (white) laborer
                  Floyd (m) 19, Coleman 12 VA (whites) laborers
                  Richard DUNKIN 15 VA (white) laborer
Pg.479, #419-437, Kitty DUNKIN (f) 40 VA keeping house
                  Stacy (f) 16 VA asst. house
                  Richard 14, William M. 12, Harry G. 10 VA laborers
                  Emily A. 20, Julina F. 22 VA laborers on farm
Pg.485, #514-535, Rudford MORRIS (m) 36 VA BLACK laborer
                  Adaline 38 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Gusta (f) 16, Milly 10 VA BLACKS servants
                  James 8, Harrison 6 VA BLACKS
                  Ellen KOGER 40 VA BLACK farm hand
                  Pleasant GOIN 40 VA MULATTO laborer
                  Lucinda DUNKIN 38 VA MULATTO washer


Patrick Co. VA Marriage Records 1791-1853 (Index 1853-1912 on FHL film 33,350 item 2; Marriage Records on FHL film 33,351 items 1 & 2)
      Pg.30 #6, 10 Feb. 1859, John Duncan, age 21y 10m, farmer, his p. Jno. & N. Duncan, to Gilla Bowman, age 30? (36?) years, her p. Carman? & ---- Bowman, both born Patrick Co. VA; married by A.J. Capell. (MAD: 1850 Stokes Co. NC w/Nancy)
      James Duncan to Julia Duncan, 10/7/1826, B-11 (not "Lucy" Duncan)
   Mar. Reg. 3, 1853-1912 (FHL film 33,351)
      John A. Duncan, 21y 2m, single, b. Patrick Co., par. Wade H. & Mary; lic. 12/15/1866, to Luticia E. Wood, age 21y 10m, single, b. Stokes Co. NC, par. M. & E. Wood; mar. by J. Terrill. 3-48.
      R. Duncan, age 22, b. Patrick Co., par. R. & K. Duncan; lic. 10/26/1878, to R. Bowman, age 23, single, b. Patrick Co., par. R. & J Bowman; mar. by Jno. Vipperman. 3-95.
      G.H. Duncan, age 21, widowed, b. Tazewell Co. VA, par. W. & C. Duncan; lic. 1/26/1882, to Calva Bowman, age 25, single, b. Patrick Co. VA, par. A. & T. Going; mar. by R.S. Collins. 3-111.


Patrick Co. VA Wills, Inventories & Accounts, individually indexed
      Vol.1, 1791-1823; Vol.2, 1823-38; Vol.3, 1838-47 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,330)
      2-75: Shelton, Claiborne, exors bond, for Abraham (no 2nd name), Feb. 1805 (SLC 12/10/2013)
      Vol.4, 1848-54; Vol.5, 1855-60 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,331)
      Vol.6, 1860-1867 - no other Duncan (FHL film 33,332)
            have 6-115, John Duncan 11/25/1861

Patrick Co. VA Will Index 1791-1949 (FHL film 33,329)
      6-115 (6-145?): Duncan, Jno, 1861
      2-19: Shelton, Eliphaz, will July 4, 1818
      2-258: Shelton, Eliphaz, A/C Cur., Oct. 30, 1834, decd
      2-152: Shelton, Nancy, Inv. Mch. 19, 1831, decd.
      No early Ralph Shelton.

Patrick Co. VA Will (FHL film 33,332)
      6-115: 25 Nov. 1861, inv. & appr. of personal property of John Duncan decd; inv. consisted of one check on Merchants Bank of Fredericksburg, $33.83. (nothing else) (FHL film 33,332)


Patrick Co. VA Land and Property, 1748-1925 (FHL film 1,421,640 item 10; from Louis Boone 1988 with permission to share with others)
      Film begins about 1780; no Duncans found.

VA State Land Office Index to Surveys; Index #4, 1850-1875, D names (FHL film 29,543)
      Book N2, 1858-1861
            N2-496: W.H. Duncan, 24a (MAD: ? Wade H. of Patrick Co. VA)

VA State Land Office Surveys, Book N2, 1858-1861 (FHL film 29,631)
      N2-496: May 15, 1859, surveyed for Wade H. Duncan, 24 acres in Patrick Co. on waters of Elk Creek, part of Land Office Treasury Warrant #22,950 issued to Greenville Willis 9 April 1855 for 186 acres adj. William Lawson's and John Sharp's corner, Staples Martindale road, John Sharp's line; grant issued July 3, 1860.

VA State Land Grants, Upper Valley (index on FHL film 29,315; & from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      117-186: July 3, 1860, Wade H. Duncan, Patrick Co., 24 acres on Elk Creek. (FHL film 29,315)

Patrick Co. VA Deeds (1791-1941 Indexes, grantor pg.77 on FHL film 33,333; grantee pg.69 on FHL film 33,335; next deeds 1874)
      Bowman and Carter deeds 5-42, 6-73, 6-137, 6-115 (FHL film 33,339); 7-251 (FHL film 33,340) - looking for neighbors of Martin Duncan on Dan River; no mention
      No other Duncan deeds early (no grantee before 1858)
      1-84: 27 Feb. 1793, Peter (X) Volfe (Vess? Vefe?) and Margaret (X) his wife, John (X) Dunkan and Janey (X) his wife, to John Spencer, all Patrick Co. VA, for £50, 100 acres on waters of Mays River, old line, south side Prathers fork of sd. river, Dodsons line, to a white oak in the field the said Dunken now lives. Wit. George Dodson Senr, George Dodson Junr, Benjamin Fletcher, Thomas Dodson. (FHL film 33,337) (MAD: from Henry Co. VA?; John and Jane Hall)
      6-314: 4 May 1824, trust deed, Martin Duncan to Samuel Staples, James Howell 3rd part, Martin Duncan owes Staples, 280 acres on waters of Little Dann River. Wit. A. Staples, Jesse Thompson, Salley Thompson. (FHL film 33,339)
      6-321: 20 May 1824, trust deed, Winston Duncan to Samuel Staples, Alexander Murphy 3rd part, land on head waters of Little Dann River, said Duncan purchased from Hannon Bowman, same tract on which Martin Duncan Sr. decd resided for some time previous thereto; ref. to grant in the name of Martin Duncan Senr decd now in the possession of said W. Duncan, 50 acres. /s/ Winston Duncan, Alex Murphy. Wit. James Miller, Silas Carter, A. Staples. (FHL film 33,339; copied by Marybeth Syfert as Book 6, pg.326, film 33,340) (MAD: see Henry Co. grant 1799; and Pittsylvania Co. VA 1762, 400 acres)
      8-83: 27 March 1831, Samuel Sharp to Peter Bowman; Whereas Martin Duncan by indenture 4 May 1824 sold to Sharp in trust 2 parcels on waters of Little Dan River, 280 acres, bounded by land of William Hooker, which land the said Duncan has resided on for many years, to secure payment of a debt due from Martin Duncan to Samuel Staples, said Sharp on 29 March 1831 sold at public sale to Peter Bowman for $20.50. No Wit. (FHL film 33,340)
      13-106: 12 May 1848, trust deed Winston (X) Duncan to Samuel G. Staples, Abraham Staples 3rd part, Winston Duncan owes A. Staples; 50 acres on Little Dan River being the tract purchased by said W. Duncan from H. Bowman, from Howard Bowman, from Gilbert Bowman, from the father of the said W. Duncan; one brown steer ... with John Saunbiot?, for 2 young work steers got from Calvin Duncan about 3 years of age, one cow black with a ... face got from Rice Duncan about 4 years old - trust deed. Wit. Hugh Simms. (FHL film 33,343)
      16-267: 6 April 1858, Andrew M. Seybrook to Rice Duncan, Calvin Duncan, Cleon Duncan, Matilda Bowman the wife of Wm. Bowman heirs of Winston Duncan decd; said Winston Duncan in his lifetime became the equitable owner by purchase of a moity of a certain tract of land lying in Patrick County on the waters of Little Dan River containing 50 acres and patented to Martin Duncan in the year 1799, and whereas a suit was instituted in the Circuit Court of said county for a division of said lands between the said parties of the second part who claim as heirs of the said Winston Duncan, and the executors of Arch. Carter who claim by devise the other moiety and conveyance of title; whereas the said land was divided and allotted to the respective claimants by a special commissioner appointed for the purpose, said Sybrook appointed commissioner; decision and allotment by a decree? rendered in said court Sept. 1857; for $1 paid by said partners, all that portion of said tract which lies south and west of a branch, which divides said land into two nearly equal parts and enters the east fork of Little Dan River near the beginning corner of said land as described in Martin Duncan's patent, it being lot No. 1 containing 28? (?78) acres as described in the peat? and report of the Comr. who divided said land and filed in the papers of said suit to which reference is herein made. Recorded 6 April 1858. (FHL film 33,344)


Patrick Co. VA Order Books
      Court Orders 1822-1831 - no index (FHL film 33,346)
      Chancery Order Book to 1843, Vol.1 - no index (FHL film 33,349)
      Chancery Order Book Vol.2, 1847-1875:
            Pg.321: 20 Nov. 1867, Silas Carter, gdn. for &c, vs. Gilley Duncan &c; will amend bill.
            Pg.363: Oct. 1870, case dismissed.

Patrick Co. VA Court Records 1791-1831 Vol.0-3 (FHL film 33,346, from Louis Boone 1988 and 1989 with permission to share with others)
      June 1792: Wilson v. Shelton on a pets. Jud. according to specialty & costs.
      June 1792: Going v. Eakolds? on anteth? & costs.
      June 1792: Shelton v. McDaniels, Stephan Lyons a garnishee being sworn said that he owes the deft. 11 yards of ----? and 5-----?, Hatts------? condemation of said articles & att. a. court.
      July 1792: Going v. Aekolds on an att. a. court.
      July 1792: Shelton v. McDaniels on an atta. said gen. for the Plt. for £5 & costs.
      July 1792: James Denny appointed surveyor of the road from fork of the road below widow Lackeys to George Mabrays.
      Aug. 1792: Rogers v. Shelton (LB: no info several cases merely mentioned) Samuel Shelton, juror.
      Sept. 1792: On motion of Stephan Lyon jud. is granted him ag. John Smith for £5.19.4 & costs for the am. of a jud. obtained in this court by Eliphaz? Shelton de'd on secuirity for the same Smith.
      Sept. 1792: Renfro v. Hoof on an att. George Maybry, a garnishee being sev. said he owes def. L60 & jd according to specialty & ord. court.
            Read v. Going, cont. (LB: no info, among list of cases mentioned)
            Davis v. Going, David Going spl. bail.
      Dec. 1792: a deed from John Man/Mar? to Shadrack Going proven.
      Apr. 1793: a deed from Peter Vest/Vert? and John Duncan to John Spencer proven.

Patrick Co. VA Court of Quarter Sessions Records, Vol.0?, May 1793 (FHL film 33,346; extract from Louis Boone 11/19/1988 and 1/9/1980; images from SLC 12/10/2013)
      Pages not numbered
      At a Court of Quarterly Sessions continued and held for Patrick Co. on Tuesday, The 14th day of May 1793. Samuel Staples Comp. against In Chancery Eliphaz Shelton as guardian for Esop Shelton, Abigail Shelton, Liberty Shelton & Mary Shelton. Abraham Penn atty. in fact for Ralph Shelton Junr, Patrick? Shelton, Jeremiah Shelton, William McGehee? & Julius Robertson. Also against Dudly Rutherford, William Arnold, William Jones, Roger Shelton, Azariah Shelton, Ezekiah Shelton and James Shelton, heirs of Ralph Shelton deceased defendants.
         The Defendants Dudly Rutherford, William Jones & William Arnold not having entered their appearance and given security according to the act of assembly and the rules of this court and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that they are not inhabitants of this country. On the motion of the Complt. by his council it is ordered that the said defendants do appear here on the second Monday in August next and answer the Complt's bill and that a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in the Virginia Gazett for 2 months successively and to be published at the door of the courthouse of the said county of Patrick on same court day. (FHL film 33,346) (MAD: see 1812 Adair Co. KY marriage of Susannah, dau. of Dudley Rutherford, to Rice Duncan)

Patrick Co. VA Court Records 1791-1831 Vol.0-3 (FHL film 33,346, from Louis Boone 1988 and 1989 with permission to share with others)
      Jun. 1793: Wright v. Dunkin, jud. for £5 and costs with interest from the 25th Dec. 1792.
      Aug. 1793: Commonwealth v. Dunkin no other info, among list of cases.
            Commonwealth v. Huff.
      Dec. 1793: Administration of Nathan Going deceased is granted Shardrack Going who made oath according to law and together with Thomas Wardout?, Joshua Adams his secuirty.
      Jun. 1794: Corn v. Dunkin, judgment according to specialty and costs.
      Jan. 1795: Shelton v. Garrett, judg. according to specialty and costs.
            Adams v. Going, dismissed at Plts. costs.
            Frances v. Going a ded. acc'd the plt. to take the dep. of Jacob Lawson on giving the admin? publick legal notice (LB: Frances is spelling, possibly George Frances)
      Feb. 1796: Hanby v. Dunkin dismissed at plts. costs.
      9 Sep. 1796: Gabriel Penn, jailer of this county produced in court his acct. for guarding and disting? Martin Dunkin and was allowed 16 1/2 days for the same which was ordered to be certified to the auditor of publick accts.
      LB: Names found: Lewis Johnson, Stephan and James Lyon, Jesse Tatum, Thomas Stone, Samuel Allen, George and James Lackey; Guilford Co. NC is mentioned.
      Jan. 1797: Charles Foster, Charls Thomas and Samuel Packwood ... any two of them are app. to settle the account of the estate of John Lackey deceased and make a report to court.
      Feb. 1797: Administration of the estate of Samuel King is granted to Isham Cradock, who made oath etc.
      Feb. 1797: Joseph Going ... jurors list.
      Nov. 1797: Martin Dunkin Sr. is exempted from paying county and parish levys in the future.
      Apr. 1798: Hall v. Dunkin and Flectcher in Chancery Court, dismissed as to Fletcher the def., John Dunkin not appearing given security agreeable to the act of assembly and the rest of the court and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that he is not an inhabitant of this state. Therefor on the motion of the plt. by his att. it is ordered that he do appear next Quarterly court to be held on the last Thursday in July next to answer the compl. bill and that a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in the VA Gazette for eight weeks and posted on the courthouse front door.
            Hall v. Dunkin in Chancery on hearing of the Bill several exhibits in the cause etc. ... the deft. not appearing thereto, it is ordered that a fee simple in land and prmises in the deed exhibited as part of the complt. bill be vested in the said complaint ... recover his costs (LB: missed date)
      Book 1800-1810 (from Louis Boone 1989 with permission to share with others)
      July 1801: Going v. Newman; abates due to death of Plt. (appears to be Shadrack Going)
      Feb. 1808: John Dunkin v. Jacob Johnson awarded (return?) for each party to pay equal costs and judgment thereon accordingly with costs.
      July 1809: Samuel Howell v. Martin Dunkin dismissed.
      Feb. 1810: Chilton assignee v. Winston Dunkin, James L. Gaines ... spl. bl. (LB: Thomas and Wm. Dinkins are in this section of the court records.)
      Book 1810-1821
      Apr. 1810: Power of Attorney from Nancy Going to Benjamin Going.
            Nancy Going v. Harman Bowman ... continued.
      Jan. 1811: Moore v. Mankins ... commissioners to take disposition is granted the said Wm. Moore of witnesses in Surry Co. NC.
      Oct. 1811: Martin Duncan is allowed 1 days attend in Moore ag. Mankins.
      Feb. 1812: Nancy Going v. W. Dunkin, Sam. Hanly Jr. spl bl.
      Apr. 1812: Dunkin v. Bowman ... dismissed.
      Oct. 1813: Going v. Duncan ... dismissed.
      Feb. 1814: Commonwealth v. W. Duncan ... dismissed.
      Mar. 1816: The recognizance returned to this court against Joseph Buin for the alledged assertation of having begotten a bastard child by Patsey Duncan is dismissed.
      Oct. 1817: Ordered that it be certified to the auditor of Public Accounts that in the case of the Commonwealth agt. Winston Duncan in which an execution has been awarded and nothing has been found in the baliwick of the Sheriff to satisfy the said execution.
      June 1817: Winston Duncan is allowed 4 days attend as a witness for Woolfenby? v. Halbert.
      Aug. 1818: Power of Attorney from Isham Smith, Polly Smith, Mark Smith and Nancy Smith to John Smith adm. of Wm. Smith Sr. deceased having been acknowledged before Thomas Duke on of the Commonwealth Justices for the State of GA certified and recorded.
      Feb. 1819: deed from Elijah, Thomas and Elizabeth Banks his wife to John Poindexter with his proper certification of the clerk and presiding Justice of the Peace of Smith Co. TN.
      June 1819: Adm. of estate of Wm. Moore is granted to Wm. Carter Jr. in this state where upon he entered into bond with Madison R. Hughes, Gabriel Handly Jr. and Wm. Carter Sr., his secuiritys.
            Gabreil? Moore is appointed guardian for Hardin and Samuel Moore, children of Wm. Moore deceased.
      (LB: We seem to have a John Duncan in Smith Co. TN guardian of Jonathon Moore's children. Duncan witnessed John Moore's deed in 1830. John Duncan is said to be a s/o Wm. Duncan. A Wm. Duncan had Thomas Duncan witnessing his deed in Patrick Co. VA. Could these two be brothers with Thomas to Smith TN and part of William's family also to Smith TN? A Moore connection in York Co. SC in Patrick Duncan's family.)
      Nov. 1819: Wm. Going and Molley his wife v. Clark Penn and Wm. Clark ... Nancy Going is allowed 4 days atten for Going v. Penn and Clark.
            Thomas Going is allowed 3 days atten for Going v. Penn and Clark.
      Sep. 1820: Polly Going, Shadrack Going and Cornelius Going be bound out according to law and Peter Franse executing the same.
      Jun. 1821: Patsey Dunkin is allowed 2 days attendeance as a witness for Carter v. Boyles.
            Winston Duncan is allowed 1 day attendance as a witness for Bowman v. Cole.
      Aug. 1821: Smith v. Duncan on an appeal ordered the final administration of Matthew Sandefer and Martin Cloud whose award is to be made the judgement of this court.
      Aug. 1821: Winston Duncan ... juror.
            W. Duncan ... juror.
      Nov. 1821: Winston Duncan is allowed 4 days attendance as witness for Burwell Smith v. Boyles.
      Nov. 1821: Patsey Duncan is allowed 20 days attendance as a witness for the same. Also case of Smith and Boyles. (LB: same case as above)
      Oct. 1822: Smith vs. Dunkin ... plt consents in court that the said appeal? may be obtained for the benefit of M. Sandifer whereas granted accordingly for costs.
      Oct. 1822: Martin Dunkin is allowed 1 day attendance as a witness for Dunkin v. Smith.
      Aug. 1823: Commonwealth v. Duncan, aula? made absolute leave to file information and a dismissal thereupon awarded.
      26 Aug. 1823: The month of October next for the tryal of James Duncan and do then and there in behalf of the Commonwealth give such evidence as they knowith against the said James Duncan concerning the matter where with he is charged so that much of their co? depart without leave of the Superior Court where this recognizance be void ... also remain in full force and virtue.
      Feb. 1824: On motion of Winston Duncan for the injunction to stay the proceedings of a judgment received? against a magistrate? in favor of Harmon Bowman? for the benefit of Nathl. McCollum the same is granted here upon the usual terms for reasons shown to the court.
      March 1824: Commonwealth v. Duncan certified not guilty, dismissed?.
      May 1824: A deed of trust from Martin Duncan to Samuel Staples with the certified --?-- was exhibited in court, examined and ordered recorded.
      June 1824: Commonwealth v. Duncan on information continued rule against the Sheriff? Isham Hooker for non allowance at this court as a witness for the Commonwealth v. Duncan.
      Sept. 1825: John Tatum, Samuel Flippen and John King are appointed commissioners to rule Aut? of his guardianship for Madison? and Wm. Moore, infant children of Wm. Moore. (LB: I believe we have Moore family connections in both York SC and Smith Co. TN.)
      June 1826: John Duncan allowed 3 days attendance as witness for Hooker v. Commonwealth.
      Sept. 1826: At an examining court held for Patrick Co. at the courthouse on a Saturday, 23rd day of Sept. 1826, on the Trial of John Duncan charged with following, taking and carying away from the possession of Shadrack Bealsely one --?-- and 2 promisory notes on the 16th day of July last.
      Sept. 1826: The prisoner was brought to the bar in custody of the sheriff of this county where upon he pleaded not guilty of the charge aforesaid ... court is of the opinion that John Duncan is guilty of the charge ... court to next Superior Court. (LB: missed writing down the follow-up of this case. It went to the effect that Bealsely wasn't pressing charges against Duncan and Duncan was released.)
      Dec. 1828: John G. Lee is appointed guardian ad litum for Wm. Shelton and John Shelton, infant heirs of Frederick Shelton.


Patrick Co. VA Personal Property Tax Lists (FHL film 1,870,193 item 2 1791-1823, 1808 missing, and FHL film 1,870,194 1824-1850; from Marybeth Syfert 2/2001)
      1791 Martin Duncan, John (Dan River) Duncan
      1792 Martin and James are listed
      1793 Martin Jr and Martin Sr.
      1794 Martin Jr., Martin Sr., John Duncan and Reachel Duncan (MS: who's she?)
      1795 Martin and Reachel
      1796 Martin Jr. and Martin Sr.
      1797 Martin Sr. and Martin Jr.
      1798 Martin Sr. and William
      1799 Martin Sr.
      1800 Duncan P. Mach (MS: I don't know what that is), Martin Jr and Martin Sr.
      1801 Martin and Martin
      1802 Martin Jr. and Martin Sr.
      1803 Martin Dunkin Jr. and Martin Dunkin Sr.
      1804 Winston and Martin Jr.
      1805 Martin and Winston
      1806 Martin and Winston
      1807 Winston, John, and Martin Jr.
      1808 Martin and Winston
      1809 nothing (MAD: catalog says 1808 missing)
      1810 Winston and Martin
      1811 Winston and Martin
      1812 Martin
      1813 Martin and Winston
      1814 Winston and Martin
      1815 Martin
      1816- 1821 Winston and Martin
      1822-1823 Martin
      1824-1825 Martin and Winston
      1826 Martin
      1827-1828 None
      1829 Hiram
      1830 Martin Sr., Hiram, John, Martin Jr., Winston, and James.
      1831 Winston, Hiram, Martin Jr., and Martin Sr.
      1832 Martin Jr., Hiram, Martin Sr., James, Winston
      1833 Winston, Martin Jr., Martin Sr., James, and Hiram
      1834 Martin, Patty, Martin Sr., John, Hiram, Winston
      1835 Martin Sr., Hiram, James, Martin Jr., John, Winston
      1836 Winston, John, Martin, James, Hiram
      1837 John Dunkin Jr., James, Hiram, Martin and Winston
      1838 James, John, Hiram, Patty, Martin, Winston
      1839 Winston, Hiram, John W., Wade, James and Martin Jr.
      1840 Wade Dunkin, Winston, John W., Martin and Hiram
      1841 John, Hiram, John W., Wade, Winston, James, Martin
      1842 Hiram, Winston, Martin, James, Wade and John W.
      1843 John W., Winston, William, Wade, James and Hiram
      1844 James, Winston, John W., Wade, Rice, Hiram, William
      1845 Wade, James, John W., William, Hiram, Rice, Winston
      1846 Winston, William, Rice, Hiram, John
      1847 Winston, Hiram, Wade, William, Rice, John
      1848 James decd., Rice, Hiram, William, Winston, Wade
      1849 Wade, William, John Jr., Martin, Winston, Rice, Hiram
      1850 Martin Jr., William, Winston, Calvin, Rice, and John


Tazewell Co. VA Marriage Index 1800-1939 (FHL film 34,214)
      3-3: #7, Feb. 15, 1855, Martin Duncan, age 23, single, b. Patrick Co. VA, res. Tazewell Co., p. James & Julia Duncan, farmer, license to marry Nancy Stump, age 26, widow, b. Tazewell Co., res. Tazewell Co., p. Joshua & -- Cecil; married by Geo. W. Browne. (MAD: living with ?? Rebecca in 1850 Patrick Co.?)
      3-12: #45, Oct. 10, 1860, William Duncan, age 30, single, b. Pike (MAD: sic?) Co. VA, res. Tazewell Co., p. Martin & Rebecca Duncan, farmer, license to marry Rhoda F. Burnett, age 23 yrs 3 mos, single, b. Tazewell Co., res. Tazewell Co., p. Wm. & Adaline Barnett; m. by Wm. Esteel. (MAD: Patrick Co.)
      3-20: #49, April 12, 1866, James M. Duncan, age 21, single, b. Patrick Co. VA, res. Tazewell Co., p. James & July J?. Duncan, farmer, license to marry Elizabeth Johnson, age 35, widowed, b. Tazewell Co., res. Tazewell Co., p. John Casper, m. by William H. Kelly.

Lee Co. VA Marriage Records; 1830-35 minister's returns, 1850-54 marriage licenses, 1853-1916 mar. register, birth register 1854-77, death register 1853-1891 (FHL film 32,441)
   Record 2, 1853-1916 (page & line)
      7-23, 9/13/1860, Clearon Duncan, 24 widowed b. Patrick Co. VA, par. V. & P. Duncan, to Mary White, 19 single b. Ferish? NC, par. Jas. & P. White, remarks: "parsons name not given"


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