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Formed 1798 from Green
Wayne formed 1800 from Pulaski, Cumberland
Monroe formed 1820 from Barren, Cumberland
Russell formed 1825 from Cumberland, Adair, Wayne, Pulaski
Clinton formed 1836 from Wayne, Cumberland
Metcalfe formed 1860 from Monroe, Adair, Barren, Cumberland, Green


1810 Cumberland Co. KY Census
Pg.172  Rice Duncan          10010           - 20100
   172  Also John Miller, Christn. Miller,
        Mary Antle, John Antle, Jacob Antle

1820 Cumberland Co. KY Census
Pg.156  John Duncan          200010          - 21010

1830-1840 Cumberland Co. KY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1830 Cumberland Co. KY Census; alphabetic by first name
Pg.153  Martin Grider Jr.     0000,11         - 31
        Martin Grider Sr.     0000,0000,01    - 0000,0000,01

1840 Cumberland Co. KY Census
Pg.348  Valantine Grider      0000,1          - 0001
   349  Martin Grider         1011,0000,0001  - 1122,01

1850 Cumberland Co. KY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1860 Cumberland Co. KY Census
District 2, Burksville
Pg.573, #472-472, H.W. DUNCAN (m) 53 VA blacksmith $0-$100
                  Elizabeth 47 VA
                  Robt. 17, S.W. (f) 13 KY
                  James 12, M.J. (f) 11 KY
                  M.S. (f) 8, Virginia 4 KY
                  (MAD: Hiram Duncan, in 1850 Adair Co. KY census; Mary 20, Jannie 15 in 1870 Cumberland Co. KY census; ? Robert 27 and James 25 in 1870 Barren Co. KY census)

1870 Cumberland Co. KY Census
Burkesville Prct.
Pg.17, #187-202, COLE, R.S. (m) 27 KY (white) farmer $750-$500
                  Eva E. 25 KY
                  Richard C. 6, Robt. 5, Kate E. 2 KY
                  DUNKIN, Jannie (f) 15 KY (white)
                  HAGGARD, M. (m) 18 KY MULATTO farm hand
Pg.17, #188-203, SMITH, R.S. (m) 38 KY (white) farmer $1700-$1000
                  Catherine E. 33 KY keeping house
                  Orlando T. (m) 13, Richard C. 9, Sarah E. 5 KY
                  DUNCAN, Mary 20 KY (white)
                  WALKE, Toliver? (m) 13 TN (white) farm hand
Pg.25, #284-305, DUNCAN, Rach (f) 28 KY BLACK domestic servant $0-$0
                  Betty (f) 8, Bruce (f) 6 KY BLACK
                  Barbry (f) 3 KY BLACK


Cumberland Co. KY Probate (FHL film 800,813)
      C-362, Estate of Martin Grider, decd., inv. dated 21 Sept. 1838, John Patterson, adm. (C-363), sales to Israel Grider, Henry Grider, and others - no female Grider purchaser.
      (MAD: see Avy Crider in Sangamon Co. IL 1850)


Cumberland Co. KY Surveys (FHL film 804,980)
      B-81: 14 Dec. 1825, for James Duncan, Senr, assignee of Joseph ?..bottom assignee of ? ?, (very faint), 50 acres in Cumberland Co., 1 Dec. 1825, Warrant No. 14720. (MAD: per "KY Land Grants" by Willard R. Jillson, James Duncan Sr. had KY Land Warrant for 50 acres on Butlers Creek, W-270; he had a survey on 14 Dec. 1825, chain carriers John Akins and James Duncan, Survsey Book B-81, from pg.159 of "Cumberland Co. KY Survey Records" by Butler and Smith, FHL book 976.968 R2b; these books should be consulted for other surveys for Duncans)

Cumberland Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 804,866)
      D-126: 17 Feb. 1819, from Hannah Norcutt, Anthony Norcutt, James Hall and James Duncan to Joseph Bledsoe of Cumberland Co., $300, 150 acres on south side of Cumberland River on both sides of Turkey Creek. Wit. Benjamin Bledsoe, Ivarson? Warriner, Adison W. Bledsoe. Registered 7 Oct. 1819 on oaths of witnesses to "deed from Norcuth heirs."


Cumberland Co. KY tax records (FHL film 7,943)
      1799: Duncan, George, 1 pole, 3 horses, 111-1/2a Sinking Creek
      1800-1804: No list
      1805: no Duncan
      1806-1832: No list
      1833: Duncan, James S., 1 pole, 1 horse
      1834-1836: No list
      1837: no Duncan
      1838: no Duncan
      Did not look later

HISTORIES before 1923

1876 "Early Settlers of Sangamon Co. IL" by John Carroll Power, pub. Springfield, IL: Edwin A. Wilson & Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book; FHL book 977.356 D3p; also from Carolyn Jensen, Sue Monaghan, Donald Neal Duncan)
      Pg.270: DUNCAN, RICE, was born Mar. 5, 1781, in North Carolina. He was brother to Marshal and John. When young his father's family moved to Cumberland Co. KY. He was there married to Barbara Antle. They had four children, and Mrs. D. died. He married Luranah Rutherford. They brought one child from Kentucky to St. Clair county, where they had five children, and moved to Morgan, and then to Sangamon county, arriving Oct., 1837, in what is now Salisbury. Mrs. Luranah Duncan, died May 29, 1862, and Rice Duncan died Oct. 7, 1863, both in Salisbury township.
      Pg.270-1: DUNCAN, MARSHAL, was born in 1783 or 4, in North Carolina. He was brother to Rice and John. He went, when young, with his parents to Cumberland Co. KY. He left Kentucky with three children and came to Sangamon Co. IL, arrived in 1820 or 21 in Salisbury township. He was there married to Hannah Miller, a daughter of John Miller. Marshall Duncan died in Sangamon county, in the fall of 1858, and his widow resides with her children in Iowa.
      Pg.271-2: DUNCAN, JOHN, was born in 1789, in Cumberland Co. KY. He was married there to Sally Miller, and had six children there, and moved to Sangamon Co. IL, about 1827, in what is now Salisbury township, where they had six children. Mrs. Sally Duncan died Nov., 1850, and John Duncan died in 1863, both near Salisbury.
      Pg.245-6: DAVIES, JOHN, was born in Wales, and came to America when a young man. He was married in Adair Co. KY, to Catharine Antle. They had ten children in Kentucky, and Mr. Davies died there about 1810. His widow moved to Sangamon county about 1826, and settled near Salisbury. (page 246) Mrs. Catharine Davies died in 1846, in Salisbury. (page 245) Of her children ... HENRY, born Oct. 30, 1805, in Cumberland Co. KY, came to Salisbury, Sangamon county, in 1828.
      Pg.404-5: IRWIN, ROBERT S. (son of William), born Nov. 14, 1813, in Cabarras Co. NC, was married in Sangamon county, Jan. 19, 1837, to Cynthia Duncan, who was born Aug. 18, 1818, in Adair Co. KY. Mrs. Cynthia Irwin died April 6, 1872, and Robert S. Irwin died May 3, 1874, both in Salisbury township, east of the Sangamon river, and near the Iron Bridge.
      Pg.84: ANTLE, REV. JOHN, was born April 15, 1789, in Cumberland Co. KY. Elizabeth Buchanan was born in Cumberland Co. PA. Her parents moved to Lincoln Co. KY, when she was seven years old. Her father died in that county, and she went to live with a married sister in Cumberland county. John Antle and Elizabeth Buchanan were there married. They had five children. The family then moved to Morgan Co. IL in 1829, and from there to Sangamon county, arriving Jan. 9, 1830, in what is now Salisbury township. Mrs. Elizabeth Antle died Sept., 1844, and John Antle died August 30, 1864, she in Menard county and he in Salisbury.
      Pg.157: BUCHANAN, REUBEN, was born March 20, 1809, in Woodford Co. KY. His father moved, in 1819 or '20, to Morgan Co. IL. Reuben remained there until 1834, when he came to Sangamon county, settling at Salisbury, where he was married to Barbara Duncan, a step-daughter of Solomon MILLER. She was born March 15, 1812, in Cumberland Co. KY. ... Mr. Buchanan ... his death, which occurred Nov. 14, 1861. His widow resides with her son-in-law, Lafayette Smith, in Springfield. (MAD: Barbara Duncan mar. Reuben Buchanan in Sangamon Co. IL; but wife of Solomon Miller was Nancy A. Antle, dau. of Mary or Molly Antle, mar. 13 Aug. 1813 in Adair Co. KY)
      Pg.523: MILLER, SOLOMON, was born about 1796, in Adair Co. KY. He was married there to Nancy A. ANTLE. They had four children in Kentucky, and moved to St. Clair Co. IL, and from there to Sangamon county, arriving in the spring of 1820, at what is now Salisbury, where five children were born. .... Mrs. Nancy A. Miller died April, 1854, and Solomon Miller married Lucinda Gard. He died in 1858, near where he settled in 1820, at Salisbury, Illinois. Children: BARBARA, born March 15, 1812, in Cumberland county, Ky., married Reuben Buchanan. See his name. (MAD: mar. as Barbara Duncan on 12/3/1833)

1891 "Portrait and Biographical Album of Sangamon Co. IL" by Chapman Bros. (from Sue Monaghan and Vivian Biddle)
      Pg.758-760: T.S. DUNCAN ... was born in Salisbury, May 31, 1854, and is a son of William T.H. Duncan, a native of Adair Co. KY. His grandfather, Marshall Duncan, also a native of that State, was a hatter by trade and with his wife and two children, W.T.H. and James, who were twin brothers, emigrated to Illinois, locating in what was then Menard Co., but is now part of Sangamon County. He was accompanied to his new home in the West by his father, James Duncan, who was a representative of one of the first families of Virginia. Both gentlemen died in Salisbury Township.
            William T.H. Duncan, father of our subject, was a young man when his parents came to Illinois. ... In 1831 he married Eve Miller .... He died in Salisbury in 1861, at the age of fifty-five years .... The wife of William T.H. Duncan, and the mother of our subject, was born in Adair Co. KY, December 11, 1813, and was a daughter of Solomon Miller, who was also a native of Kentucky, where his boyhood days were spent. He married in that State and with his family came to Illinois in 1820, ... He gave forty acres for the town site of Salisbury, which was named in his honor, Sol'sbury, which was changed to Salisbury, its present mode of spelling. .... In the Miller family there are ten children, ... Eve, mother of our subject, is the second in order of birth ...
      Pg.251-252: NATHAN C. ANTLE ... The ancestral home was in Kentucky, and there the Rev. John Antle, grandfather of our subject, was born and lived for many years. ... In 1829 he came with his family to this State, ... Henry Antle, father of our subject, was born in Cumberland Co. KY, September 11, 1813. He came to this State when sixteen years old ... The mother of our subject was born in St. Clair County, this State, January 25, 1820, and bore the maiden name of Nancy Duncan. Her father, Rice Duncan, a native of South Carolina and a schoolteacher in his earlier years, was one of the early settlers in St. Clair County, this State.

1879 "History of Macoupin Co. IL" pub. by Brink, McDonough & Co. (from Margo Thiel 1987 and FHL film 825,591)
      Pg.226, South Palmyra Twp., Biographical Sketches: JAMES S. DUNCAN, The present county coroner of Macoupin Co. was born in Palmyra twp. near where he now resides May 16, 1836. He was the son of William T. and Clemmentina Duncan, both natives of Cumberland Co. KY. William Duncan emigrated to this state in about 1830. The following year he married, and began farming in Palmyra twp, an avocation he followed until his death in 1861. He served as a soldier in the Black Hawk War. His aged wife still survives him, and lives with her children. They raised a family of 11 children, 8 now living. The subject of our sketch was the 2nd child. During his boyhood and youth he assisted his father on the farm, ... He lived with his father until his death. In 1861 he was united in marriage to Miss Mary J. Weller, a daughter of T.J. Weller, and a native of the same township. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were raised within a half mile of each other, consequently they were acquainted from childhood. They have had a family of 8 children, 7 of whom are living, five boys and two girls, namely, William T., Thomas J., Lillie B., Robert P., James S., David D., and Rosie E. They are all living at home. ...


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