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Formed 1666, Original County
Litchfield formed 1751 from Hartford, Fairfield


1790 Fairfield Co. CT Census
Pg.29  Charls Duncan        222xx    Stratford Town
   31  Edward Duncam        112xx    Weston Town
       Daniel Duncan        424xx    "
   32  Jerard Duncan        132xx    "

Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken
in the Year 1790 - Connecticut.
   Fairfield Co. CT, Fairfield, pg.32  John Duncomb  1-3-4 xx
      Pg.14:  Fairfield County, Fairfield Town, column 3: Duncomb, John, 134xx

1800 Fairfield Co. CT Census
Pg.26  Jeremiah Duncan      02110        - 21010   Weston
   34  Edward Duncom        20010        - 31010   Weston
   38  John Duncomb         00001        - 10001   Stratford
   68  William Duncom       31201        - 11010   Fairfield

1810 Fairfield Co. CT Census
Pg. 11  Wm. Duncomb         00001        - 10001    Stratford
    20  Jn. Dunkcomb        00001        - 00001
    99  Zachariah Duncomb   01010        - 20100    Weston
   225  Joseph Duncan       10100        - 00100    New Fair.

1820 Fairfield Co. CT Census
Pg. 98  Wm. Dunkin          100010       - 10011   Sherman
   227  John Dunkam         000001       - 00001   Stratford

1830 Fairfield Co. CT Census
Pg.100  Edward Duncan       0000,0000,01 - 0000,0000,1   Weston
        Isaac Duncan        0100,01      - 0010,001
   322  Joseph Duncan       0001,101     - 0000,0010,01  New Fair.

1840 Fairfield Co. CT Census
Pg.294  Joseph Duncan       0000,1001    - 0000,0001     New Fair.
        Alson Duncan        0000,01      - 0000,1

1850 Fairfield Co. CT Census
New Fairfield
Pg.60, #113-126, Nelson DUNKIN 42 CT farmer $2000
                  Jane 21 CT
                  Joseph C. 5, Sarah E. 7 CT
                  (MAD: name plainly written "Nelson"; not "Alson" as in 1840 and 1860)
Pg.178, #405-420, John T. STAPLES 25 Ridge. CT shoemaker
                  Eliza A. 23 Ridge. CT
                  James R. DUNCAN 17 NY shoemaker
Pg.326, #108-118, Hannah DUNCAN 60 CT
                  Harriet BURTON 16 CT
                  Charles L. DUNCAN 8 NJ
Pg.309, #515-571, Wm. H. SMITH 36 CT shoemaker
                  Sally 30, Margarett 40 CT
                  Isaac L. 24 CT
                  Wm. H. DUNCAN 27 NY blacksmith

1860 Fairfield Co. CT Census
New Fairfield
Pg.358, #1608-1705, Alson DUNCAN 51 NY farmer $1000-$400
                  Jane 31 NY
                  Sarah E. 16 CT teacher
                  Joseph C. 15 CT
                  William G. 5 CT
                  Daniel WHALEY 35 CT farm laborer
Pg.593, #294-328, Thos. DUKIN 28 IRE farmer $2700-$300
                  Ann 28 IRE
                  Margaret GALEHER 45 IRE
                  Ellen 17 IRE
                  Hugh GILLAY 30 IRE laborer
Pg.701, #682-868, James H. DUNCAN 35 NJ mst. blacksmith $4000-$2000
                  Sarah A. 32 NY
                  Alfenzo L. (m) 7 CT
                  Carrie E. (f) 1 CT
                  Lois E. PROVEST (f) 18 CT
Easton Town
Pg.1044, #1199-1270, Isaac DUNSCOMB 66 CT shoe maker $500-$300
                  Anna 70 CT
Pg.326, #1141-1309, Jesse S. DUNCOMB 36 CT engineer $0-$300
                  Louisa M. 29 CT
                  Emma N. 11, Augusta M. (f) 9 CT
                  Mary L. 5 CT
                  Mary E. NOBLE 26 CT (blank)
Pg.608, #418-457, Chas. DUNCOMB 42 CT farmer $4000-$300
                  Eliza 40 CT
                  Harriet 10 CT
Pg.614, #471-511, Ruth DUNCOMB 65 CT (blank) $5000-$500
                  William E. 30 CT farmer $0-$1500
                  Sarah 27 CT
                  David S. 6 CT, George 3 CT
Pg.645, #740-791, Edmon BENEDICT (m) 54 CT shoemaker $1800-$3000
                  Catharine 51 CT
                  Harriet E. 24 CT
                  Jas. B. DUNCAN 26 CT shoemaker $0-$0
                  Cornelia E. (f) 26 CT
                  Emma L/F. 4 CT

1870 Fairfield Co. CT Census
Bridgeport, Ward 1
Pg.69, #499-624, DUNCOMBE, Jessie S. 45 CT engineer of stationary engine $3,000-$650
                  DUNCOMBE, Louisa M. 34 NY domestic duties
                  Augusta M. (f) 19 CT at home
                  Mary L. 14 CT at school
                  DEVINE, John S. 40 CT works in furniture factory
                  BERTRINE, George 22 CT works in surg? Mac? factory
Bridgeport, Ward 2
Pg.149, #1320-1926, DUNCOMBE, Isor (m) 70 CT marble cutter $0-$0
                  Ellen 33 IRE domestic duties, parents of foreign birth
                  Alexander 13 NJ works in laundry, mother of foreign birth
                  DUNCOMBE, John 10 NJ attends school, mother of foreign birth
                  Frederick 8 NJ attends school, mother of foreign birth
                  George 5 NJ mother of foreign birth
Bridgeport Ward 3
Pg.208-209, #1961-2928, HILL, David I?. 49 NY carpenter $0-$400
                  Jennie D. 36 NY domestic duties
                  GRAHAM, John 26 CT works in Sew Machine factory
                  TEAOL? (written over), Samuel 21 CT works in Sew Machine factory
                  McLEAN, John 23 CT works in Sew Machine factory
                  VELSOR, James 25 NY works in Sew Machine factory
                  MALLETT, William 22 CT works in Sew Machine factory
                  COX, George 22 NY works in Sew Machine factory
                  FOLLETT, Charles 36 NY works in Sew Machine factory
                  INGALS, Nelson 34 VT works in Sew Machine factory
                  Charlotte 23 CANada at home (not parents of foreign birth)
                  DUNCAN, Minnie 21 MA works in Sew Machine factory, parents of foreign birth
                  DVILSE?, Charles 46 CANada works in Sew Machine factory
                  Mary 26 CANada at home
                  HILL, George B. 18 CT house carpenter
                  William 6 CT at home
                  STORMONT, Charles 20 CT works in Sew Machine factory, parents of foreign birth
                  SLATERY, Cathrine 20 IRE domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
                  CONDIN? (COWDIN?), Annie IRE 32 domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
Borough of Danbury
Pg.346, #736-882, DEACON, Patrick 39 IRE labourer $0-$300, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 39 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  John 19 ENG laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  Thomas 17 ENG works in hat facty., parents of foreign birth
                  William 9, Joseph 6 ENG parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: indexed as Patrick Duncon)
Pg.369, #1048-1264, BARNUM, Geo. W. 28 CT clerk in store $3,000-$300
                  Sarah L. 23 CT keeping house
                  DUNCOM, Garrison (m) 16 CT clerk in store
Town of Easton
Pg.434, #100-90, DUNCOMB, Isaac 76 CT at home $0-$0
                  Anna 80 CT keeping house
Town of Greenwich
Pg.557, #509-599, HENSON?, Frederic 32 GERM woollen factory $700-$0
                  Mary 30 MA keeping house
                  JONES, Hannah 63 NY
                  DUNBAN?, Isadore (f) 19 MA house keeping
                  (MAD: indexed Isadore Duncan, but does not look like a "c")
New Fairfield
Pg.689, #118-126, WOOD, William 45 NY farmer $7000-$2000
                  Jane 41 NY house keeping
                  Crosby (m) 5, Martha 4 NY
                  DUNCAN, William 16 NY clerk in store
                  WOOD, Martha 70 NY
Pg.691, #146-156, DUNCAN, Joseph 25 CT (blank) $6,000-$100
                  Mary 26 CT
                  Ella 9/12 CT b.Sept.
Pg.797, #830-957, DUNCAN, William 45 NJ blacksmith $0-$8000
                  Sarah 43 CT keeping house
                  Alphonso L. 17 CT
                  Carrie? E. 11 CT
Pg.8, #141-141, DUNCOMB, Wm. E. 40 CT farmer $6000-$6000
                  Sarah 35 CT keeps house
                  David S. 15, George F. 13, Emma E. 6 CT
                  Ruth 76 CT
Pg.28, #129-129, DUNCAN, James 37 NY work at harness $0-$0
                  Cornelia 36 CT keep house
                  Emma 14, Willia (m) 5 CT


"Early Connecticut Marriages as Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800" by Frederic W. Bailey, 7 Vols., pub. by Bureau of American Ancestry for Family Researches (Placerville Public Library book 929.3746E; FHL books 974.6 K2bf and films)
      D. Dunkins of Grensfarms to Sarah Dolittle of Wilton, March 20, 1758, Wilton, Fairfield Co. (3-65)
      Ebenezer Munrow to Mary Dunkin, Jan. 1, 1751/52, Fairfield-Westport, Fairfield Co. (3-152)
      Jared Duncan to Dolly Osborn, Aug. 30, 1780, Fairfield-Weston, Fairfield Co. (5-66)
      David Duncan to Huldah Smith, Sept. 26, 1793, Fairfield-Weston, Fairfield Co. (5-69)
      Daniel Duncan to Anna Lockwood, Nov. 20, 1794, Fairfield-Weston, Fairfield Co. (5-69)
      Daniel Duncan Esq. to Elizabeth Williams, July 6, 1799, Fairfield-Weston, Fairfield Co. (5-70)
      John Meaker to Sally Duncan, Nov. 29, 1799, Fairfield-Weston, Fairfield Co. (5-70)
      Warman Duncan to Ruth Curtiss, Sept. 30, 1753, Stratford, Fairfield Co. (5-100)
      William Sessons, Englishman, to Arethy Dunkin, Feb. 27, 1780, Stratford-Huntington, Fairfield Co. (7-87)
      Charles Dunkin of Fairfield to Mary or Mercy Edwards, Aug. 25, 1768, Stratford-Trumbull, Fairfield Co. (7-99)

"Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses were Issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York Previous to 1784" by Gideon J. Tucker, 1860 (FHL book 974.7 V28n; pg.120-121)
      1753, Aug. 24, Duncan, Warman, and Ruth Curtis, m.b., i-95. (MAD: Married 9/30 1753 Stratford, Fairfield Co. CT.)


JARED DUNCAN, widow Dolly, Rev. Pension Application R-3122, NY, CT [Rejected] (FHL film 970,863)
      Application 29 Jan. 1820, of Hillsdale, Columbia Co. NY; on pension list Dec. 1809 as invalid; almost total deafness and wounds in Rev. War; in fall of 1814 he was travelling in the night over Hearlem Hights near NY, he was knocked down by two men and robbed of his pocket book containing his pension money and original Pension Certificate; needs a new pension certificate so he can claim his pension money.
      Petition 3 Nov. 1841, by Dolly Duncan, of Redding, Fairfield Co. CT, age 82 years, widow of Jared Duncan, formerly of Weston, Fairfield Co., soldier in Continental Army, wounded by enemy at battle of White Plains; served in the coast guards; she married Jared 13 Aug. 1780; he died 1 Feb. 1823; statement 3 Nov. 1841 by Thornton Lee, age 53; statement 26 Oct. 1841, by Pastor of Congregational Church of Parrish of Norfield, Weston, Fairfield Co. CT about marriage of Jared Duncan to Dolly Osborn on August 30, 1780; declaration 17 May 1841 by Jonathan Godfry of Weston, Fairfield Co. CT, age 87; neighbor of Jared Duncan.
      Declaration 31 Jan. 1852 by Mrs. Polly O. Lee of Redding, Fairfield Co. CT: that she age 54; Mrs. Sarah Meeker age 70 of Redding; Joseph Duncan age 68 of Unionville, Duchess Co. NY; William Duncan age 65 of Camden [Oneida Co.], NY; and Dosher Whitlock of Luzerne Co. PA; are only surviving children of Jared and Dolly Duncan, deceased; that father Jared died on 1 Feb. 1823; that mother Dolly applied for pension 1841 but did not receive it; petition for back payments due Dolly to the date of her death on 19 March 1847.
      Statement 22 Jan. 1852 by John Griffin, aged 83, of Redding, that Jared served under Capt. Daniel Duncan & Col. St. John in the coast guards; declaration 22 Jan. 1852 by Mrs. Polly Bennett, age 73, acquainted with Jared about 70? years, that Dolly died 19 March 1847, she attended her funeral, she is acquainted with Sarah Meeker, Joseph & William Duncan, Dosher Whitlock and Mrs. Polly O. Lee who are only surviving children of Jared and Dolly Duncan; declaration 22 Jan. 1852 by Elias Bennett, aged 73, similar statement to Mrs. Polly Bennett; statement 9 July 1852 by Daniel Dikeman, age 90, of Westport, Fairfield Co. CT, a pensioner; acquainted with Jared during Rev.; Jared was private for 2 years, entered service in vicinity of Westport now called Weston ...
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

"List of private claims presented to the House of Representatives of the US from the 1st to the 31st Congress, inclusive" (pages 552-3 from Joe Hammond 8/1984)
      Name of Claimants; nature or object of the claim; congress; session; how brought before the House of Rep.; Page of journal; to what committee of the House referred; No. or date of the report; nature of the report; No. of the bill; how disposed of by the House of Reps.; how disposed of by the Senate; Date of the act of Congress and remarks.
      Duncan, Jared; Invalid pension; 11th; 2nd; Petition; pg. 228; Select Committee; March 7, 1810; Favorable report; Laid on table.
      Duncan, Jared; Invalid pension; 11th; 2nd; General Bill; pg. 283; Whole House Committee; March 24, 1810; With't amend. (report); Bill No. 107; Passed by House of Reps; passed by Senate; App'd April 27, 1810 (date of the act of Congress).

"Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" Vol.I, A-E, by Virgil D. White (from Dorothy Franks 5/1993)
      MAD: Anna (Hall) Duncomb or Duncombe, widow of Edward Duncombe, of Fairfield Co. CT, drew pension W-25553 for her husband's service in the Revolution; their children were Zachariah b. 8/26/1783, d. before 1848, Isaac age 56 in 1850, Mrs. Lydia Hoyt, Mrs. Betsey Taylor, Eleazer. The published extract includes much more.
      This record is also referred to in "Revolutionary War Period Bibles, Family & Marriage Records" by Helen M. Lu, Vol.1-10 (FHL book 973 M2L; CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book CS 68 L8)

HISTORIES before 1923

"A history of the old town of Stratford and the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut" (Fairfield Co.) by Samuel Orcutt; pub. New Haven : Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, Fairfield County Historical Society, 1886, 1481 pgs. (LH4201, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 974.69 H2o & v.2 and films 1,320,864 item 3 and 899,890)
      Pg.540: No.101. Captain John Burr was a farmer, and the son of Colonel John Burr, ... Captain Burr was killed by lightning in the meeting house in 1771, at the same time my grandfather, David Sherman was killed. His children were: Jesse, Eunice, who married William Holburton, and Katy, who married John Duncombe. Eunice was a small, black-eyed woman, and died at the age of 88 years. She drew a pension for the services of her husband in the Revolutionary war.
      Pg.1021: Unity Burying Place. Zachariah Duncomb, departed this life Mar. 5, 1839, in the 56 year of his age. John, son of Z. & Hannah Duncomb, died Aug. 24, 1853., AE 27. Charles, son of Z. & H. Duncomb, died 27th Feb. 1849, in his 26th year.
      Pg.1195: Genealogies: 1. DUNCAN, Waman, m. Ruth Curtiss, Sept. 30, 1753. 2. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 3, 1755; 3. Frances Anna, bapt. Jan. --, 1757.
            1. DUNCOMB, William, aged 25, m. Sarah, aged 14, Feb. --, 1774. 2. Daniel, b. --, 1779; 3. Nathan, b. --, 1781; 4. Gershom, b. --, 1786; 5. Nancy, b. --, 1788.

"Annals of an old parish : historical sketches of Trinity Church, Southport, Connecticut, 1725 to 1898" (Fairfield Co.) by Edmund Guilbert; pub. New York: T. Whittaker, 1898, 320 pgs. (LH4205, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 974.69/S2 K2g and film 547,177 item 2)
      Appendix I, Private Parochial Register of the Rev. Philo Shelton. (Containing over 4,000 names of persons Baptized, Confirmed, Admitted to the Communion, Married, and Buried, during the Rev. Philo Shelton's Rectorship.)
      Pg.185: Baptized ... 1786, July 10th, William, son to Jeremiah Duncan; Daniel, son to ditto, twins.
      Pg.189: 1790, November 11th, ----, wife to Seth Gilbert, Norfield; Hannah, daughter to Daniel Duncan; Mary, Othniel, children of David Morehouse.
      Pg.191: 1791, October 22nd, ... Mary, daughter to Jared Duncan.
      Pg.205: 1801, June 20th, ... Docia, daughter to Jarec Duncan (MAD: as spelled)

1881 "The History of Jackson County, Missouri ... : containing a history of the county, its cities, towns, etc., biographical sketches ... history of Missouri, maps of Jackson County" pub. by Union Historical Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 J13Hi; FHL book 977.841 H2h and films 962,549 item 1 and 1,000,293 item 2; late references not copied)
      Pg.763: Kansas City. WILLIAM G. DUNCAN was born in Fairfield county, CT, in 1854, and was there principally reared. In 1875 removed to St. Paul, MN, where he resided for two years, and in 1877 came to Kansas City, which has since been his home. ...

1880 "History of Berrien and Van Buren Counties, Michigan : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers" ed. by Franklin Ellis & Crisfield Johnson & others, pub. by D.W. Ensign & Co., Philadelphia (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4587; FHL film 908,063 item 1 and 1,000,080 item 3)
      Pg.485-486, Van Buren Co. MI, Township of Keeler: CHARLES DUNCOMBE. Mr. Duncombe's father, Moses Duncombe, was a native of Norwalk [Fairfield Co.], Conn., and married Sarah Oliphant, who was born in Ballston, Saratoga Co. NY. To them were born eight children - three sons and five daughters. Soon after their marriage (about 1816-17, in Saratoga Co. NY), they removed to Ancester, near Hamilton, Ontario. About 1824 they returned to Waterford, Saratoga Co. NY, and in 1833 removed again to Canada, locating at Blenheim. In the fall of 1844 they came to Michigan, and located at what is now Keeler Centre, on a place which Charles Duncombe had purchased, and the same which he now occupies. The family was the first to settle at Keeler Centre. Mr. Duncombe was a tanner, currier, and shoemaker by trade, and after coming here worked at that business winters and made improvements on the farm during the summers. He was a very industrious man, an active politician, and a respected citizen. He was a Whig until the formation of the Republican party, whe he became a member of the latter. He was never an office-seeker. Mrs. Duncombe died in Keeler in 1848; Mr. Duncombe's death occurred in Hartford (Van Buren Co.) in 1866.
      Charles Duncombe, the third child in his father's family, was born May 30, 1822, at Ancaster, Canada, and until he was thirty-five years old aided greatly in supporting the family. In 1849 he went to California and engaged as a dealer in stock, dry goods, miners' furnishings, etc., returning to Michigan in 1852. In October, 1855, he was married to Frances S. Knights, of Half Moon, Saratoga Co. NY, where she was born on the 30th of January, 1830. Her father, Aaron N. Knights, came to Keeler a few years later, and is now living in Decatur, Van Buren Co. His wife (Mrs. Duncombe's mother) died in Keeler township. The place on which Mr. Duncombe now resides has been his home since he came to Michigan. For several years he was cashier of the First National Bank at Decatur, but is not now connected with that institution. He is one of the proprietors of the "Decatur Mills," and owns a hotel and several stores at that place. Decatur owes many of its improvements to him, he having taken great interest in their projection. In the summer of 1879 he erected a brick-store building in that village. He at present operates several fine farms. In 1867 he was a member of the State Constitutional Convention, and has been active in political matters. He was supervisor of Keeler township for 12 or 14 years. Mr. and Mrs. Duncombe are the parents of six children, - three sons and three daughters. These are all living except one son, who met a painful death from scalding when quite young. The others reside with their parents, except one daughter, Fannie E., who is now the wife of Seth Taft, and living in the neighborhood.


"Duncombes in America With Some Collateral Lineages" by Kathryn Morris Wilkinson, 1965 (FHL book 929.273 D91352w)
      MAD: This book contains information on the family and descendants of Charles Duncombe, b. 1725, d. 1780 Fairfield, CT, and should be consulted.


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