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Formed 1791 from Albany

1800 Saratoga Co. NY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1810 Saratoga Co. NY Census
Pg.194  Samuel Dunkam       01010      - 32002

1820 Saratoga Co. NY Census
Pg.166  David Duncan        010201     - 12101
Pg.198  John J. Duncan      120010     - 30010

1830 Saratoga Co. NY Census
Pg.156  John A. Duncan      1210,001   - 0000,001

1840 Saratoga Co. NY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1850 Saratoga Co. NY Census
Pg.116, #477-530, Edward DUNSCOMB 31 NY merchant
                  Catharine 29 NY
                  George 6/12 NY
                  Mary 53 NY
                  Catharine 27 NY
                  Mary 19, Elisabeth 17 NY
                  Bridget LYNCH 25 IRE
                  John SCOFIELD 17 NY clerk
Pg.154, #188, David DUNCAN 40 NY farmer
                  Phebe 41 NY
                  Susan Ann 16, Benjamin L. 13 NY
                  David M. 11, Eunice 10 NY
                  John A. 6, Mariane D. (f) NY
                  Paulina 3 NY
Pg.431, #276, John DUNCAN 34 IRE laborer
                  Hannah 32 IRE
                  Elisabeth 2 NY
Clifton Park
Pg.516, #365-380, James DONCAN 40 IRE laborer
                  Ellen 30 IRE
                  Mary 9, Margaret 6 IRE
                  John 5 IRE
                  Winney (m) 1 NY

1860 Saratoga Co. NY Census
Pg.294-5, #341-399, John MORTON 28 IRE tread finisher $0-$0
                  Margaret 30 IRE housework
                  Ann DENSMORE 48 IRE housework
                  Ellen BURNER 20 IRE factory work
                  Ann DUNCAN 35 SCT spinning
                  George 12 SCT
Pg.369, #331-320, David DUNCAN 51 NY farmer $2000-$700
                  Phebe 51 NY
                  Benjamin 22, David M. 21 NY farm hands
                  Eunice (f) 19, John 16 NY
                  Marium (f) 15, Paulina (f) 13 NY
                  Alonzo (m) 9 NY

1870 Saratoga Co. NY Census (pg.159 also from Alice Zetterstrom 1995)
Pg.364, #54-54, DUNCAN, Benjamine 33 NY farmer $4600-$1150
                  Sarah A. 31 NY keeping house
                  Burton D. (m) 1 NY
                  JEWELL, Asa H?. 88 NY farmer $0-$0
Pg.370, #149-149, DUNCAN, David 60 NY farmer $5200-$900
                  Phebe 61 NY keeping house
                  David M. 31 NY farm labour
                  John A. 26 NY farm labour
                  Paulina H. (f) 23 NY at home
                  Alonzo H. 19 NY farm labour
Saratoga Springs
Pg.9-10, #142-148, EDDY, John W. 62 NY farmer $20,000-$5000
                  EDDY, Martha 48 NY keeping house
                  Jas. S. 22 NY farm laborer
                  DUNCON, Eliza 36 NY at home
                  Adda 8 NY at school
                  Willie (m) 3 NY
                  Jas. E. 6/12 NY b. Nov.
Pg.10, #145-151, EDDY, John M. 31? (21?) NY farm laborer
                  Maggie 33 NY keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Magge (f) 14 NY at school
                  Lillie 12 NY at school
Pg.159, #101-104, DUNCAN, Michael 36 IRE works in machine shop $0-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 36 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Jane 7, Mary A. 4 NY, parents of foreign birth
                  Thomas 20 IRE common laborer, parents of foreign birth


"Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Ballston in Ballston Center, Saratoga County, New York" transcribed by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society ; edited by Royden W. Vosburgh; made in 1916 (FHL film 533,502 and 17,553 and 1,421,098 Item 4; from Iris Grimmett 10/1986)
      Moses Duncan mar. Sally Oliphant 25 Aug. 1813


Saratoga Co. NY Surrogate Court Records (transcribed Oct. 1994 by Alice Lowder Zetterstrom; from Alice 7/2001)
      Anor M. Duncan, died April 17, 1923 (will dated Sept 7, 1920), resident of Mechanicville, Saratoga County, N.Y.; file box 590 no.5; exec. John C. Duncan, husband, Mechanicville, and John C. Duncan, Jr., son, Pelham N.Y. Mentioned: Jenine P. VanVeghten, sister; Mable C. Flagler, niece, daughter of Jenine VanVeghten; J. Egbert Collamer, brother; Helen Collamer, sister; J. Wiggins Collamer, nephew; Doris B. Duncan, daughter; Rose Petranis (spelling?) "faithful little helper"; Ida Overacker, friend.
      Benjamin L. Duncan, died Dec. 24, 1930; file box 759 no.11 intestate; adm. George, Jesse & Burton Duncan.
      Burton D. Duncan, died Oct 26, 1959; file box 1403 no.16; exec. Jesse B. Duncan.
      Charles Duncan, died Dec 22, 1990, Ballston; file 1755-62 testate.
      David Duncan, died June 8, 1890; file box 19A no.3; exec. David M. Duncan, son, Town of Northumberland, Saratoga Co., N.Y. Mentioned: Phebe Duncan, wife; Susan A. Vandenburgh, wife of Stephen Vandenburgh; Benjamin L. Duncan, son; John A. Duncan, son; Miriam A. Jewel, daughter, wife of Altus Jewel; Pauline Duncan, daughter, now infirm; Fanny Dickinson, grand daughter, Geneseo, Henry Co., Ill.; Alonzo Duncan, son; Libbie A. Duncan, $10.00 bill for taking care of David Duncan during his last sickness.
      David M. Duncan, died Mar 20, 1892, Northumberland; file box 71 no.23 intestate; adm. Benjamin L. Duncan, brother, Northumberland, John A. Duncan, brother, Northumberland. Mentioned: Susan A. Vandenburgh, sister, Northumberland; Miriam A. Jewel, sister, Northumberland; Paulina Duncan, sister, Northumberland; Sarah Fannie Dickinson, niece, Geneseo, Ill. Non family mentioned: Minnie Freeman, 17 yrs. old on 16th July 1891, domestic; John E. Freeman (ALZ note: Guardian of Minnie?); J.H.Oatman, Gansevoort, bill $10.00, Nov 4, 1892, for marking monument.
      George B. Duncan, died July 12, 1961; file box 1444 no.19 testate; exec. Jesse B. Duncan.
      H. Adaline Duncan, died April 18, 1904 at Mt. Clair, Col. (Saratoga Resident); file box 221 no.16; exec. Mrs. Elizabeth M. Duncan, mother, Yonkers, Westchester Co., N.Y. & Saratoga Co., N.Y. Mentioned: Joseph Duncan, father, Chicago (if living); Elizabeth M. Duncan, mother, divorced 1869, Saratoga Co., from Joseph Duncan, father; James E. Duncan, St. Louis, Missouri, son of Joseph & Elizabeth; Wm. J. Duncan, Yonkers, N.Y., son of Joseph & Elizabeth; Lillian M. Lasher, Yonkers, N.Y., daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth; Margaret E. Trim, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., daughter of Joseph & Eliz.; Robert H. Trim, husband of Margaret E. Trim.
      Jesse B. Duncan, died Sept 6, 1962; exec. Viola Wimett & Earl D. Carr.
      John C. Duncan, died Nov 21, 1942; file Box 1028 no.19; exec. John C. Duncan, Jr., Minnie C. Moore Duncan
      Phoebe (or Phebe) L. Duncan, died Jan 29, 1890, Town of Northumberland, Saratoga County, New York; file Box 75 no.22 intestate; adms. John A., Benjamin L., & David M. Duncan, Town of Northumberland. Mentioned: Benjamin L. Duncan, son, Northumberland; John A. Duncan, son, Northumberland; David M. Duncan, son, Northumberland; Susan A. Vandenburgh, daughter; Marion A. Jewell, daughter; Paulina Duncan, daughter; Fannie Dickinson, granddaughter, Geneseo, Illinois.
      Thomas Duncan, died Jan 30, 1871, Waterford, Saratoga County, N.Y.; file Box 079 no.32 testate; exec. Martha Duncan, widow, Town of Waterford, Saratoga County. Mentioned as heirs at law and next of kin:; William Duncan, brother, Londonderry Ireland; Agnes Gallachar, Paisley, Scotland; Rebecca Buchanan, Paisley, Scotland; Margaret Reed, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Jane Laron, Kingston, Green Lake County, Wisconsin; Elizabeth Arnold, Kingston, Green Lake County, Wisconsin.


Gravestone inscriptions, New Gansevoort Cemetery, Gansevoort, Town of Northumberland, Saratoga Co. NY, Recorded Oct. 1994 by Alice Zetterstrom (from Alice Zetterstrom 10/1994)
      David Duncan died June 8, 1890 ae 80 yrs 2 mos 12 ds
      Phebe L. Duncan, wife of David, died Jan. 29, 1890 aged 81 yrs 1mo & 18ds
      David M. Duncan died Mar 20, 1892, aged 52 yrs 11 mo 9 ds
      Alonzo H. Duncan born April 24, 1851, died April 18, 1887
      Phebe S. Duncan Carr, 1874-1954
      James J. Carr, 1872-1933
      Altus H. Jewell, Corporal Co. E 77th Regt NY Vol, Inf. 1841-1910
      Miriam A. Duncan, wife of Altus Jewell, 1845-1926
      Benjamin L. Duncan, 1837-1930
      Sarah A. Jewell Duncan, 1839-1930
      Burton D. Duncan, 1869-1959
      George B. Duncan, 1872-1961
      Jesse B. Duncan, 1878-1962
      (MAD: The Losee Family Bible includes the birth of Phebe Lofsee on 8 Dec. 1808, the marriage of David Dunkin and Phebe Lofsee on Nov 17, 1831, and the deaths of Alonzo H. Duncan Apr 18, 1887 age 35yr, Phebe Duncan (no dates), David Duncan Jun 5, 1890, and David M. Duncan Mar 10, 1892; from "The Patents" Mar.-Apr. 1995, Vol.14 #2; the newsletter for The Northeastern New York Genealogical Society, Glens Falls, NY; from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      (MAD: The obituary of Benjamin Losee Duncan, who died age 93 on Wednesday, said he was born Aug. 10, 1837, in the town of Northumberland where he had always lived, son of David and Phebe Losee Duncan, surviving member of family of 11 children, 8 of whom grew to adulthood, published Friday, 26 Dec. 1930, in "The Saratogian Newspaper"; from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)

Saratoga Co. NY Cemetery (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)
      New York State, Saratoga County, City of Mechanicville; Cemetery inscriptions copied by Alice Zetterstrom at Hudson View Cemetery, section A, City of Mechanicville, Saratoga County, New York State:
            Anor Collamer Duncan, 1867 - 1923
            John C. Duncan, 1859 - 1942
            Minnie Moore Duncan, 1883 - 1964

Prospect Hill Cemetery, Schuylerville, Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County, New York (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)
      Duncans listed in Interment Book:
      Bertha A. W. Duncan, age 69 years, interment on May 26, 1940 Lot 245
      Fred Duncan of Jamaica, Long Island, NY, interment July 19, 1944, Lot 245

New York State, Saratoga County, Town of Saratoga; Cemetery Inscriptions as copied by Alice Lowder Zetterstrom (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)
      Prospect Hill Cemetery, lot 245, Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County, New York State
      Fred A. Duncan 1869 - 1944
      Bertha A. Washburn, wife of Fred A. Duncan, 1870 - 1940

Saratoga Co. NY Cemetery Inscriptions (from Alice Zetterstrom 8/2001)
      copied August 2001 by Alice Lowder Zetterstrom at
      Greenridge Cemetery, Lot D32, Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County, NY
Eddy Monument:
      side one:
John W. Eddy, 1808 - 1890
Hannah Marshall, his wife, 1807 - 1844
Cyrena Collamer, his wife, 1809 - 1851
Martha Taylor, his wife, 1824 - 1902
      side two:
Lilian D. Lasher, 1858 - 1939
William J. Duncan, 1866 - 1929
      (MAD & ALZ: per obit dated Wednesday, April 17, 1929, in "The Saratogian Newspaper," William J. Duncan, former Saratogian, died the day before in New York City; services were at home of his niece Miss Margaret D. Trim; bearers were William H. Waterbury, William P. Tarrant, William D. Eddy, Harrie A. Eddy, and Spencer B. Eddy, of this city, John W. Eddy [of] Schenectady; and J. Harry Eddy, Glens Falls; obit from Alice Zetterstrom 8/2001)
Elizabeth M. Duncan, 1833 - 1915
H. Adaline Duncan, 1862 - 1904
Margaret E. Trim, 1855 - 1919
Clara E. Trim, 1876 - 1924
      side three:
John M. Eddy, 1838 - 1922
Grace Eddy, died Sept 9, 1879 age 6 mos.
Margaret C. Eddy, 1836 - 1933
Adelaide Matrazzo, wife of Spencer B. Eddy, 1906 - 1988
      side four:
James S. Eddy, 1847 - 1919
Harriet Brownell, his wife, 1868 - 1906
Belle Brownell, his wife, 1857 - 1947
Spencer B. Eddy, 1895 - 1976
Esther Hubbell, his wife, 1895 - 1934
James E. Duncan, 1869 - 1945
Duncan M. Lasher, 1889 - 1952
      Mary L. Rice, his wife, 1891 - 1962
Margaret D. Trim, 1881 - 1963
Caroline Eddy, 1959 (no second date);
      Laura Eddy, 1970 (no second date)

Gurn Springs Cemetery, Wilton, Saratoga County, New York State (from Alice Zetterstrom 10/2001)
      Cemetery inscriptions copied October 2001 by Alice Lowder Zetterstrom:
      Walter I. Duncan 1910-1982; his wife Helen T. Duncan 1914-1969

"Epitaphs in Saratoga County, New York" transcribed by C.E. Durkee, 1876-1881 (FHL films 17,932 to 17,934 and 1,304,639 to 1,304,641; copied Oct. 1994 from microfilm at the Saratoga Springs Library by Alice Zetterstrom; from Alice 7/2001)
      Waterford Epitaphs. New Cemetery. page 208: (AZ: now Waterford Rural Cemetery)
      William J. Duncan., son of Mary & William, died Oct. 4, 1851, aged 1 year 11 months 21 days.


New York State, Saratoga County, Obit (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)
      The Ballston Journal Newspaper, dated Saturday March 26, 1892, under "died"
      March 20, 1892, at Gansevoort, David Duncan, aged about 50 years.

"The Daily Saratogian" Newspaper, Saratoga Co. NY, Wednesday December 11, 1889 (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/1995)
      "Greenfield Center. Dec. 10" "Mrs. Fay Duncan and Mrs. A.S. Perkins, Mrs. May's mother and sister respectively, of Northville were in town the last of the week."

"The Saratogian Newspaper," Monday June 21, 1915; Saratoga Co. NY (from Alice Zetterstrom 8/2001)
      Former Saratogian Killed in Auto Wreck
      Mrs. Elizabeth Maria Duncan of Yonkers, formerly of this village, was killed yesterday afternoon near South Norwalk, Conn., when an automobile in which she was riding with her son and grandson plunged down an embankment and overturned.
      Mrs. Duncan was eighty-one years of age and a native of this village, being a daughter of the late John W. Eddy. Surviving her are two brothers, John M. Eddy and James S. Eddy of this village; a sister, Miss Margaret Eddy of this village; four children, Mrs. Margaret E. Trim of this village, Mrs. John K. Lasher of Yonkers, William J. Duncan of New York city, and James E. Duncan of Chicago.
      The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Lasher, 396 Palisade avenue, Yonkers, and the body will be brought to this village for interment in Greenridge cemetery.
      Mrs. Duncan possessed many friends in this city who were shocked to hear of the violent death that came to her at her advanced age. She was a frequent visitor here after her removal to Yonkers and was very well known.

New York State, Saratoga County, obit (from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)
      The Daily Saratogian Newspaper, Tuesday April 19, 1904 under "died"
            DUNCAN - In Montclair, Colorado, on Monday April 18, 1904, Miss H. Adaline Duncan, formerly of this place. Notice of funeral later.
      The Daily Saratogian Newspaper, Saturday April 23, 1904 under "Funeral of Miss Duncan"
            The funeral of Miss H. Adaline Duncan, formerly of Saratoga Springs, and for several years a resident of Detroit, Mich., will be held tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock at the residence of her sister, Mrs. M.E. Trim, No. 1 Fifth avenue. The Rev. Herbert M. Gesner will officiate and interment will be made in Greenridge Cemtery. Miss Duncan died at Montclair, Colorado, on Monday, April 18.

HISTORIES before 1923

1878 "History of Saratoga County, New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers" by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester (FHL film 934,849 item 1; from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)
      Pg.182: Lillian M. Duncan - listed as a teacher in the Junior department in the Union school, Saratoga Springs, 1877.
      Pg.183: Rev. Duncan - listed as a teacher at the "old school-house in Church street". An "early school" of Saratoga Springs.
      Pg.331: Rev. Duncan - listed as a minister of the Baptist Church of Waterford, sometime after it's organization in 1821.

"History of Saratoga County, New York : with historical notes on its various towns" by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester; pub. Chicago, Ill.: Gresham Pub. Co., 1893, 638 pgs. (LH4085, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL film 844,652 item 1 and 934,849 item 2)
      Pg.455: William A. Collamer ... on April 8, 1855, married Harriet A. Wiggins, a daughter of John Wiggins, of Wiggins' Corner, this county, and to their union was born a family of three children, one son and two daughters: John E. married Helen Hall; Anor married John Duncan, superintendent of the Hudson River Paper and Pulp Company's mill at Mechanicville; and Jennie P., who became the wife of Frederick Flagler, a farmer of the town of Half Moon, this county.

"Our county and its people : a descriptive and biographical record of Saratoga County, New York" compiled by George Baker Anderson; prepared and published under the auspices of the Saratogian, 1899 (FHL book 974.748 D3a and FHL film 934,849 item 3 and FHL film 851,126 item 2; from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)
      Part III - Personal References - Pgs.30-31. John C. Duncan: "Duncan, John C., was born in Greenville, Conn., January 23, 1859. In 1864 his parents moved to Buckland, Conn., and in 1867 to Poquonock, Conn. He was educated in the public schools, at Mount Pleasant Institute at Amherst, Mass., and at Eastman's Commercial College at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and has always been a paper manufacturer. May 15, 1886, he became the superintendent of the Hudson River Water Power and Paper Co. In 1895 its corporate name was changed to the Duncan Co. of Mechanicville, N.Y., and he is now superintendent and manager of the concern. October 29, 1890, he married Anor Collamer of Ballston, and they have one son, John C., Jr.
      Mr. Duncan's father, Thomas Duncan, was born in Scotland in 1833, educated there and came to the United States in 1851, locating in Greenville, Conn. (MAD: 1860 New London Co. CT census)
      He had always been a paper manufacturer. He has married twice, first to Grace Leslie Yule of Scotland, and they had five children: Thomas E., Elizabeth, John C. (as above), Agnes M. and Grace L. Mr. Duncan is treasurer of the Duncan Co. and stands at the head of it and now resides in New York city. John C. is prominent in Masonic circles and was a promoter of and member of On-da-wa Lodge No. 820, of Mechanicville, F.&A.M.; Capital City chapter No. 242, R.A.M., of Albany, N.Y.; Saratoga Springs Cryptic Council; of Washington Commandery of Saratoga Springs No. 33, K.T.; Oriental Temple of Troy, A.A.O.N.M.S.; Albany Sovereign Consistory of Albany, N.Y., thirty-second degree; and in his political choice is a staunch Republican. He is vice-president of the Manufacturers' National Bank of Mechanicville."
      Pg.292: John C. Duncan mentioned as vice-president of Manufacturers' National bank, Mechanicville, 1896.

"Gazetteer and business directory of Saratoga County, N.Y. and Queensbury, Warren County, for 1871" by Hamilton Child (FHL fiche 6,071,153; from Alice Zetterstrom 7/2001)
      Benjamin L. Duncan, farmer, Gansevoort, Northumberland
      David Duncan, farmer, Gansevoort, Northumberland

1880 "History of Berrien and Van Buren Counties, Michigan : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers" ed. by Franklin Ellis & Crisfield Johnson & others, pub. by D.W. Ensign & Co., Philadelphia (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4587; FHL film 908,063 item 1 and 1,000,080 item 3)
      Pg.485-486, Van Buren Co. MI, Township of Keeler: CHARLES DUNCOMBE. Mr. Duncombe's father, Moses Duncombe, was a native of Norwalk [Fairfield Co.], Conn., and married Sarah Oliphant, who was born in Ballston, Saratoga Co. NY. To them were born eight children - three sons and five daughters. Soon after their marriage (about 1816-17, in Saratoga Co. NY), they removed to Ancester, near Hamilton, Ontario. About 1824 they returned to Waterford, Saratoga Co. NY, and in 1833 removed again to Canada, locating at Blenheim. In the fall of 1844 they came to Michigan, and located at what is now Keeler Centre, on a place which Charles Duncombe had purchased, and the same which he now occupies. The family was the first to settle at Keeler Centre. Mr. Duncombe was a tanner, currier, and shoemaker by trade, and after coming here worked at that business winters and made improvements on the farm during the summers. He was a very industrious man, an active politician, and a respected citizen. He was a Whig until the formation of the Republican party, whe he became a member of the latter. He was never an office-seeker. Mrs. Duncombe died in Keeler in 1848; Mr. Duncombe's death occurred in Hartford (Van Buren Co.) in 1866.
      Charles Duncombe, the third child in his father's family, was born May 30, 1822, at Ancaster, Canada, and until he was thirty-five years old aided greatly in supporting the family. In 1849 he went to California and engaged as a dealer in stock, dry goods, miners' furnishings, etc., returning to Michigan in 1852. In October, 1855, he was married to Frances S. Knights, of Half Moon, Saratoga Co. NY, where she was born on the 30th of January, 1830. Her father, Aaron N. Knights, came to Keeler a few years later, and is now living in Decatur, Van Buren Co. His wife (Mrs. Duncombe's mother) died in Keeler township. The place on which Mr. Duncombe now resides has been his home since he came to Michigan. For several years he was cashier of the First National Bank at Decatur, but is not now connected with that institution. He is one of the proprietors of the "Decatur Mills," and owns a hotel and several stores at that place. Decatur owes many of its improvements to him, he having taken great interest in their projection. In the summer of 1879 he erected a brick-store building in that village. He at present operates several fine farms. In 1867 he was a member of the State Constitutional Convention, and has been active in political matters. He was supervisor of Keeler township for 12 or 14 years. Mr. and Mrs. Duncombe are the parents of six children, - three sons and three daughters. These are all living except one son, who met a painful death from scalding when quite young. The others reside with their parents, except one daughter, Fannie E., who is now the wife of Seth Taft, and living in the neighborhood.


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