Descendants of Mikael Rogozenski

Our  Rogozinski's of:  Poland, and Pennsylvannia

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Descendants of Mikael Rogozenski

Generation No. 1


Notes for DOMICZELA DANELCZIK: I think the correct spelling of her last name should be Danielewicz, but I'm not sure. Hope to prove that in time.


2. BRONISLAW JOSEPH ROGOZINSKI, b. October 21, 1889, Poland; d. June 07, 1957, Philadelphia, Penn..


Generation No. 2

2. BRONISLAW JOSEPH ROGOZINSKI (MIKAEL ROGOZENSKI) was born October 21, 1889 in Poland, and died June 07, 1957 in Philadelphia, Penn.   He married STEFANIA KRYSKIEWICZ Bef. 1911 in Poland, daughter of JOZEF KRYSKIEWICZ and BALBINA ZAKRZEWSKA. She was born December 31, 1887 in Kruszu, Ciechanow Province, Poland, and died June 27, 1976 in Philadelphia, Penn..  They are both buried in Bridesburg Cemetary, Philadelphia, Penn.

Notes for BRONISLAW JOSEPH ROGOZINSKI: Bronislaw's name was changed to Rogers on Ellis Island when he came to the U.S. in 1911. He had one sister who also, with her husband, left Poland and came to the U.S. Her husband's last name was Burcz. The name of Bronislaw's parents came from his birth certificate. There was a family friend with the last name of Danielewicz that Sophie (the daughter of Bronislaw and Stefania) always understood to have been adopted by Bronislaw's parents (Mikael and Domiczela Danelczik) and raised by them. I now suspect that he was related to Bronislaw's mother, Domiczela.

Bronislaw is remembered by his daughter as being a devoted family man, and by his grandson Thomas E. Williams as kind, loving and full of fun. He was a short man of stocky build. Bronislaw and Stephania scrimped and saved and bought a home in Philadelphia in 1925 at 2325 E. Huntingdon St. 

Notes for STEFANIA KRYSTKIEWICZ: According to her birth certificate, Stephania was born in the tiny town of Kruszu, Ciechanow Province, Poland. She had always told her family that she was from Mlawa, and this basically fits because Mlawa is the closest tone of any size to this small village. It is probable that Stephania met and married Bronislaw while living in this region, and as good catholics their marriage and birth information is probably on file there. I have yet to track down the original records, so far.


i. HELEN3 ROGERS, b. 1911, Mlawa, Poland; d. January 07, 1949, unknown; m. ARTHUR TROIANI, He d. Abt. 1987.
More About HELEN ROGERS: Lived in Wilmington, Delaware as an adult

ii. STANLEY ROGERS3, b. September 09, 1914, Philadelphia, Penn; d. December 12, 1962, Philadelphia, Penn; m. CATHERINE MARIE JAMES, June 25, 1937, in unknown; b. November 26, 1918, in unknown; d. June 06, 1989, in unknown. More About STANLEY ROGERS: Cause of Death: Scorocis of the liver

iii. VERONICA ROGERS, b. Bet. 1916 - 1919, in unknown; m. FRANK NUNEZ, Unknown, unknown; b. Unknown, unknown; d. December 1941, Philadelphia, Penn.
Notes for VERONICA ROGERS: nicknamed Vera and/or Ronnie Notes for FRANK NUNEZ: Frank was Spanish. He died at the age of 28 years.

iv. JEAN VALERIE ROGERS, b. Abt. 1920, Philadelphia, Penn; d. Bet. 1966 - 1967, Philadelphia, Penn; m. (1) EDWARD EWING; m. (2) FRANK BUKAWSKI, Unknown; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. More About JEAN VALERIE ROGERS: Burial: Unknown, unk Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemmorhage at the age of 45. Notes for EDWARD EWING: Jean married him when she was about 16 years old. Her parents had the marriage annulled. He wasn't Catholic.

v. THEODORE ROGERS, b. May 16, 1923, Philadelphia, Penn; d. October 26, 1948, Beach Haven, New Jersey; m. HARRIET PHARO, Unknown, unknown; b. Unknown, unknown. More About THEODORE ROGERS: Burial: Unknown, Bridesburg Cemetary, Phil., Penn.

vi. SOPHIA MARIE ROGERS, b. September 27, 1925, Philadelphia, Penn.; m. THOMAS L. WILLIAMS, April 29, 1944, Miami, Florida; b. September 09, 1923, Carbon Hill, Alabama. More About SOPHIA MARIE ROGERS: Polish name-Sophia Maria Rogozinska Military service: Sofie worked as a welder during WW2 Notes for THOMAS L. WILLIAMS: Thomas L. served in the U. S. Navy during WWII. For many years he was a fire inspector for the city of Miami, Florida. He and Sofie have since retired to Lookout Mountain in Ft. Payne, Alabama.


Child of BALBINA ROGOZINSKI and LEO BURCZ is: i. LEONARD3 BURCZ, b. November 06, 1915.

Endnotes (sources)

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  2. Stefania Krystkiewicz Rogozinska's birth certificate.
  3. Info on this line from descendant Kathleen Rogers Buck.
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  5. Sophia Rogers Williams.
  6. Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Oct 7, 1997, Internal Ref. #

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