Beattys and Garretts in County Down Ireland
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Annahilt Presbyterian Church Mic 1P/360A/2


27 November 1817

James Beatty, Ann (Lroy?) (McIlroy?)                                 Thomas Reid, The Brides sister

30 April 1818                                                

John Davis, Agnes Beatty                                                    James Beatty, Matt Holoday

19 September 1818

Richard Beatty, Mary Dickson both this Congregation     James Dickson, --- McToots?

6 April 1825

John Beatty, Miss Mercer both this Congregation                        William and Mrs McKee

20 September 1825

Samuel Wiley Beatty, this Congregation,                           Martin Beatty,

Jane Beatty of Loughagru (Loughaghery?)                                    William Patterson

10 October 1826

James Beatty, Mary Ann McCloy both this Congregation            James Beatty, James Neilson

5 December 1826

William McIlroy, Charlotte Beatty both this Congregation            The Brides brother and mother

29 October 1827

Hugh De Butts, Soldier,                                                                    Mr Arthur McClure, Mrs Woods

Mary Ann Beatty, this Congregation

6 January 1830

William Beatty, this Congregation,                                      Richard Standfield, Debora Standfield, Hillsborough                                                        Thomas Beatty

12 February 1830

Martin Beatty, Loughaghry,                                                  William Erwin,

Eliza Beatty this Congregation                                                        Abram Matthews

18 October 1837

James Beatty, Drumlough,                                                          James Rainey, David Wright

Sarah Wright this Congregation

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Annahilt Presbyterian Church Mic 1P/360A/2


30 April 1838

Phares Rutherford, Anne Beatty                                          Thomas Beatty,

                            Thomas Rutherford


20 November 1840

Samuel Carathers, Elizabeth Beatty                                   David Carathers, James Beatty


8 August 1844

Richard Beatty, Ballykeel Ednagonnell,                              John Gordon, William Brown

Christina Brownlee  

Stopped search in marriage register at the end of 1844.

Recheck of Annahilt Presbyterian Church

Baptisms 1780 to 1800

Examined Baptisms 1780 to December 1790 for recheck search for any of the children of John Garrett and Margaret MacMeehen.  None located.

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Saintfield Church of Ireland Mic 1/69

Volume 4

Baptisms            1724 – 1757          All examined. No Garrett Garron/Beatty.

Marriages           1724 - 1757           All examined. No Garrett Garron/Beatty.

Vestry Minutes 1730 – 1824          

Note; from 5 April 1790 some Baptisms and Marriages are recorded in the Vestry Minutes. Also names of Church Wardens, names of Vestrymen, names of Overseers of the roads.  Vestry Minutes examined from 1730 to 1799. The following noted.–

Vestry Meeting of 17 June 1754 

David Gerran, Church Warden.

Vestry 2 October 1797

List of Collectors arranged by Townland.

Ballyknockan             William Garrett, Hillhead and David Bell.

Vestry 9 October 1798

Jas Garrett, Ballyknockan, appointed Church Warden.

Stopped Search in Vestry Minutes end of 1799.

Volume 5  

Baptisms            1798 – 1823; 1810 – 1839; examined to end of 1816 

Marriages           1798;          1813 – 1836; examined to end of 1816      

Burials                        1824 - 1831                         All examined.                

No Beatty located. The only Garret located was as follows –


13 November 1814   Hugh of Jane Garrett

Comber Church of Ireland


Baptisms            1683 – 1877

Marriages           1683 – 1845

Burials                        1683 – 1881

Vestry                         1700 – 1714  Not Examined.

Examined Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths from 1683 to end of 1730.

No Garrett of any spelling or Beatty/Betty listed.

Search suspended January 1731.                                                 

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(all examined per as follows).

Ledger 1726  - 1728. D/671/A1/2            

Ballykeel Ednagonnell

James Betty, 29 acre 2 rood.

All townlands including Ballylintogh, Ballyworphy, Growell, Magheradrin, Magheraconluce examined.  Some townlands including Cluntagh not recorded in this volume.

Ledgers 1735 – 1738. D/671/A1/5,6

 Ballykeel Ednagonnell   Agnes Betty, assignee

Ledger 1738 – 1742 Ref. D/671/A1/7

Ballykeel Ednagonnell   James Betty’s Executors.  

Ledgers 1743/44. D/671/A1/8 and 9

Ballykeel Ednagonnell    Agnes Betty.

Ledger 1745 – 1746.  D/671/A1/10

Ballykeel Ednagonnel

Richard Betty, 29 acre, 2 rood, Lease May 1732

Lives Richard Betty, Thomas Betty, James Betty                                                                

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Ledger 1745 –1746. D/671/A1/10


William Ardry, Richard Betty, Thomas Neilson, George Morrison, Widow Cobron, resident. 60 acres. Lease May 1716 for lives of Moses Cobron, deceased, Hugh McMullan deceased, Mary Ardry, Loughaghry. 


Joseph McKibbin, non resident, 32 acre, Lease November 1739.

Lives William Jameson, son of Dorothy Jameson, Aghaleck, Henry and John Betty both sons of James Betty late of Ballykeel Ednagonnell.

Ballykeel Loghern  

William Macartney, Resident and William Betty now resident.  43 Acre.  Lease November 1743. Lives of the Cherry and Shaw Families…(details not noted).

Ledgers 1746 – 1756.

D/671/A1/11 to D/671/A1/18,23.

Nine Volumes in total; all examined.

Ballykeel Ednagonnell

Richard Betty, 29 acre 2 Rood.  Lease May 1732.

Lives of Richard Betty, Thomas Betty, James Betty. 

Ledger 1756 to 1761.

D/671/A1/26A and 26B

2 Volumes.  Both examined.

Ballykeel Ednagonnell

Richard Betty, 65 Acre.  Lease November 1716.

Lives of William Betty, John Betty and James Betty.

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