Beattys and Garretts in County Down Ireland
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Research commissioned & owned by Don G.Dickason, [email protected] or 609-683-4066
Prepared and compiled by John McCabe   [click here for original Word document]


1700S AND 1ST HALF 1800S


Preface by Donald G. Dickason - November 17, 2004

(This preface is a repeat of the posting to the BP2000 list on xx� Nov. 2004 - the report itself follows the preface.)

My Great Great Great Great Grandparents, Andrew Garrett and Mary Beatty came from County Down, emigrating to America in 1784.�

Based on our best research, GGGG Andrew was born about between 1740 and 1755 and lived in the Townland of Drumlough, Parish of Dromore, County Down.�

We have not documented Mary Beatty�s presence in Ireland, but she and Andrew had at least 8 children, probably 6 or 7 of them before they left Ireland.� There are church records for the Annahilt (Anahilt) Presbyterian Church indicating christenings of Agnes and Nancy in 1782 and 1783. The christenings indicated the father as Andrew Garron from Drumlough, and the mother is not listed.� The spelling Garron/Gerren/Garon is found for Garretts in various Irish records. Unfortunately the church records were not kept, or are not available for before 1780, so that neither the former children, nor the marriage records are available.� And of course they left in 1784 so church records are moot after that time for this family.

So we know from later records that Mary (Beatty) was Andrew�s wife, that they were married in Ireland, that Andrew was from Drumlough, Dromore, Down, but we do NOT have documentation on Mary in Ireland.

We have DNA matches for a John Garrett of �near Lisburn,� born 1740-50,� a William of Mullaghdrin, Dromara, County Down, and a modern day David who lives in the Saintfield area.

I have examined the BP2000 project, Line #5 in great detail.� Initially it gave me great hope of providing documentation for my Mary Beatty.

My Garrett/Beatty geography and the geography of Line #5 overlap very much. Much of the Line #5 geography is on or very near to the Townland of Ballykeel Edenagonnell, in the Parish of Annahilt. The Annahilt Presbyterian Church is in this same townland.� My Andrew�s Drumlough Townland, though in Dromore Parish, is a scant two miles from Ballykeel Ednagonnell. All of this is the Hillsborough area, about 4 miles due south of Lisburn.� Annahilt (or Anahilt) is a mile or two east of Hillsborough village.� The various locations included in the McCabe research report are all within 5 miles of the Drumlough and Ballykeel Edenagonnell townlands.� Also note that there are two confusingly similar Parishes:� Dromore Parish including Drumlough Townland, and Dromara Parish including Mullaghdrin Townland�� Adjacent to these two parishes on the North are Hillsborough and Annahilt parishes.

(Not so incidentally, I have Irish townland maps of County Down, and in particular a map of the above described geographic area.� I have scanned the particular area of our interest and could send, as an email attachment, a graphic copy to anyone interested.� Just let me know.)

There are three Mary Beat(t)y names in Line #5 that gave me hope, but all failed in the end. (No Garrett or variations show up anywhere in Line #5)

Mary Beaty, born 21 April 1747, daughter of Rev. Charles Clinton Beaty and Ann Reading, but she married Rev. Enoch Green.�

Mary Brereton Beatty, b. 1769, daughter of Capt. James Beatty and Alice Ann Irwin.� This Mary was born too late to be able to have the children of my Andrew and Mary.

The most promising lead was Mary Beatty, b. 1758, daughter of William Beatty, b 1718 and Mary McKee, b. ca 1720.� But this Mary�s birth date of 1758 just does not fit my Mary even though we do not have a documented birth date for my Mary.� Census data indicate my Mary was born before 1755, and the children�s ages suggest 1750 to 1755 maximum.

For the moment I feel I have struck out on Line #5, but I realize there are many other Beatty lines with Irish origins and I hope that other BP2000 researchers might see the clues to tie us together.

Following is the complete McCabe research report from March 2004. It runs about 55 pages on my word processor.�� Please feel free to use the information in anyway helpful.� I only ask that you attribute it to me as provider of the information, and indicate that it was researched by John McCabe.� John is totally reliable, and gave me more than my money�s worth.� If you need a researcher in that part of Ireland,� I would enthusiastically recommend him to you.


Donald G. Dickason

November 17, 2004