St. Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery, Columbus, Nebraska

St. Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery

Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska

This list contains several of my relatives buried at St. Bonaventure Cemetery. Bruce and I visited St. Bonaventure Cemetery over the 4th of July, 2000, weekend. I also took pictures of several stones whose surnames connect to my lines in some way.

Cyril Braun Anna Braun
Nov 28, 1905
Aug 22, 1992
Oct 21, 1913
Mar 9, 2001
Cyril Ignatius BRAUN is my 2nd cousin once removed. He was a son of John (Joannas Paul) and Margaret BACH BRAUN. He married Anna Clara LUETKENHAUS, daughter of Henry LUETKENHAUS and Anna nee BOESCH, on 4 Jun 1935.
Online obituary extract
Joseph and Catherine Cielocha
1861 - 1849
1860 - 1937
Joseph and Catherine MOSTEK CIELOCHA / CIELOHA were the parents of Stella (Teckla / Tillie) CIELOHA, who was the first wife of John Louis SOKOL, my 1st cousin twice removed. See John SOKOL below.
Phillip Forman Genevieve Forman
Phillip A. FORMAN
Dec 26, 1900
May 21, 1958
Genevieve D. FORMAN
Mar 28, 1912
Jun 24, 1992
Phillip A. was a son of Martin and Mary DROZD FURMAN/FORMAN. A nephew of Martin, Felix P. FOREMAN, married into Marge's GALUS family. I have additional information on the FOREMAN family.
Aloys German Bertha German
May 27, 1910
Nov 23, 1994
Mar 29, 1912
Feb 23, 1996
Basilius German Anna German
Basilius J. GERMAN
May 1, 1877
Apr 28, 1962
Nov 17, 1877
Nov 5, 1969
Basilius / Bacillius GERMAN was a son of Frank S. and Elizabeth Mary (Lizzie) MESSING GERMAN. Anna Elizabeth was a daughter of Joseph and Apollonia KRENZ WEMHOFF. Basilius and Anna were married 30 Aug 1899 at St. Mary of the Angels Church in the St. Mary community, about three miles south of Humphrey, Platte County, Nebraska. Neither Basilius nor Anna are directly related to me. Two of their daughters married cousins of mine. Their daughter Mary married Frank MARTIISCHANG, my 4th cousin once removed. Daughter, Cecilia, married Alphonse Bernard LOHOUS, my 2nd cousin once removed.
Adolph Kudron Irene Kudron
Adolph J. KUDRON
Sept 21, 1900
Dec 29, 1959
Oct 26, 1914
Nov 23, 1999
So far I have not found a connection between "my" KUDRON family and Adolph's. Adolph was a son of John D. and Antonia TORCZON KUDRON. He married Anna STARZEC on 17 Jan 1923 at Tarnov, Nebraska. He married Irene nee SLIVA on 28 Nov 1933.
Online obituary abstract for Irene A. KUDRON is on the Platte County Rootsweb Pages.
Edward Kudron Barbara Kudron
Edward V. KUDRON
Aug. 4, 1912
June 15, 2003
Barbara C. KUDRON
Apr 2, 1915
June 15, 1984
So far I have not found a connection between "my" KUDRON family and Edward's. Edward was a son of Michael Kudron and Josephine Micek. Born in Fullerton, Nance County, Nebraska. I know of one brother, Andrew William, born 12 Jan 1908, and three sisters: Valeria, Emma/Emila and Vangeline/Evelyn.
Online obituary abstract for Edward KUDRON is on the Platte County Rootsweb Pages.
Frank Kudron Frank C. KUDRON
June 19, 1901 -- January 2, 1928
St. Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery
Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska

Frank was a son of Thomas and Ursula MODELSKI KUDRON / a brother of Marge's Grandmother Martha KUDRON GALUS. Frank married Rose Helen CZARNIK 11 Feb 1924 at Sts. Peter & Paul, Krakow, Nance County, Nebraska.

Thomas Kudron Ursula Kudron
Sept. 24, 1869
Mar. 10, 1938
June 11, 1865
June 29, 1940
Thomas and Ursula are Marge's Great Grandparents. Thomas immigrated from Łęki Górne, Poland, to Nance County in July 1906 with his brother-in-law John KIELYSZEK. Ursula and their children, Martha, Andrew, Catherine, Frank and Anna immigrated 20 June 1907 through Boston, Massachusetts. Thomas' sister, Anna KUDRON SOKOL, wife of Louis SOKOL, had immigrated to Nebraska earlier. John KIELYSZEK was married to Thomas' sister, Tecla, who died in Łęki Górne, 21 Apr 1909. Thomas and Ursula are buried in different parts of the St. Bon's cemetery.
Please see my KUDRON page for more information about my KUDRON ancestors.
S. Charley KUSH Cecilia KUSH
S. Charley KUSH
1901 - 1986
Cecilia KUSH
1907 - 1986
Thomas KUSH Thomas M. KUSH
1872 - 1944
Son of L & J
Jan 14, 1902
Mar 9, 1902

Floyd Nansel Floyd NANSEL
Jan 21, 1910
June 25, 1995

Floyd NANSEL married my Dad's sister.

Donnie Nansel Donnie NANSEL
April 8, 1936
June 1, 1947

Donnie was a son of Floyd NANSEL; Donnie was Marge's first cousin.

Kathleen Nansel Torczon Kathleen
Dec 8, 1950
Jan 4, 2000

Kathleen was a daughter of Floyd NANSEL; she was Marge's first cousin.

Andrew and Maryanna Paprocki Tu Spoczywa
Ur. 17 Lyst r 1834
Born 17 November 1834
Um. 30 Czerw r 1916
Died 30 June 1916
Tu Spoczywa
Ur 3 Sierp r 1843
Born 3 August 1843
Um 3 Czerw r 1901
Died 3 June 1901
Maryanna GALUS PAPROCKI was my grandfather Stanislaus GALUS' Aunt. She was a sister of Sophia GALUS ROSNO (wife of Joseph ROSNO) from the Genoa, Nance County, area, and of Catherine GALUS LACHNIT (wife of Franz/Frank LACHNIT).

Andrew and Maryanna GALUS PAPROCKI immigrated from Leki Gorne/Leki Dolne, Galicia, Austria Poland in the early 1870's to Platte County Nebraska. LDS microfilms of the marriage and baptism records for Leki Gorne/Leki Dolne show that Andrew and Maryanna were married 27 Oct 1858. Andrew was born born 27 Oct 1839, a son of Blase and Agnes KOTLARZ PAPROCKI. (This date conflicts with the date on the tombstone.) Maryanna was born 11 Aug 1843, a daughter of Joannes and Maria Anna PAPROCKI GALUS.

Steve Paprocki Josephine Paprocki
Dec 26, 1888
Jan 10, 1960
Josephine PAPROCKI
Sept 15, 1893
Dec 10, 1983
I have not found a connection with this Paprocki family. Steve was a son of Joseph and Sophia KOPANSKI PAPROCKI. He was born in Tarnov, Platte county, Nebraska. Steve married Josephine CHOCHON on 19 Oct 1909 at St. Michael's Church in Tarnov. Josephine was a daughter of Blase and Mary BARNAS CHOCHON.
Theodore Paprocki Bernadette Paprocki
Theodore J. PAPROCKI
1908 - 1984
Bernadette PAPROCKI
No death date
I have not found a connection with this Paprocki family.
Augusta Petermann Augusta PETERMANN
(nee THOMAS)
July 11, 1881* - Feb 9, 1944
Augusta THOMAS PETERMANN was a sister of Marge's Great Grandfather Ferdinand THOMAS. Augusta married Joseph PETERMANN, b. 2 Jan 1879, d. 12 Mar 1926.
* Augusta's birth record from the Archives in Szczecin, Poland, show her birthdate is 15 Jul 1880
More about my THOMAS family

John Sokol DAD
Oct. 18, 1886
Sept. 11, 1984

John SOKOL was a son of Louis and Anna KUDRON SOKOL. He was born in Leki Gorne, Galicia, (Austria) Poland. He was a first cousin of my Grandmother Martha KUDRON GALUS.

Tillie Sokol MOTHER
Tillie C. SOKOL
1893 - 1945

Tillie (aka Stella & Tekla) was John SOKOL's first wife. They were married 28 Oct 1908 at Sts. Peter & Paul Church, Krakow, Nance County, Nebraska. Tillie was the daughter of Joseph and Katherine CIELOHA.

Minnie Sokol MOM
Minnie SOKOL
Feb. 28, 1908
Mar. 19, 1982

Minnie was John SOKOL's second wife. John and Minnie married 18 Apr 1942 in Columbus, Nebraska. Minnie was the widow of Julian / Julius KIELISZEK (First cousin of both John SOKOL and my Grandmother Martha KUDRON GALUS). I have not yet found Julian's date of death or his place of burial. Minnie was the daughter of Peter and Mary JARECKI CZARNIK.

Raymond Sokol Helen Sokol
Raymond A. SOKOL
Febr. 21 1912
July 9, 1987
Helen C. SOKOL
Mar 24, 1912
Jan 17, 1998
Walter Sokol Helen Sokol
Walter D. SOKOL
Aug 4, 1907
May 24, 1985
Helen V. SOKOL
Apr 12, 1919
Aug 18, 1990
Andrew Tragarz Andrew TRAGARZ
Oct 22, 1878
July 25, 1970

I don't know if Andrew is related to Charlie TRAGARZ, listed below.

Charlie Tragarz
Nebraska / PFC Co B 39 Infantry / WW I
Oct 23 1894 - May 13 1961
Anna Kudron Tragarz
May 11 1905 - Oct 16 1978
Anna was a daughter of Thomas and Ursula MODELSKI KUDRON. She is my great grandaunt. Anna was born in the village of Łęki Górne, Galicia, Poland. She immigrated to the United States with her mother and siblings 20 Jun 1907 through the Port of Boston, Massachusetts. (Anna's father immigrated a year before in 1906.) Anna married Charles TRAGARZ, on 14 Feb 1922 at Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Krakow, Nance County, Nebraska. Charles was born Stanislaus TRAGARZ in the village of Łęki Górne, Galicia, Poland. He was a son of Bartholomew TRAGARZ and Anna nee TRAGARZ. I discovered that Stanislaus / Charles was a distant relative through my KOTLARZ line (connects to my GALUSes), a third cousin twice removed.
Edward Tragarz Anna Tragarz
June 28, 1926
July 5, 1992
Aug 16, 1924
June 26, 1970
Edward was a son of Charlie and Anna KUDRON TRAGARZ. He was a first cousin of my Father. Edward and Anna married December 1, 1962 at St. Bonaventure Church in Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska. They did not have any children.
John Tragarz John TRAGARZ
Sept 10, 1890
Apr 21, 1961

I don't know if John is related to Charlie TRAGARZ, listed above.

Vincent Zimmermann Karolina Zimmermann
Born May 21, 1833
Died Dec. 12, 1926
Born Feb. 18, 1829
Died Oct. 13, 1912


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